Coldplay - Bucket For A Crown Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
When you're sitting on a beach in a car with the paint dried up
Well, you're gonna give a cause when the rain washed up
Well being just there with the gypsy talking to my friend
But you'll never get with it if you don't get respect
Oh well you'll never get with it if you just want respect

[Verse 2:]
But sometimes the money's gonna run out
And you'll be standing on the corner with a belly full of doubt
Sometimes somebodys gonna bring you down
And you'll be standing on your own with a bucket for a crown

[Verse 3:]
Well me and the boys were standing thinking we were hip
I don't wanna be the captain of a sinking ship
Well me and the boys in a town where the mormon go
Listening to a session by noel Gallagher
I was listening to a session by noel Gallagher

[Verse 4:]
They said sometimes your money's gonna run out
And you'll be standing on a corner with a belly full of doubt
Oh someday somebody's gonna bring you down
And you'll be standing on a corner with a bucket for a crown
Oh you'll be standing on a corner, just waiting on a corner
Standing on a corner with a bucket for a crown

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Coldplay Bucket For A Crown Comments
  1. Natalja Tihonova

    👀💞and⁉️🎃🌒🛸mistake teame...

  2. Natalja Tihonova

    Big talant is singer Chris❗Super... ✨💞😘🐘...

  3. Natalja Tihonova

    👏💖🎶Fenomen... Super Chris...

  4. Yashu Singh

    Where he will steal songs now ?? Or gary, forword or kyle will steal to give him....or Austin will say rap in car and push car so it will looklike sucide...
    Hey i m not scared bastards.....close your band if you have little bit shame left in you....

  5. Natalja Tihonova

    💞🌞❗... Super music...

  6. Grace De Jong

    ColdplayDaily Why hasn't Coldplay released this one?! They should create an album with their unreleased songs! That would be so BOMB!

  7. Romain Pierres

    "Bucket For A Crown"
    I'm french, what does it mean ?

  8. Natalia Rossi

    I love You ♡

  9. Ilona Kadic


  10. Heather D Long

    ❤ this!!

  11. Michael McGann

    I love this!😎

  12. Maria Geddes

    Beautiful song x

  13. Ingrid Johana

    Is this a new song? lyrics please!

  14. Patrick Holland

    What are your favorite Coldplay songs? I like Swallowed in the Sea, Everglow and Speed Of Sound

    Patrick Holland

    Marion Anetsberger Yeah, Lost is really good. Mind you, they all are!

    Arthur Pede

    Starfish on Toast so true Coldplay have such a great variety of even greater songs incredible band

    Mac Nic

    The Scientist,U.F.O and Us against the World although Yellow is one of the most genius songs ever released

    Jawwad Noaman

    Glass of water.

  15. George Allen

    Which band member is playing the violin? Guy?

  16. Soniaka's Art

    Beautiful song, thanks for share it! Also, for those who ask:

    Bucket for a Crown is an unpublished song, written in November of 2006. During a benefit concert, on November 27, 2007, Chris Martin played the song, along with a violinist, and said he had written the night before.

    Source ->

  17. Pariserlinsen

    Found it myself. So only open question now is, Who plays the violin?


  18. Pariserlinsen

    Who is playing the violin? Is it from the Viva era?
    I have a hard time hearing all the lyrics. Can somebody help?

    roan van der Meer

    Its no one from te band

    roan van der Meer

    Lyric can be found if you search at youtoube: "this song" how to play on piano

  19. Fiona Smart

    I think that the performer needs to ' Fix ' himself..... especially with regard to swearing in the lead up into ' singing '.

  20. Fiona Smart

    Scarcely decipheral and gives the impression of being a depressing song with gloomy ' music '.

  21. Valou Izbak

    Beautiful violon&piano
    rather pessimistic almost desesperate, a dark chris without this little spark😟
    no one to light up the path🙂to make the world light up🙂
    cool to have a love song with violon next time Will or Guy play violon? Will i think🤔

  22. Niccolò Rinaldi

    Why Coldplay didn’t post this one?


    Niccolò Rinaldi because they never released it :(

  23. laura messina

    I'm shocked that they didnt release this gem. Love it! Thank you so much for uploading this video

  24. Sofia Nicole Garcia

    This is so freaking good. Is this new


    Sofia Nicole Garcia no it’s an unreleased song during viva la Vida era !

  25. Małgorzata Art

    I would like to sing with Martin one day. To be at his concert and enter the stage for a while is my one and only dream. Unfortunately, I only have dreams. I am from Poland and I have fewer opportunities. And basically their lack. Regards and thank you for another beautiful and unique song :) I love what you do! you are great.

    Alexis Hola

    Małgorzata Art Don't lose your hope! If youre gonna work hard even your the most impossible dreams are gonna come true :) Pozdrowienia ❤️

    Małgorzata Art

    Alexis Hola Unfortunately, in my situation it is not so easy. But I will try. I do not know how yet but I can succeed one day. I would give a lot for that :)

    Arthur Pede

    Małgorzata Art I totally get you it’s my dream too to meet Coldplay and play with them and yeah they’re just possibly the best thing out there. But don’t lose your hope ! :)

    Tanya Meshram

    Malgorzata Art You're so beautiful and so are your dreams! Coldplay will be just as lucky to share the stage with you as you with them. It will happen. I know it will. :)

  26. Barbora Kopálová

    I don't know if I may laugh or cry. I want to do both. It's not shit...

  27. Jordan O

    What era is this??? Also, Coldplay could produce a hit album just with their unreleased songs

    Patrick Holland

    Hello fellow coldplay fans

    Malik Davis

    It's from the Viva Era!

    T H E C H I C H E N

    jordan o during X&Y era

    eljaroe beukes

    The captain of a sinking ship lyric ended up in violet hill so maybe around the same time

  28. Barbora Kopálová

    Hey, where did you digging this out??

  29. Farrah Ratnaike

    Time for a new album. Love Coldplay man!

    Linda Bee

    Farrah Ratnaike i think kaleidoscope was the most recent album, but it wasn't promoted properly. 💓cp

    Lady Mira

    @Linda Bee No, Keliedoscope was an EP for A Head Full Of Dreams 💜

  30. Alvaro Hijerra

    primeros comentarios

  31. vansh jaipuria

    Dude of which yr is this song of

  32. Ian Calvillo

    I love this song! Thanks for posting this!

  33. Coldplay fans

    Hi ColdplayDaily! 😃