Coheed And Cambria - Unheavenly Creatures Lyrics

We were young and had it all figured out
She was the quiet one and I had the mouth
Until she fell to to me
We escaped through the alley in the back
Judge told me, Creature, don't you dare go back
But I couldn't dodge the ringing in my head
Her lonely, solemn voice, through the echoes as it said:
"Please don't leave me here, my love"

Oh, pretty angel, swinging from your cable
I fear, my dear, the end is near
So run, run, run, run, run like a son of a gun
Did anybody treat you better?
To obey and follow to the letter
I fear, my dear, the end is here
So run, run, run, run, run like a son of a gun

There was something I forgot to tell her then
Between the kiss and "knock em dead, kid"
There will be no other like you
Now I can't keep the guilt from my heart
These stuttering emotions keep me fixed to fall apart
I know I'm leaving all this sweat in our bed
A broken heart bleeding with a gun to my head

Oh, pretty angel, swinging from your cable
I fear, my dear, the end is near
So run, run, run, run, run like a son of a gun
Did anybody treat you better?
To open and follow to the letter
I fear, my dear, the end is here
So run, run, run, run, run like a son of a gun

Like a son of a gun
A son of a gun
The weight of the world on the shoulders, can you feel the thunder?
All Unheavenly Creatures (oh, oh all the Unheavenly Creatures)
All Unheavenly Creatures
On the way to the car, I heard her voice a little louder
"Please don't leave me here, my love"

Oh, pretty angel, swinging from your cable
I fear, my dear, the end is near
So run, run, run, run, run like a son of a gun
Did anybody teach you better?
To obey and follow to the letter
I fear, my dear, the end is here
So run, run, run, run, run like a son of a gun
Oh, pretty angel, swinging from your cable
I fear, my dear, the end is near
So run, run, run, run, run like a son of a gun
Did anybody teach you better?
To obey and follow to the letter
I fear, my dear, the end is here
So run, run, run, run, run like a son of a gun

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Coheed And Cambria Unheavenly Creatures Comments
  1. Steven Cook

    This is so great.

  2. SeVeN the VII

    Great song with an awesome chorus and groove to it...but why do I feel the sudden urge to play the original NES?

  3. Jereme Searls

    Loretta was a whore , old man .

  4. klompsauce

    Miscegenation is wrong, how many Steins and Bergs helped make this possible? Filthy yids.

  5. Stephen Puff

    It reminded me of any dragon Ball Z episode where they power up for a move the whole entire show and end the episode before they do it. The gun is loaded. now I'm hoping the next conceptual video pulls the trigger.

  6. Steve Lawrence Brendza


  7. Gashshiningstar

    Mk bought me here. Lol

  8. Sjohn85166 X

    Queer. Ass. Song.

  9. Jax Elric

    Imo Coheed And Cambria And Tool Are linked in some way,both bands do things to my mind that I can't explain,they both evoke emotions from me that are strange yet I always feel better after listening to either band

  10. TheNomadWandering


  11. Justin Huskey

    I wonder if Claudio knows that he has created both the best music ever and the best sci-fi epic ever? Someone should tell him.

  12. Tobias Eliasson

    Mortal Kombat 11 tournament were apparently sponsored by this awesome band. I love their music. Just discovered them.

  13. Steven Ramer

    The Chiptune back track of this song makes me happy in all the tight places!

  14. Omni High Vibes 13

    Grammy Award. 13Love & Light to you & yours.

  15. Everblack Media

    We recently sat down with Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria for the Faction and Everblack Podcast to talk about their return down under for the Good Things Festival, latest album Unheavenly Creatures, adapting The Amory Wars for screen, parenthood and the possibility of another Neverender!!

  16. Magical Hamster

    Dude should see a dentist. Teeth are supposed to be INSIDE your mouth.

  17. John Calang

    So is it still the amory wars?

    FreshBroc410 -

    Not anymore, but it happens after The Amory Wars ends.

    John Calang

    @FreshBroc410 - oh i see. havent read the ending of it yet

  18. Fred

    Will someone explain this video to me please.

