Coheed And Cambria - Prologue Lyrics

Know now there is no time, space between the Well & Unknowing. Our story starts there. Well into our future, yet far beyond our past. In a romance between a pair of Unheavenly Creatures.

The Five Houses of the Star Supremacy have privatized the detention zones of the galaxy. These planetary prison pits reassembled from the cracked worlds of the Great Crash. Which brings us to our stage. Where the light must learn to love the black. The Dark Sentencer.

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Coheed And Cambria Prologue Comments
  1. SeVeN the VII

    Best song since Domino

  2. Darth Revan

    Made the rookie mistake of listening without the volume maxed. Now I get the joy of listening to it again the proper way

  3. wierwulf0

    got my tickets for the Nashville show, was hoping to get meet/greets for my 14 year old but they sold before they went on sale go figure.

  4. Daniel Black

    Dipping my toes with Good Apollo and now I need more.

  5. john fash

    This is what i would call Coheed back on TOP form! That spoken word intro has a habit of reminding me of Akala's "The thieves banquet". If u aint ever heard that song, get your arse over there for some (Edit) MORE (Edit) musical orgasms.

  6. Jumper F22

    Who is he welcoming home? I need to know, prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes. It’s all real. Grab my hand and come to our side. We’re waiting

  7. Jason Weaver

    But will be worse...

  8. Krysten

    "Old Flames" in the intro!

  9. Justin M.

    I swear I can't unhear him say " kiss your lover with that filthy mouth you f*cking lobster" 4:49


    Thanks now I hear it everytime, too now.

  10. Sudeep Gogoi

    This guy is a genius! The Armory Wars long with these albums are masterpieces! They should go down as Epics!!

  11. Alex

    so i been listening to rap almost my entire life time and when i first heard of coheed and cambria my mind was opened to everything after that.


    Gotta listen to all of Coheed. Give Pink Floyd a try too. You haven't lived until you listen to Darkside of the Moon.


    @brandonprows will do


    Same thing happened to me. Now I’m into rock and listen to rap sometimes

  12. Bear Cow

    do do do do do do
    do do do do do do

  13. Syr Byke Cycle

    Any offer for the signed Vinyl?

  14. Alex


  15. Illuminate Oblivion696

    Still gives me the chills man everytime he say welcome home
    I remember the welcome home track from good apollo ;)

  16. DDrummer

    I feel like I'm gonna cry. This is beautiful.

  17. amieltongz sawyer

    Gimme Chris Pennie

  18. Ayy Bee

    Saw them twice live in Tempe Az at the marquee. I've loved this band for like 20 years? Fuck we're old. Russian circles were badass too with Coheed. Hope we can rock til we're 90

  19. Steven Ramer

    A classic Coheed feel, shiver inducing, cant wait to see them tomorrow in Orlando!



  20. Azwethinkweizso

    I judge people on whether or not they like Coheed and Cambria...

  21. TormentDubz

    a whole year since this came out

  22. altodude890

    Some show or movie needs this as a track but they haven’t discovered it yet

  23. Emilio Rodriguez

    Pretty sure of the 1.7 million views, I alone, account for about 500k. lol

  24. Garko320

    100% IKS vibes

  25. Tom Lla

    I think this is really a true story about heaven and hell

  26. Gusty Spence

    Song goes mental, once he mentions "Welcome Home" it goes incredible. Simple as.

  27. Nelson3300

    879 people are little baebwees

  28. michael whittman

    How tf have i never heard this song where tf has this gem been hiding

  29. Z-Zack

    To quote my teenaged sister when she heard this:

    "This shit goes hard"

    Isha chan

    Damn right it does!

  30. Quintrell Lizana

    Don't stop coheed and cambria the store is raw keep on going and one day make us a movie real shit

  31. Andy

    Do you think someone from the band does the voice at the beginning?

  32. mambo

    2:44 song actually starts

  33. spiralout72

    Lost track of these guys, didn’t know they released new material. Now excuse me while I go beat the piss out of my dick like a red headed step child!

  34. Gary Beck

    Rearranged brother!!!!!!!

  35. Martin Bodger

    I feel a little geeky for knowing that the Great Crash was when Claudio destroyed the keywork.

    Cogeek and Cambria.

  36. dncarlo24

    8:25 that build up... 🤘😭

  37. Timmy Hussell

    You know, with the head-banging guitar riffs, the harsh and brilliant singing, and the unbelievably epic visuals of this album, you almost forget that the band are HUGE nerds.

  38. Justin Buonvino

    The piano intro reminds me of "Untitled", by Crash Test Dummies.

    Search the song out, if you don't get the reference, it'll be worth your time. A great, simple song.

  39. Nick S

    This song is so beautiful live 😭 You guys rocked San Diego

  40. Seven

    Peep this live on my channel they killed it.

  41. Chad J

    Now shut your mouth before your lies, the world knows to stay away from YOU

  42. Jonathan andrade

    been listening to these guys since they started. Can't wait to see them live again

  43. Kenneth Walls

    There awesome live


    Kenneth Walls as it good as it gets and extremely consistent.

  44. Firth Laist

    Favourite Part 2:44 ...through to 10:01 👈🏼😆 (I’m not counting the ‘0:02’ of nothingness at the end).

