Cold Chisel - Lost Lyrics

Wired but alive
At the break of the day
As the last few survivors
Fall away, fall away

And I get a little lost sometimes
A little lost sometimes
In the night

I get a little lost sometimes
A little bit lost sometimes
That’s alright

Time is a tease
All those feathers and fans
And unfinished symphonies
And you
With your broken plans
And your day’s demands

And I get a little lost sometimes...

Outside, sirens, join and fade
Wired but alive
We got it made
We got it made

And I get a little lost sometimes...

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Cold Chisel Lost Comments
  1. Ash Lee

    These words - I do get a little lost sometimes, and that's alright. Simple words and a simple sentiment but that reaffirmation is very true. Sadly, some of the lost ones I've known haven't been alright and I cry about it (like I am right now). If I ever got the chance to thank the band I would for this song - I miss the lost ones. And that's alright.

  2. L. Lisa Wilson

    The partnership of Don Walker and Wes Carr produced a most beautiful song destined to become a Chisel classic. Jimmy, you sound so very fine. 🖤

  3. Ray Vandergriff

    Became a Cold Chisel fan about a week ago. I'm 38yrs old in Knoxville TN in the US. Great music old and new. Jimmy Barnes is the man. Too bad they didn't crossover in the 80s but still a great gem to find. Great back log of Chisel and solo stuff I get to dive into. Thanks for the great music!

  4. Andrew Clinnick

    Love it!

  5. UnleashedTraining101

    Love this song. Cold chisel have still got it.

  6. Wyatt Joss

    This reminds me of The Warriors.

  7. aussiesteve05

    Bet he's lost. That fucker is singing about smokin too much weed and drinkin too much piss.Aussie Aussie Aussie. Still a shit song

  8. Danni Puckeridge

    Jimmy jimmy jimmy oi oi oi

  9. Whitenacho

    Got sent here by Dave's plug of this CD while he was railing about buying a Rickenbacker Bass when he was 19. Awesome song!!

  10. Mezmarize Hart

    Is it just me or is this one of jimmys best songs

    L. Lisa Wilson

    Not just you - one of his best! He sounds ģreat!

  11. Brendan Morris

    this was my mate yesterday we buried him he went down hill he was a little lost sometimes but it wasn't alright this time R.I.P mate

  12. Phil Grant

    An instant classic Chisel at it's best...................

  13. Glenn Davies

    love ya Jimmy


    Song was written by Wes Carr. Great song and brilliant artists. Jimmy still has it for sure!

  15. fishbowl62

    you are a tone deaf cockhead...Kees Van der Aa Obviousley.

  16. liz abeth

    the best song ever

  17. kim crisp

    He still has it

  18. ACMA61

    We all feel a little lost sometimes. Beautiful song

  19. Burkie Turkey

    aussi steve05 are you trapped in a room with "lost" on loop or did barnsey knock you back for a root . wats ur problem serious put another cd on or go for a someone for a HUG

  20. Burkie Turkey

    aussi steve05 are you trapped in a room with "lost" on loop or did barnsey knock you back for a root . wats ur problem serious put another cd on or go for a someone for a HUG

  21. виктор мазилов

    Terrific song!!! Powerful vocal!!!

  22. Jordan Verbeek

    Got shivers down my spine. Will definitely become vintage Chisel.

  23. Rose Melody

    My first thought after hearing this song was - old people dementia / Alzheimer's.

  24. Adam Jacob

    Touche! With wit like that you should be in public speaking.

  25. aussiesteve05

    and getting lost sometimes is alright is not a good message to be sending kids. There r bad people out there especially at night.

  26. aussiesteve05

    Shit i think my cat is on fire. Oh no its just this song

  27. aussiesteve05

    R my ears meant to bleed after listening to this song

    Mathew Baker

    Just cause you dislike a song doesnt mean you can bag em out.

    Good on ya Jimmy. Love it!!


    Sorry jimmy still fucken hate after all this time

    Brian J

    Yes ! Don't you just fucken love it!!!!

  28. Connor Power

    Why is this my new favorite song?


    +Connor Power Because your fucken deaf

  29. julie Hall

    great song

  30. Cj smith

    love it !

  31. Adam Jacob

    Beautiful song boys. This going straight into my rotation.


    +Adam Jacob This song can rotate on my dick

    Adam Jacob

    Only if you think it will fit.


    It seems to fit in your mouth alright

  32. Alan Bachers

    Great after all these years. Definite R&R Hall of Fame material.

  33. Piotr Wojciechowski

    Real Rock Never Dies!!!

  34. fishbowl62

    Cold Chisel back in the day! Brilliant... This song......Sounds like somebody choking a gallah. " Get Real"... just because ur j. barnes doesn't make every song a classic. sorry, but, he just screams.....


    +fishbowl62 Fuck you r so right. The only reason people like it is because its Jimmy

    Ctp Peanut

    totally agree


    @Kees van der Aa
    YES U R

  35. ben davison

    God bless cold chiesl thank you guys . awsome song hits me and pulls me up from all the bad thoughts. well done see you all in dec 18 .