  19. biscuit

    only problem i have with this song is "like a son of a gun" Is a really tame thing to be yelling like that :^l

  20. Spiderman IronSuit

    Cheap video like a poor AMV era. JK

  21. Ray Fix

    Did I see a gears of war Lancer?

  22. Fatefullyyou

    people hating this is wild. its majorly chilling.

  23. rukia1216

    Coheed can do no wrong

  24. Jacob Russell

    So is this song set after old flames

  25. communistdaughter

    Thank you Claudio, very cool!

  26. @sosa

    Please someone explain me in detail what is the song about!

  27. Aaron Lawrence

    I have only just found this band wow

  28. Austin B

    This song is very video gamey

  29. Baylee Brown

    Sooooo good live

  30. Robert Drouin

    Hey this is conman and I love this song

  31. Raymond Sandberg

    I can't believe how fucking awesome these guys are!
    How did I not here this or as long as it took

  32. Saxon Lind

    Good tore

  33. Logan Campos

    The black dude: ugh
    .. why did I have to sign up for space camp 🤦‍♂️😒😒☹😦😤

  34. Logan Campos

    When does this movie come out????!!!!!

  35. lasoogneypubes

    Meh. Afterman was their last decent album.. This feels like yet another album where Claudio didn't have a clear vision.

  36. theadventurevlog

    Nice I like a song thats 4:20

  37. Chelonii

    I just came back from watching Coheed and Cambria perform at South Carolina, and they played this song amazingly.

    Nicholai Denholm

    My wife and I were there! That was an incredible concert :D


    Nicholai Denholm That’s great!

    Magical Hamster

    I only got to see them once, during the Afterman tour in '13. They are absolutely breathtaking live.

  38. Padawan Tonic

    Does anyone know the name of the black actor in this video?

  39. Mario Live Gaming

    Who can not like this.............. Bieber fans? Because he will never be this good. Coheend & Cambria are a glass of there own 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 Keep on rocking and headbanging till the end of time. 🤘🤘🤘🤘

  40. anthony jones

    Under 2 weeks untill the unheavenly skye tour! Can't wait its going to be epic

  41. Erik Davis

    Is it wrong that I got really baked and thought he was serenading a trans gender Spider Man?

  42. TheLuckySpades

    Give her a green dot on her cheek and she looks like Top Cow's Aphrodite

  43. Danielle Martinez

    I love this band so much. I love a lot of music. But this band just resonates with me. They are my all time favorite.

  44. Salana Salamone Art


  45. Wayne Ingram

    Coheeeeeeeed!!!!!! What an incredible group. Got no words. Actually I do but it would take forever. They need to be absorbed with a great pair of headphones and a nice cigar and well.....

  46. David Holland

    Heard someone jamming out to welcome home as they drove by my place. Caused me to desire some coheed and cambria. 😁

  47. Jimmy Norris

    Jessica Lynn Stringer

  48. Anime Lover

    I'm a simple man. I listen to this, I feel nostalgia.

  49. Adrian Novomio

    Welcome Creature... To the Dark Sentencer.

  50. Rishard King

    I fuckin love coheed! They never let me down😁

  51. Stunfisk

    Can anyone explain to me what's going on this video? (For contenxt, I know about the Amory Wars and have read the first book but other than that I'm a bit clueless.)

  52. Fleder

    Really love the song, but could somebody explain the teeth to me, please?

  53. Music Lover4 life

    Such a great voicemail and you just have to love the creative styles of music and instrumental sounds that make this song even more amazing....

  54. Illiamna

    The guy at the end looks like Xehanort.

  55. Cami Munoz

    Every time he screams in anguish remembering her death my heart breaks, it might be low budget but those feels are real,I think that's the point of the look, you focus more on the acting itself

  56. Omertus Delkata

    Is that Wilhelm Ryan?!?

    Guillermo Aristy

    Probably not. This is after No World for Tomorrow ie everyone we knew is dead

  57. Morrigu Metal

    I like the new album.....finaly back to the roots !!!

