Coheed And Cambria - Toys Lyrics

We can't dwell on what could've been
All apologies
The road that stretches out is calling us to find our way back home
You said it yourself, you said it yourself

I know I'm hard to stomach
But we need to move and get out of here
Before this joint erupts
And anywhere we go, we'll feel stuck

Oh, what you want from me is not impossible
Just give me some time to figure a way out of this mess
For you and me and I will, I will

Oh, you said it yourself, you said it yourself
What you said, when you said what you need from me

All apologies won't make things right with you tonight
Oh, can't you see, you're dragging me, I'm your favorite toy
Oh, I'm so sorry but make up your mind, we're out of time
Oh, mama, please, I'm on my knees, I'm your favorite boy

Now it's hard for me to come clean and I'll tell you why
I'm too damn ashamed, too damn ashamed
Did you miss me? Don't you lie
See, I told you so

Your broken heart is all my fault
There's no room to disguise
Oh, don't you cry, don't you cry

Oh, you said it yourself, you said it yourself
What you said, when you said what you need from me

All apologies won't make things right with you tonight
Oh, can't you see, you're dragging me, I'm your favorite toy
Oh, I'm so sorry but make up your mind, we're out of time
Oh, mama, please, I'm on my knees, I'm your favorite boy

Your favorite boy, your favorite boy
Your favorite boy, your favorite boy
Your favorite boy, your favorite boy

Oh, you said it yourself, you said it yourself
What you said, when you said what you need from me

All apologies won't make things right for you tonight
Oh, can't you see , you're dragging me, I'm your favorite toy
Oh, I'm so sorry but make up your mind, we're out of time
Oh, mama, please, I'm on my knees, I'm your favorite boy

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Coheed And Cambria Toys Comments
  1. Lucid HIV

    I thought this new album was a concept album of the amory wars. Smh by peddling this political agenda it has now become not that and in my opinion cheapens the whole thing. Spare me your political POV I just wanna hear coheed and cambria. Now all I will think about when I see you is that ur anti trump smh just another liberal artist. Nothing special anymore. U really cut me deep

  2. Conor Keane

    Santa came too late to spank Donald Trump last Christmas

  3. NoWeLL ToRRes

    Look what he did in the middLe

  4. Brian J Malmsteen

    Damn...that was really good all around.

  5. Joel LeBlanc

    Mrs Claus is a BOSS

  6. C&S Drywall

    Epic!!!!!!! Amazing video guys.

  7. Fox 2099

    Lame video. Also you can't use male white Santa. Wtf is the message in this shitfest?

  8. hannahrae927

    Used to be a die hard Coheed fan. Claudio actually signed my body I was so die hard and had it tattooed. Used to say Coheed would never change and defend them and actually lose friends over them. Chondra has killed him. Listen to how fucking floofy they have gotten. Ugh. What a disaster. Kind of sick of people pretending like they didn't completely change in 2015/2016.

    Kelly Stout

    Haha, that tattoo is forever and Coheed are still fantastic.


    @Kelly Stout I am glad it's forever. I never said I don't listen to them. Huge part of my life. I don't listen to anything after the Afterman albums. There are some good parts in Color Before the Sun but he broke concept and I am a REAL Claudio/Amory Wars die hard. I don't have time for people losing themselves. I stay true to the original C. <3 haha.


    @hannahrae927 you do realize this song is from a concept album


    @animeshock2006 yes I do, I understand they went back to concept but the Color Before just ruined it. It's so WEIRD that he broke concept, and I have never liked Chondra and know people who PERSONALLY know Claudio and do not like her. Not joking. I don't talk to those people anymore though. But yeah. Just never mind lol.

  9. Brittany Lynnxx

    Hahahha trumps reaction when he saw Santa

  10. MrKennethbrunstein

    I am one of the evil demons I guess.

  11. Alois Please

    Holy fuck🤣🤣 fantastic

  12. The artist formerly known as 'An actual Faggot'


  13. peasantkiller

    I sort of wish I didn't watch this. It's becoming exhausting to see everything becoming so political. I listen to music to escape this torture but I just got wrapped back up in it.

