Cold - Wasted Years Lyrics

There's a game life plays
makes you think you're everything they ever said you were
Like to take some time
Clear away everything I planned

Was it life I betrayed
for the shape that I'm in
It's not hard to fail
it's not easy to win
did I drink too much
could I disappear
and there's nothing that's left but wasted years

There's nothing left but wasted years

If I could change my life
Be a simple kind of man try to do the best I can
if I could see the signs
I'd derail every path I could
now I'm about to die
won't you clear away from me
give me strength to fly away


There's nothing left but wasted years [x3]

[Chorus x3]

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Cold Wasted Years Comments
  1. Miss Mammaries

    “Was it life i betrayed” yeah that speaks volumes. Reminds me of this quote from an especially dead guy “ it isnt about the years in your life but the life in your years”.

  2. Skepter 3002

    I legitimately thought it said "nothing left but wasted juice" until I looked at the screen XD

  3. Vand 92

    Love this song.

  4. Bill Dunn

    Life short don't waste it

  5. billy boombastic

    Nothing left but wasted Jizz

  6. clinton_Ctk

    2020 my family.

  7. Joey McGuire

    "It's not hard to fail, it's not easy to win" true words.....

  8. Loud NPhx

    I gotta go...

  9. james keane

    Still listen to these guys nearly everyday 🖤✌️

  10. Patric Parton

    There's nothing left but wasted jizz

  11. Mason Young

    Still here in December 2019. Never hit harder.

    kitty kitty

    I just listen to it and its nice years of spider

  12. Alan Boyle

    No Alan real world doesn't revolve around you only do grow up and stop whining like a little kid and I am your supposed partner wasted three years or more on all this and you still haven't been able to get in touch with me and it's a shame on your part because you don't need me as you used it all I had

  13. David Andrès Molina


  14. man bearpig

    Could I disappear

  15. S. Strebeck

    Great lyrics.

  16. Brett Marshall

    No one else to blame but our own self sabortage.
    Nothing's wasted if you learn from your past and your still alive.
    Great song and band.

  17. Justin Simpson

    Beautiful yet sad💙

  18. Omair Sheikh

    Favourite song of theirs

  19. music ismylife

    I can relate, clean for 10 months since last relapse

    Matthew Garvey

    Keep it up ! Three months latter hope your still good !

  20. Omair Sheikh

    Favourite song from this band by far

  21. Centz Hickz

    You know when I hear this, all I can think of is my childhood, I'm 31 almost 32 years old and everyday I wish I could only go back and redo my childhood, I don't even like talking about this and especially I don't tell many ppl about my childhood except for the ppl that already knows it, but I didn't get to go out and have fun and be a regular kid like these kids today do, when I was probably about 10 year's old my mom met this guy, I say guy bcus he was no man, bcos a man wouldn't do ppl like this and would have respect, but anyways my mom met him and he ended up getting my mom hooked on really bad drugs like oxys, cocaine, xanaxs you name it, and she changed and was always with him and no longer cared about me, even got so bad my own mother started stealing my child support checks, bcos I don't have a dad, and I've never in 31 year's seen my dad, but I don't care bcus I know who my real dad is and that's the good Lord, and anyways my mom also started stealing off my grandparents money, everything we had, bcos I lived with my grandma and papaw, there who raised me to be the person I am, if not for them idk what I would have done or if I'd even be alive writing this msg right now for everyone to read, but it's just like I lost my mother, and it's like she was dead to me even tho she was alive, bcus she wasn't who I once looked up to, and her boyfriend also would threaten to beat me up and everything even tho I was 10 year's old, shows you how pathetic and evil he was, and a coward, only picking on a child, and he always beat my Mom an crazy she still bcos of the dope stayed with the piece of trash, and picked him over me, I just couldn't understand that, and this went on for years, until I was about 16-17, and I developed depression, anxiety, and I stopped doing all the things i used to love doing, bcus I was always dealing with that, and I just locked myself inside my room all day and night just staring at the 4 walls, it's like I was a prisoner of my own self, and even now that I'm 31 and I can actually say my moms finally off drugs now, but still we don't have the relationship we should have, bcus in my heart I guess I can't fully forgive an forget what she did to me, when at 10 year's old I needed her the most and she was my best friend, but at least she's trying now I'll give her that, and she's not with that prick anymore, she's actually with a pretty good man, but I just Still remember that and it just seems it's always getting in the way, and I can't express myself to her bcus I'm just so used to her once not caring about me, and I just pray if anyone else ever has go thru that, to just always remember who you are and don't cut your life short bcus of what someone else does, that's what I hate most that I quit caring about everything and couldn't enjoy the thing's I loved, and anyone going thru that don't do what I did and keep it locked inside, instead talk to someone about it, and try to help yourself get thru it, I thought keeping to myself was best way solve that, but I was very wrong, but I couldn't have known I was so young, but anyways sorry for writing so long, and I just wanted tell anyone reading this that if you have similar situations like that, don't think your alone, bcos your not, and you never will be, you always have God and Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ loves you so much even enough he died for you and me, and Jesus arms are always open welcoming you, all you have to do is give in and let Jesus Christ into your heart and soul and I promise you that you can do anythin, and make it thru anything in this world with Christ, love y'all God bless