  58. Jonathan French Guitar

    This is clearly a Coheed and Cambria concept lol and I love it!

  59. Stanley Blazeraznik


  60. david juarez

    888 people need to get stabbed in the ears for disliking

  61. Edgar Galliard

    Wrote ''xenogears coheed and cambria'' to watch a tribute a fan made for the game and found this song. very good!

  62. catguru10

    the black guy did a great shinsuke nakamura cosplay

  63. KeA317

    Anyone else feel like this is paralleling with MCR killjoys?

  64. Brandon Porter

    Poor guy has no way to hide whether he remembered to brush his teeth or not...

  65. Leafyisnotthatbeefy F

    Normie wave again get ready

  66. Khan

    bassline fucking slaps

  67. trousersoff

    Looks like they got some vaseline on the lens

  68. Dreadly

    The chorus is so wordy yet so catchy.

  69. Keanu Revert

    This video is pretty fuckin awesome.

  70. undead_kellz

    Their music is always so good!

  71. A Mist

    this is some fucking poppy garbage

  72. Cameron Blackwell

    Wakanda affirmative action bullshit

  73. C Kelleher

    If you haven't read the book for this, you're missing out. If you think you know what the songs about, it's so much more than that. UC is our generations great love story

    Jared Wheater

    I just got my collectors edition as a christmas present and finished the book. It's forking phenomenal.

  74. Sigurd Sundberg

    Man, the guy who plays Nos is SO COOL

  75. S.S Bless

    846 people can go fuck them selves, how can you not love this.

  76. S.S Bless

    Stop hogging all the good music.

  77. Subtle Demise

    Is this canon?

  78. Cece Roman


  79. MrStiffilis

    The first time I heard this song was in concert about a month ago. The intro sent a cold chill up my spine and now I'm hooked and listen to it so much I'm going to burn it out before summer.

  80. Michael Lyons

    You guys know this songs really really sound a lot like a 80"s pop rock song.... I was there... Other people I've forwarded it to also think so too... (80's throw backs... we may be bald now but we still exist! LOL"

  81. S.S Bless


  82. Jason Chmielewski

    My dear, the end is near so run run run like a son of a gun!

  83. Christopher Zavala

    None of you guys are annoyed with the “run run run run run like a son of a gun”? You all like that shit???

  84. ExplosiveFrogs

    This album is so fucking good

  85. bawkah

    What character is the white guy supposed to be in this video?

    Jenna McClellan

    The one with the teeth on his face is colossus

  86. Adrian Novomio

    The character design kicks ass.

  87. kiefy

    i miss you guys. RIP classic coheed. this is barely distinguishable as the band I used to love.

  88. Javiel Velez

    Im new to this band.are they Scifi oriented rock band? Like starset? I'm really into them thanks to SPOTIFY

  89. Gandalf The Greg

    This song sucks, their old stuff is untouchable tho


    agreed, its a shame

  90. Devon Simms

    I really love the Undertale music in the beginning.

    Devon Simms

    Oh and at the end too

  91. Eduardo Martinez

    Freaking Awesome...

  92. Jay Goode97

    This album is what actually changed my mind about Coheed and Cambria. My friend spent years tryin to get me to listen. And this is the obe that actually got me on board. Keep this hype for me please.

  93. Natalie Thomas

    Look scary.. here, stick these bits of corn on your cheek.. will look alright once its blurry! :P

  94. Jonah Bacon

    I imagine either Creature or Sister Spider getting injured at the end of the song. The next song, "As you drag me, I'm your favorite toy." Is one dragging the other away from danger. Like a kid dragging his toy behind him in the house.

  95. Aggressivecloudii

    This is the only song I like from medal😂😂

  96. Michael McMullen

    Why don't we have an Armory Wars movie yet ?😤

    Jenna McClellan

    Amory* and because last I heard mark Wahlberg owns the film rights

  97. 2ndSTG

    this song is glorious.

  98. Cookie Jones

    so catchy!