Cold - Stupid Girl Lyrics

Wanna love ya
Wanna bug ya
Wanna squeeze ya
Stupid girl

Wanna touch ya,
Wanna take ya,
Wanna shut ya,
Stupid girl.

I can't take this,
Born to break this.

She's going away,
(She's going away)
What's wrong with my life today?
She's going away,
(She's going away)
What's wrong with my life today?
Stupid girl, Stupid girl

I'm a loner,
I'm a loser,
I'm a winner,
In my mind.

I'm a bad one,
I'm a good one,
I'm a sick one,
With a smile.

I can't take this,
Born to break this.

She's going away,
(She's going away)
What's wrong with my life today?
She's going away,
(She's going away)
What's wrong with my life today?
Stupid girl, Stupid girl

[acoustic break]
Stupid girl, Stupid girl


She's going away,
(She's going away)
What's wrong with my life today?
She's going away,
(She's going away)
What's wrong with my life today?
Stupid girl, Stupid girl

[repeat chorus til end.]

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Cold Stupid Girl Comments
  1. Mike Polanco

    2020 like here!

  2. John Benedict

    This track rockssss! 🕷🕷🕷

  3. Nicole lee

    2020 and this song still kicks ass!!!!

  4. subazh 96

    2020 anyone

  5. Night Wolf

    Does Wolverine on drums bring tears to anyone's eyes....oh hell yurrrrrrrrrrrr.

  6. Ovalbugmann

    Really good song man!, very cool, everything, vocals, lyrics, guitars, harmonies.

  7. Piinkyy C


  8. Will Connelly

    Uh anybody like 2020 ??

  9. Jean Garcia

    2020!!! Still rocking

  10. harry plum

    2:15 there is no way that the dude in the blue toboggan is not on drugs

  11. Sn1p1ng 3rror

    2020 anyone? 🤘🏻

  12. Захар Гордиенко

    Still listen in 2020 :)

  13. Anthony Evans Bāss

    Aside from the song itself, my favorite thing about this video is the fact that literally NOBODY is on a phone.

  14. sharonbunratty w

    This is a good video. Are you an American band? Let me know.

  15. mcdonald Cantor

    This song in 2019 bust blew my speakers.. Its hitting harder then ever.. Once was a hit.. Now il share it to future generations..

  16. jeffleecust

    31 y/o here, I used to draw this damn spider all over my arm because this band. Still rocks in 2019

  17. chris ambriz

    Sucks this was the only album they made 😩

    Chris Fry

    It was there second album they had a album before year of the spider

  18. Dustin Witjes

    Anyone else on an old song kick

  19. Manito Benson

    Dam what ever happened to this group this is my entire middle school

    chris ambriz

    Unfortunately they broke up after only one album 😒

  20. Your Redness

    I first heard this song when my best friend in the entire world passed away in 2008. I still think of that time when I listen to it unfortunately and now I find myself listening to it while potentially dealing with a break up. So heartbroken and the only thing that helps sometimes is just crying really hard to this while it plays loud.

    Jared McClendon

    Music helps to heal wounds

    T TANA

    You are so awesome just for sharing this :) and I can't thank you enough for it . I to feel sorrow.

  21. btsboogeyman89

    The drummer always reminded me of Hellboy for some reason.

  22. High Tide 68

    Feminists hate this song

  23. Tammy Nickens


  24. Sierra Soza

    Srill listen to this going i to 2020

  25. Daniel Lopez

    My 8th grade emo phase haha

  26. Ronny Pichilla

    I still listening in December 2019.

  27. Nosekills_

    She's going away!
    Bye Rebecca!

    Scruffy Bastardo

    We're free!!!

  28. American Ugly

    Stupid girl.

  29. varmint tank

    Old times coming back .... and they are awesome

  30. Angela Shaffer

    2:27 Chris Farley’s doppelgänger

  31. Derek Frankovich

    I remember to this day, that the drummer for Cold was what made me want to drum....when I had hair lol. Such a badass.

  32. Corey Fellows

    The singer or weezer wrote this song...

    Andrew Harris

    Rivers Cuomo

    Scruffy Bastardo

    Quivers Romo.

  33. Sivy

    Holy shit i forgot about this song!

  34. Andrew Austin

    This is from my time as a kid 2007

  35. Natalie Taylor


  36. Jono Swansbury

    2019-why are stupid girls in rhis music video in the moshpit like ummm this is about're the reason guys are psychologically messed up

  37. Dave F

    This song was the sound track to my 2002!

  38. Head Set

    When this first came out this shit was LIT!

  39. Bobby Drop

    Please Some one put the lyrics down... Song Please and thank you 😎🤘✌

  40. N.O. 1

    ...pretty sure this one is from Tiptina's Uptown... StupidGirl☆

  41. Andrew Scott

    Damn everyone in this video looks mad 2019 hahahaha

  42. Tanner Wright

    I will always represent.