  22. Bryan Mardis

    This is cold! However the cold before was EVEN colder

  23. Kim Gow

    Man.....most underrated band of all time!!! this song makes you wonder how much you lost doing dumb ass shit

  24. Denice Miller

    My man of 28 years past away in Feb 2019 and this song is so him because he drank himself to death at the age of 53. I miss him so much, I hope your resting easy now baby. I love you

  25. TheNewtz

    So brutal

  26. satoramilos

    wasted years, wont be back, i did drink too much, still do, cant stop... God bless you all, i hope that ....i hope..

  27. Shaunea Lewis

    2019 here!!

  28. Luna

    I could've been somebody, I'm nobody and I'm trying

  29. Antonio Jay

    Damn this deep. I feel this. I'm 32 with nothing to show. Low wage warehouse job and loving in South Florida doesn't make matters easier. I'm trying to find a outlet but the more i try the more it just becomes wasted years

  30. oodeviljinoo

    I still listening to this song 🎶

  31. Devang Verma

    The life doesn't play any games. We all know life is unfair. Don't be a pussy and cry about it. You're gonna achieve nothing by that.
    You have been born. Claim your fucking existence on this planet. Don't do what all the others are doing. Work, rise.
    Currently, I have people to prove wrong. I have people whom I wanna make feel regret for doing wrong. And I will rise. I don't wanna lie in bed when I'm 60 and wonder what I could do if instead of wasting life, I lived it!

  32. SeungJin Lee

    I just wander... through youtube... for find more some good music to inspire my life. and now here i find this song. i think i'll get better when i take a bus, get subway or walking street thanks to this mind-blowing song. with skidrow's wasted time, this soing is really awesome.. thanks for uploader.

  33. Carl Hammond

    This song is incredible, makes you think about what you have done in your life and makes you think about those moments you have wasted that you could have been make you better. A simple song that really hits you in the feels.

    Carl Hammond

    And yes I'm still feeling this in 2019.

  34. Deth19

    I still love Cold 03/23/19

  35. Travis Parsons

    Once In A While.. So Good..

  36. DSkehan2004

    I thought about the Obama era was wasted years. A lot of people regret voting for him, but they had no idea what obama's version of change was really about.😔

  37. Adam Jensen

    Current mood

  38. Hunter Armstrong

    There’s nothing left but wasted jeeewwws... there’s nothing left but wasted JEEEEWWWS

  39. BrooklynDiamond STV promotion company

    Might aswell judy take another gun knife and murder me likevwhbe I was choked to death

  40. BrooklynDiamond STV promotion company

    Stuff I made for my own babys

  41. BrooklynDiamond STV promotion company

    Money I invested in every my accounts NAFTA modeling site was Plrived and checked mark already and I got ur stolen thanks and when I make another deleted and money worked and kids photos gone I hate Facebook everyone

  42. BrooklynDiamond STV promotion company

    Qll my time effort and my soul riped ot like my 6 children that if the other two actul lived

  43. BrooklynDiamond STV promotion company

    :( Qll my money everything time and life wasted

  44. Farita Tabassum

    After so many years I found this song at last.