  14. corey allred

    Way to go Coheed, join the ranks of music industry sellouts to the left!!! YOU'RE TRASH!!!!


    Maybe join the ranks of the left and leave the side of racists and bigots. Maybe take a look at their previous materials and realize that they're political opinions are pretty clear.

    corey allred

    @ScoutSilico your delusions of grandeur will fall short as of November 2020! #trumpstillyourpresident

  15. LWCReaper

    Guess I’m done listening to this liberal band

  16. meg butak

    wasnt sure what to expect, but this was way better.

  17. Fortnitefunny 2000

    I reported this voice. Show hate in it

  18. Fortnitefunny 2000

    Democratic the one who pass a lee to kill unborn baby . Trump been doing a great job . You lost me have a fan .

    logan t

    Sure. Every sperm is sacred. Women have no control over their bodies. It's all down to your decisions. Bullshit.


    @logan t Ignore the idiot troll.

  19. Robert Abreu

    I'm a 100% Trump supporter but this song sounds awesome and I've been a fan of the band since PSP UMD Demo disc

  20. Josh Barreras

    2:27 I knew that Donald Trump is here

  21. Sarah Ellissa


  22. Mike William


  23. Gem Nut

    What a beautiful world

  24. Mario Forest

    That was tight

  25. Proboscis5000

    The tds is stronk

  26. Dali Foal


  27. Keenan Smith

    Way to show your political affiliation lol

  28. Jesse Collin

    Memetastic. Shooting out the that a die hard reference or a windwaker reference..... Or ninja turtles, or batman? And what's the sniper from it's so familiar ,bond or mission impossible os. Breaking the candy cane like neo breaks the pole over Smith's head... Independence Day style whitehouse shot..M. Monroe and the Simpsons dog

  29. Jacob Martin

    I love Coheed but I wish they didn’t have to get political like every other band in the world.

    Kelly Stout

    They didn't have to. But they wanted to.

  30. IVA9

    Now do Killary Clinton and ObombYa.

  31. vendelet

    Most bad ass santa ever.

  32. Mahayana Buddhist

    This really sucks. Knowing this band has played a huge part of my upbringing as a working class kid. Even though its probably the most cerebral band ever to exist, it's a huge disappointment to see the amount of shitlibs who share my music taste, & apparently Claudio views me as scum for wanting a strong nationalist government & commander & chief. Oh well. Love the music. Dont think I'll go to live shows anymore

    logan t

    The video is attacking Trump the man. The racist, mysognistic, climate change denying, NRA supporting, lying, white supremacist supporting, moronic man.


    logan t lol...

  33. Kent Rios

    Fucking legends...

  34. Bluey

    what's a nelper

  35. noneof yourbusiness

    Who would have ever though C&C, one of the most progressive bands in rock would HAIL HYDRA and sell out so cheap to shizzly left wing pop culture and fake news... smh
    The song rocks but This video is shite. Who's the retard?

  36. Bleachedpc Garage

    thanks u see what i see

  37. AJ F

    I don't even like Trump but exaggerating crybabies make me want to write MAGA just to spite them.

  38. Rachael R

    I’d rather watch shrimp

  39. Breaking Brad

    Fuck you Choheed...
    I'm going to make a video of the legendary President trump shaving off claudios hair.
    2020 is going to be AMAZING!!!!

    Kelly Stout

    A whole 3 people will watch that.

    Dali Foal


  40. Bluey

    ah okay so they used orange as one of the colœrs because donald trump is orange

  41. TealStone_


  42. Daniel Gutierrez

    Dude....... I used to love this band and was about to buy the last 3 albums until i saw this snowflake piece of shit political ad. I mean SOOO disappointing. I will trash all their shit i have just for this stupid message. Way to go full NPC guys. It breaks my heart....

  43. DocRoc

    Yea....this is what I want to think about for Christmas.


    This is all I want for Christmas.

  44. dimebagmetott666

    buckle up you little bitches you got 5 more years of Trump coming

  45. No I don't

    rightn ow i midrunk as fuck thi sshi t makes a l o of sense

  46. Kelly Stout

    I have listened to you guys since 2004.

    That will not change. This was awesome. Thank you, Claudio.