  43. Ryan Nutter

    Ironic how one of the songs the band dislikes most is one of their most popular. It just sounds so damn good.

  44. amthatdad

    Ten years later like

  45. Cris Martinez

    Add me on snap only if you respond to this comment I'll give

  46. CarolDefLeppfan always

    I Loove Band!!!

  47. Realscrafty22

    Vampire Sam could spit in my face and I'd say thank you.

  48. GamePark Океания

    Rocco cover is better

  49. Ashley Stevens

    I was 14 when this song came out and I'm 28 now and it still feels like it just came out ♥️

    Derek Fletcher

    Shhhhh... I'm a year older than you and I hate how this makes me feel

    Cris Martinez

    Dam I'm one year older than u why this brings me back to my old days lol add me on snap if u respond I'll give it to u

    Derek Fletcher

    @Cris Martinez I don't do the snap thing.

    Cris Martinez

    Lol it's ok bro😁👍

  50. P. Sherman Fortytwo Wallaby Lane

    I used to love this song..

    I never knew it was an incel anthem tho. Lol

  51. Jace Mathews

    Used to listen to this album all the way through all the time

  52. Shane doss

    aaron lewis that country singer on the verse?

  53. Cortney Williams

    I still listen to this song 2019

  54. Selina Kyle

    Love the fact this music video was Filmed here in my home state of Minnesota ❤️❤️ this is the only song I know by them.

  55. Chase Masters

    I forgot how good this song was

  56. Daysha Hall

    Xoxo 😘

  57. Tech Death 84

    My wife left our children and I stranded at her uncle's house for a day while she cheated on me during our family vacation. Stupid girl.

  58. James Nicola

    Anyone know where I can get one of those badass beanies?

  59. Dick Reaperson

    Just saw them live in the last week and they still got it saved this for last.

  60. Teninch

    Love having these guys back! Cold Army Forever!

  61. Chris Callaway

    Rivers cuomo anyone? Good stuff 2019

  62. UnkeptRoadRash

    man i can sing better than you any day any time. let's go

  63. John Bortolin

    One hot wonder but a good song.

  64. Jeremoid

    2:27 dude looks like Chris Farley

  65. Jeffrey Rager

    Anyone see Chris Farley(Tommy boy) head banging in the front row

  66. Bobby Drop

    Jacksonville Florida in da house!

  67. jorgevsSaul Z

    Que belleza de Canción!

  68. Shelbie Esclavon

    Flashback to when I was 15 and loved this song. Still love it to this day


    una y otra vez.....stupid girl!!!!! arriba el patriarcado 2019 😂😂😂

  70. Spike Spiegel

    Music was so good before safe places.

  71. Nick D

    Tom.. Delonge.. Is that you? at 2:16

  72. Robbie Heron

    Getting a bit of System of a down in this

  73. Wreckless 501

    Post grunge AF and I love it!

  74. ZzozZ

    nice song, takes me back

  75. Love AndPeace

    Listening to this in 2025 and time traveling back to 2019. Who's with me?

  76. Half pint Personality

    Chris Farley looking dude in the crowd is the best

  77. Shephard Lostprophet

    Mass murder check obituaries natural causes

  78. Lori

    And this was when Cold fell apart.

  79. Ariel Ramos

    El Cláudio de telehit cantando jajaja na na puro castre no mas jajaja

  80. Life as a Family

    Still bumpin!

  81. Gina Marie


  82. Nicolás Giles


  83. Jennifer Whitfield

    Loved this whole album! Think
    My kid has stolen it...he’s 21.Rivers Cuomo write this

  84. Krystian Skrzypiec

    2009 - 2019 - Still listening. School years are back when I hear this song. Grettings from Poland !! :)

  85. buck Newton

    2400 people have something wrong with their lives today

  86. acweaponry

    Great song!

  87. Evan T

    This song gives me feelings I actually haven’t felt in 10 years

  88. Evan T

    2019 boutta be the 20s eh. Love my parents for showing me fire rock. So much rock(tool, systemOAD, Queens of the Stone Age) Forgot about this song for yeears and it makes me trip existentially when I hear it. Hella glad I found it

  89. pluviophile

    Look no stupid phones in the crowd no stupid undercut hair no wussy dudes no bimbo looking girls god what's wrong with our world today.....

  90. Jon Likes BBW

    Spiderman 3


    I am an idiot. Stupid girl.

  92. Dianne Cromarty

    I loveee it💯😎🎸

  93. Marcelo Petrone

    Marvel about to sue somebody!

  94. greenman360

    I respect the fact that the band is called Cold and they filmed this outside in the winter so they could live up to their name.

  95. Michael Jackson


  96. Marshall Dann

    I remember hearing this song right around the time of Mother's Day 2003, (how fitting) Good Times!! What a time to release this song

  97. Bryce Hay

    I’m a sick one with a smile 😈