    +ben davison THis song gives me bad thoughts.The only thing getting pulled is my dick when i hear this

    ben davison

    +aussiesteve05 give it up .no one cares for your comments . your a fool with no purpose in life.


    Love u 2 baby

  36. Quicknstraight

    They just keep on turning out great material.

  37. Aussie Backpacker

    Saw these guys in concert last night. Best thing ever. True Aussie legends.


    +james roper Yeah, saw them on the No Plans tour and it was the best gig I've ever been to.

  38. Mark Clayton

    Jimmy in full flow. Not everyone's cup of tea. But he's mine. Class.

  39. karen snowden

    love love love it keep it up Chisel


    +karen snowden Hate hate hate this fucken shit song

  40. Cher Macfarlane


  41. Spowie Mate93

    still got it since i saw them in 2011

  42. Harrison Seitam

    What the fuck is this shit?


    +Harrison Seitam I agree

  43. Southmanpaw

    I dont like it


    +Tony L I fucken hate it

    Danni Puckeridge

    Southmanpaw ur a weido

  44. gattobaba

    Fantastici grandissimi

  45. Johnny Lovett

    WOW I just got COLD CHISEL FEVER MAN. A brilliant song that is birthed from the heart of life's experiences. God I luv music when it's this good, I was back in the 80s man. That was Chisel.... Well doneThere yea go that's a good name for your next album COLD CHISEL FEVER

  46. Anthony

    Chisel bein chisel... im gettin lost with Jack tonight.

  47. Rocka

    The 2 douchebags who thumbs-downed this vid wouldn't know real music if it sprung up and bit them on their tiny tiny shlongs / vag's..great track guys..LOVE IT!! #BetterWithAge

    Bernie Fynn

    +Mixed Bag Loud, not music. more jimmy barnes.


    +Mixed Bag Take off your fucken ear muffs and actually listen to how shit this song is

  48. James Cupples

    fabulous ya man there still so good

  49. TheClarky71

    See you at Hanging Rock , Jimmy and boys

  50. Grenge g

    Love this song. One of their best.

  51. Ross Angel

    Classic Chisel.Great vocals by Jimmy and excellent drum sound.Love it.


    +Ross Angel I'm so happy that Charley is playing with them. RIP Steve and Chrissy Amphlett.

  52. Paul G


  53. TheClarky71

    Legends . Love it !

  54. TheMDGMobile

    What a great song - Thanks for making real music with a story.

  55. Dizzydog

    Don't think it will become one of my favourites, but i'm looking forward to the new album, No Plans was great. Also getting into Don Walkers Solo albums he made a few years back.

  56. john dawes

    i hope i get to work at another chisel concert and hear this live

  57. britishbulldogz123

    Love this song, never get sick of hearing it. This will be a classic.

  58. robelinda2

    No Plans was a stunning album, one of their very best. Amazing they can still put out such quality songs!

  59. Luke Chapman

    Amazing mate

  60. Casey Virgo

    SO keen for this album!! AND THE TOUR!!

  61. Love Child

    This a beautiful tune, a return to the old chisel sound I used to love!!

  62. Brad Nelson

    Absolutely brilliant song, I cannot stop listening to it.

    I look forward to the new album being released and can guarantee it will be in the cd player of the truck blasting away.

  63. chris c

    Great song, up there with their best, pure class and emotions


    +chris c Im emotionaly scared from this shit song

  64. Crazymanwithhat

    awesome, come to Canada you guys.

  65. stéphanie Charles

    Cold chisel forever <3

  66. Max Parry

    Incredible track. I want the new album now!

  67. patricia watt

    cant wait to see this live

  68. Lincoln Smith

    great track, big fan!

  69. Deborah Saunders

    Fantastic, love you boys xxx

  70. Gervie007

    Great new song, look forward to listening to the new album and the show in Christchurch. Thanks for coming back to NZ! Love you guys.

  71. Riccadonna75

    Great song guys you are legends

  72. TheKittensmoo

    love it!

  73. Beanzy FRIEND

    BRING ON DENI UTE MUSTER....Another great song by a great band...Well done lads!!

  74. Adzy Cunningham

    So Good! So many emotional connections...
    You did great guys once again... Making history!

  75. Kneedragon1962

    42 years, and they still deliver. On ya boys, well done.

    Travis B

    +Kneedragon1962 Deliver alright mate, saw barnesy at selinas in coogee when I was 18, looking a little worse for wear but still kicks arse.

  76. Pierre B

    Awesome!!I luv it!!😊

  77. Mark Crowe

    awesome band....


    +Mark Crowe Shit song

  78. Benjamin Barnes

    42 Years Strong, and still hungry and kicking. On ya boys!!

    Mitch Gibson

    +Benjamin Barnes Hungry..? Well fed and still yearning I reckon

  79. Campbell Walker

    can wait see that song live on one stand tour

  80. dylan sinapius

    love it! good taste of the new album. cant wait till it comes out