  47. Mike Brigham

    I eyerolled hard when i figured what was going on. Keep it to metaphors guys.

  48. janderkin

    That was epic. If you don't like lick my _____!


    Lick it...lick it good.

  49. badassbubbaj

    Not another "orange man bad!"

  50. L__VE To Worship

    Great song, awesome band. Keep the politics out of it, as funny as it was.

  51. VAX1S

    I love Coheed. On that note, he's still your president and most likely will be til 2024. You can thank the dems for that one. Also... Merry Christmas even if what you read hurts your feelings til you reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  52. Skullstar Gaming

    3:48 that's such a mood

  53. Vawrx

    I have been waiting forever for a real life music video or live performance of this song, but this is still fantastic. Merry Christmas everyone 🎄

  54. Lucas Smith

    Love this band, and have for many years. Very, very BAD move going political with it. Clearly uninformed, but also blatantly insulting anyone who supports or agrees with the president. I never thought I'd see the day. I think I can speak for at least alot of people when I say that political views or opinions in music has always been a thing, and should continue so. Just realize the issues with insulting, and speaking down to massive groups of people, especially when most of the time, the ones speaking down to them are much less in tune with actual policies, and political viewpoints than the group they are insulting. I know Claudio doesn't care, and neither do all of the others who have done this, as this seems to be the cool thing to do nowadays, but it's getting old, and only dividing, and causing bad things. Shit like this does nothing good. It only pisses people off, and again divides the people, and make each side double down even more. Sigh....

    Samantha Henrici-Marvin wear an orange hat, eh? Santa comes tonight...

  55. Mandy Lynn

    Santa spanking him is hilarious😂😂 God I love this band

  56. buck ridenour

    God damn yall make good music but. YOU'RE NOT FUCKING POLOTITIONS. stop acting like your candidate was a better person than the president and just exept the fact you lost. Say it with me "My team lost oh well there's next time" and get the fuck over yourselves. Merry Christmas. And please keep the political shit out of music it just starts bullshit and makes people divisive.

  57. Divina Klein

    Actually Trump is against war and violence, he's ending and preventing war so maybe you should get your facts straight before turning your music videos into propaganda. JS

  58. Maverick Loomis

    If you take anything seriously from an artist that’s main storyline is a comicstrip than you as a listener have full range of creativity for said story I fully agree with you on trump to be the bad man he’s maid out to be. As I’m for the victim of unfortunate circumstance for this disease your making up. It

  59. Brandon Boshart

    Seriously? When did coheed become a political band? It's all down hill from here folks


    Found the trumpite

    Dali Foal


  60. Keoni M

    My favorite rock band just makes me love them more.


    Keoni M really?

    Keoni M

    @SHA8UTIE yes. Really 😊

  61. James Souder

    Absolutely genius!

  62. Hayley Stice

    Some cheerful Christmas propaganda. How disappointing.

    logan t

    What's not to love about a racist, mysognist, climate change denying, NRA supporting, white supremacist supporting, moron?

    Dali Foal


  63. Michael Torres

    Santa gonna have alot of Cheetoh dust on that hand lol Merry Christmas to All! Or Happy Holidays ;)

  64. Ali

    What do you need from a wish?

  65. Teresa Osburn


  66. Kevin faya

    That Doom reference tho!!! 🔥🔥

  67. J K

    Ridiculous. Coheed is losing fans with this dumb music video.

  68. Matthew Kelly

    I’ve been a life long fan of Coheed until this video... what a poor decision to release this. I’ll not be following them or purchasing anymore music from them. I love Christmas, God, my country and my president and I can’t say I feel this represents anything good about any of those.

    Lucid HIV

    Matthew Kelly man I’m telling u this shit hurt me. Not cuz I’m in love with Trump or anything (that Being said I support him more than I don’t) but the simple fact that every song on this new album is supposed to be a concept for the fictional universe their music takes place in. This stunt cheapens the whole thing for me

  69. Spidermang

    I'll bet Claudio is 100% #YangGang Great song and video

    Travis Ridley

    I so wanted to see Santa drop the money bag on the white house lol #YangGang

  70. David Ward

    Merry Impeachmas, every one.

  71. Conor Keane

    Who would have known that santa and his elves were such a badass!!