  45. itsonlydirtymoney

    Still listening to this 1-21-2019

  46. Ownurface_ GG

    2019 here we go

  47. Mike Shaw

    Cold is immaculate


    Story of my life...

  49. HZ SKillZ

    Very depressing, but true.

  50. Алексей Нестеров


  51. Dessa Dawn

    They're so melancholy, I love this song .

  52. scott wilson

    best songwriter ever

  53. scott wilson

    best band ever...

  54. chris lawrence

    man these guys coulda been so great.

  55. Keyc94

    This song is by far the best song about addiction better than tool-sober or anything else

    wendi shelton

    yes it is reminds me of my deceased father love with all my heart and myself sometimes

  56. Andrew Lopez

    I can relate to this song,because of all the opportunities I never received,born with kidney disease.My life is nothing but wasted years,If nobody sees from my point of view then I hope heaven/hell is better than being alive.

    wendi shelton

    im sorry ill pray for another cold fan

  57. Mallory Schirmann

    2018 still one of the best bands out there....i wouldn't got thur my teens without em... I'm 32 now....give me strength to fly away......... love u scooter.....

  58. Avellar3000

    I will not repeat the same year 90 times and call it a lifetime. No it's not easy but I will not settle, I will not kneel to life. I may die, take my own life, but I will not let life put me in a box to live in. This is MY LIFE, this is MY STORY, I will push back against the darkness as long as I am able. I've wasted years, I've lost loves, I've broken my families hopes but I will push forward until it is impossible take the next step. My life, my choices, my freedom end it whenever I choose.

  59. cg505able

    It hurts to hear a song that you once heard two people listen to and talk about, then reality only one of those sons are left to carry on...choices made, choices. Now tears.


    your son killed himself? I am sorry i hope you are doing better these days

  60. Joshua Marino

    This song saved my life.

  61. XX Slendermom XX

    Yup, I definitely drank too much....

    wendi shelton

    i do too

  62. Kilnmaster

    feels like that sometimes

  63. Shane Greenwood

    Music with a meaning!!

  64. Brenden Esposito

    Disappear not "dissapear"

  65. hugs37

    This song hits home with me every day but I don’t drink,etc.I’ve lived with abuse physically and verbally for 42 years of my life,every single day but a month(which was the only time I met a ‘good guy’ who chose dr*gs over me,which was why I ended it with him..back in 2006)..since then I live every day slowly breaking apart, dying inside, (NOT wanting pity or attention)..just this song always gets me..I feel like I’ve lost so much of my life to abuse with my parents, my ex husband, n a few other guys who said they ‘cared about me & loved me’ when time after time I’m shown my worth to them all is NOTHING..I’m just this n that to them, a piece of property to ‘own’ when I am more than that..I have a “heart”,I feel..I have needs, I want respect, I want to be appreciated in life..but every day is a struggle with me for the abuse in my life. Abuse is not something to be taken lightly or to be laughed at or made fun’s serious..even if just verbal abuse, it’s something no one I wish my life upon no one. It’s just like a knife to the heart every time I was choked by my abusive ex for 16 1/2 years..and for all the times my parents call me a b*tch..or say I’m nothing..that I should “Shut up” rather than “Defend myself, and want respect let alone demand it”. The things you deal with every day just to make “someone else happy” is no way to live life..I know first hand..I’m always “hurting inside, just dying a little more every day”. Please respect my words and life.I may be a stranger but i feel and have a heart. I love you Cold. Thank you to “wasted years” and so many of Cold’s “happens all the time, a different kind of pain, stupid girl, etc”. Lyrics for a hurting soul and heart like mine when you have no out nor anyone to be there by your side saying I’m here..I get’re not me a bad’re just wanting to be accepted for simply who you are as a person

  66. Xiled Reaper

    The feels are strong with this one they are

  67. Danton Steele

    Rock n roll girls,john fogerty

  68. Brandon Reekie

    You got to be kidding me... sigh.. I’ve been off heroin 9yrs 4months 27days... I was doing so damn good for years but the alcohol came back in d say 2yrs ago... right now my mind so lost n distraught... I got a beautiful wife n kids but yet my dumbass can’t find himself... I’m 37 n it’s been since I was 15 I got wasted years it seems from doing so much stupid shit caz I just don’t know.... why.... why the fuck don’t I know... I’m tired of answering to the bottle, drug or anything... sigh... I hate being a candy ass fighting myself, everybody does but I see the answer, aware of it, just don’t know it and do it...