    Santa is my new favourite super hero!!!

  72. Luke

    Instead of casting those who you don't understand as literally monsters, why don't you leave the sedation of the liberal elite circles you're in, go out and have a damn conversation with a conservative, stop contributing to the divide in our country and go back to creating actual art.

    Under Trump, the black and Latino unemployment rate are at record lows, his views on immigration barely differ from Obama's, Trump supporters at their worst don't hold a candle to Antifa, and don't want to suppress the speech of those they don't agree with - but, but, but!... "Orange man BAD!!!"

    Grow up.

  73. R4c00n

    I’m so fuckin sick of politics...both sides

    Kelly Stout

    Maybe you'd be happier with a monarchy.


    @Kelly Stout I think your right

  74. EE NO TA NA

    TRUMP 2020

  75. Bert439

    The satire is strong with this one.

  76. jaguarkick

    Lol I loved the video and the song but I kinda wished politics were left out lol

  77. Ace Hardy


  78. Paul N

    Another bunch of fools with TDS, supporting their little closed minded club of elites they desperately want to join. Not even a decent song, so no loss never hearing it again.

    Dali Foal


  79. Iohan Kaus

    This reminds me South Park

  80. lordjasper1988

    Love it!

  81. MorphEus SlappNutt-McGannighan

    God bless the greatest President in the history of the United States
    For 40 years the retardz ran the asylum and America turned into a shitehole...
    now that Daddy's back and regaining control, the babies are loosing their adderalled minds
    Phk commies, socialists and pussie marxists...I hope I live long enough to put a ton of you into the ground you phkn cockroaches and pointless meat-bags
    Do me a favour and do wot Jepp-Stien apparently didn't do to himself 😘

  82. Corey Hillard

    Great brand... great artists. Recently opened a box and found my Kill Audio Vinyls, and comics. This reminds of all of that. Good guys too...

  83. Truths33ker22

    Can't go any further left than that, such a disappointment C&C...unsubbed.

  84. Thalys Paiva

    Brazil 💛💚

  85. Ryan Kaoz

    Not feeling the Christmas spirit from this song.

  86. todd Michaloski

    I have always liked your music very much.The quality and creativity of the instrumental side of your music was what I liked most. In this piece and video I was disappointed with such blatant messaging against the president and the portrayal of his supporters.
    The country is polarized enough. This didn't help anybody except those who hate him already.
    Please stick to your music and if you have to speak a message, please positive & uniting the whole of the people of this country and not 6 minutes of division wrapped in an aging thematic complaint.
    I am a truly fan of your band.

  87. Thomas Swiatek

    So santa made trump makes sense for all the naughty boys and girls 🤷‍♂️

  88. Bobby Childs

    Yay, more politics. Sigh.

  89. Sunshine Games

    I now declare Toys a Christmas song and demand it be played during holiday music radio sessions.

    The artist formerly known as 'An actual Faggot'

    and every song from Die hard

  90. Kristine Demayo

    I love these guys even more now

  91. sl r

    so underrated, i can't even describe how good this song is.

  92. Bob Nelsen

    Haters gonna hate.
    Winners = Trump

  93. MrAussiePoo

    It’s safe to assume Coheed is pro trump from what I gathered from this video.

  94. Peleliusion

    Not going to toss my support one way or the other here. But you guys fucked up making a politically driven song. You guys went from welcome home to this. I'm disappointed.


    The song is not politically driven, just the video. I'll give them this one. I hope they won't do it again.


    @Bert439 Fair point. And I agree.

  95. SubyRyan

    I cant stop laughing! To those all who gave a thumbs down... GTFO!

  96. Derrek Teal

    People just cant get over it song sucks Trump2020🇺🇸

  97. KingToruk

    My my, look at all the DEMONIC deplorables.
    ...Based on the premise ANY KID thinks Santa sets up Pop stars, Popes & Presidents LoL! Somebody tell the makers of this video SANTA BRINGS PRESENTS, not POWER! (That would be an idiot leftist belief, not a Republican one.)

  98. SquishyOfCinder

    The hate for Trump is so overblown tbh. I don't like him but he's not the fucking devil.