  69. aaron wellander

    I figured 10 years out of high school id be over this song and everything would be ok... still listening to it today...

  70. Selena Cole

    I miss this cd.... this album got me through tough times.

  71. Marcin Puchlik

    jay cutler motivation :)

  72. Lone Gamer89

    Rest in power to all my Lakota people that lost their fight against alcoholism I love you all my brothers and sisters me I'm empathic spirit so I sense their pain and energies it is sad for me to sense it everyday of the year

  73. Michelle Ricketts

    One of my faves

    Bräts Pits

    same here. The only thing that makes me cry in this world.

  74. Joe Bahr

    Amazing song

  75. birdygranma

    Life gos bye and you don't even relize that it's happening. "The days are long, but the years are short". Try not to waste even a minute because once it's gone you can never get it back. <3

  76. effy zay

    This is my jam

  77. Mara Jade

    Such underrated band, love them!

  78. Mike Becker

    All is wasted"." Society to blinded to see its true condition"."

  79. HWIC 77

    reminds me of my exwife... wish she would disappear!

  80. Peyton Jacobs

    "Wasting juice"

  81. Jayde Nicole

    2017 anyone?? 👌

    Kaleb Blake

    Jayde Nicole no but try 2018

    Alex Miller

    y'all should really come on over to 2019 😂

  82. john anderson

    no one will ever know how bad i feel about alout of shit i couldnt have changed

  83. Austin Duncan

    Play this at my funeral next week after I kill myself tomorrow.

    Austin Duncan

    Christopher Gomez yea cause you've got it worse than anyone on the planet my bad

  84. Melissa Jerden

    i graduated high school in 97 and could've been something but didn't now im trying 20 years later

    Matthew Jr G

    Melissa Jerden I graduated in 97 too, floated around through life, jobs etc until last year when I started my own business. It's gone good so far, never give up. There are a lot of our generation that have ended up somewhere far from where we thought we would be at this point. I never thought I would even live this long when I was 18. Good luck in life.

  85. Dylan Johnston

    Miss my younger years. Love this song

  86. Walter Chapman

    This song reminds me of Cuts You Up by Peter Murphy in meaning that is. Both awesome songs.

  87. adrienne york

    This is it for me right now in life.....

  88. Jason Dickey

    hit to the core.good song

  89. Jacinta Nielsen

    cold. still a go to almost daily.

    Dawn Trimble

    @Brooks Norris ditto

    orion the cat

    @Old fat white guy I don't know anyone who gives them but I know everyone does it!

    Old fat white guy

    @orion the cat alrighty🤣🤣🤣

    Will Hart


    Phera Nomz

    bruno mars

  90. Ingenio

    I can hardly listen to this without crying. Makes me think about my uncle. He's abusive and drinks to much. I remember playing this while hearing about him hitting my aunt until she kicked him out.

  91. Abel James

    " theres nothing left but wasted years" was originally " it wasnt supposed to happen here" which was good as well for chorus.

  92. lorne mcneil

    simple kind of man ,/if yr cursed with inteigence and open eyes ,thumb it up let others know that they aint the ONLY 1

  93. lorne mcneil

    this is 1 if not the best honest song of of its type straight 2 the point and leaves us thinking of the thoughts that carry weight in life eventually ////////////ie DOES NOT APPLY 2 THE YOUNG

  94. Sassy Crafty Sagittarius

    such beautiful lyrics give me strength to fly away 😢 right in the feels damnit but I love it

  95. T-Ann Winter

    This is the story of my life!

  96. Kamala Ahmadova

    İ ran in to this song throw LAST.FM ! Finally i found this song.

  97. Reed Cash aka BedTimeBeater

    What the fuck is wrong with you suicidal fucks