  45. Sahgee

    I remember my heart racing and tears almost running down my face when the beat and voice started talking at your NM concert. You guys have been my favorite band for so long, and yall helped me through a lot. Cant wait to see you guys again.

  46. Ryan McCallum

    They kill this song live too...Atlanta 5/31/19

  47. BetaFury

    Joe Never Fails

  48. Mario Live Gaming

    A rock opera 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  49. Gary Beck

    Absolute human

  50. Thorbjørn Vaasi


  51. Tanner Clark

    cant wait for Simpsonville, SC... ill be there!

  52. KingTomTheBomb YT

    How in the fuck can 841 people not like this song?

  53. 064supernova

    The solo the vocals the riffs the piano. Its absolutely breathtaking.
    This is what music should be

  54. Deeerp Spaghetti

    I've been waiting for them to return to this shattered galaxy for over a decade. I had to come back because GODDAMN

  55. Peri Walker ღ

    Holy shit, this is epic!

  56. Jaroslav Simonics

    This is awesome. Masterpiece.

  57. Greg Elliott

    God, I love that chorus. Especially as a fan who came in from the Good Apollo era, listening to those tracks back then on the bus to high school over and over. So fuckin good.

  58. Tate Oien

    For whatever reason, when I hear this intro I imagine Claudio cooling Star IV and fulfilling the prophecy of The Crowing, watching as his life flashes before his eyes (images of his parents, siblings, Jesse, Newo, Chase, Ambellina, etc.) with tears streaming down his face. And as the star slowly fades and the Keywork begins to collapse, Claudio is ever so slowly released from his suffering. And with him, the countless billions imprisoned in the Keywork. All of them going on to a better place as Heaven's Fence collapses before them.

    It's a dark ending to a very emotional story, but I think there's something tragically beautiful about the imagery in a scene like that, and for some reason that imagined scenario is the first thing I could think of when listening to that little piano piece.

  59. Don't Trip

    Whoa!! A Coheed and Cambria video (Dark Sentencer) broke 1.5 million views in a little under a year???? No. Fucking. Way.

    Finally getting the recognition they deserve.

  60. D. B.

    I saw them live in Hamburg last week....Everyone i tell it dont know them...seems like im surrounded by idiots please help me guys!


    Chris Berreth most people prefer shorty music so they don’t know or like Coheed.

    D. B.

    @SHA8UTIE Shorty music?

  61. Unknown Unknown

    Some of you have never been on an offplanet penal colony and it shows.

  62. Bailey D.

    Can I please have my beautiful laser-light filled epic stage space rock opera?

  63. brn2sor

    So girly can anyone point me to something that comes close to AC/DC back in black

    Slimy_the _horrible_Guitarist

  64. Bane Ancheta

    0:56 I like

  65. Jon Turney

    I thought this was a space documentary at first. Close enough!!!

  66. Samantha Henrici-Marvin

    Why the hell did I not realize this has been released almost a YEAR ago?? *hangs head in shame*

    Oh well, now I'm all caught up and all is well with the world.

    Steven Cook

    No with you
    . was playing Ps4 u Kno all the that..oh my coheed.

  67. Ivan Platonov

    This song would be good for a Hellraiser trailer

  68. Heath Panter

    Claudio drew some inspiration from Frank Herbert a little I believe....

  69. Samuel Junior

    So good

  70. Claudio Almasio

    Nice ispiration from In the Presence of the Enemies...

  71. Luke Berry

    Listen to the intro with headphones in whilst home alone and in the dark, you will be fucking terrified.

  72. beanpie9000

    "It begins with them, but ends with me, their son, Vaxis." i may be over thinking this but is Claudio saying the band will end after Vaxis V? I hope its just me over thinking and they continue as much as they can, they are an amazing band.
    On another note, if you haven't seen the band live you should go and see them, its a fantastic show from beginning to end.


    It might. Coheed can't continue forever. But Vaxis will be a pentology. With up to two years between each album (heaven't heard anything about a release this year) they still have eight years to go, I expect that Claudio will want to finish his career with another "Color before the Sun".

  73. KosyKruptioN


  74. Jakob Jansen

    this is like Destiny: the Song^^ I love Mythical Sci-fi

  75. Richard Heath

    It's an emotional, and almost religious pilgrimage for the Children of The Fence to listen from The Second Stage Turbine Blade to Vaxis: Act 1 - The Unheavenly Creatures! Such a variety of cacauphonus sound that exudes from these artisans of the soul, that one, needs no other noise.

  76. Jessie HackyHippie

    the way the description talks about this song makes me want a book.... wtf . i haven't read a novel of any kind in nearly 6 years.

  77. Roy Pradhan

    Gossip elucidates the acts of a cognitive subject in imagination; it's psychological value is empirical. The subject is contextualized epistemically.

  78. Genevieve

    There are so many shows coming up that I wanna go to holy shit. Coheed and Cambria, Dance Gavin Dance, In This Moment, I Prevail.. (Leon Bridges, but that's a totally different genre lmfao.) How come nobody usually ever comes to Charleston, then all of a sudden all it takes is one Beartooth show here and there's tons of my favorite artists nearby?? I am s i x t e e n I can't afford all of these uuggggggghhh

  79. Jeremy Tollison

    Saw them 10 years ago and just hope that their new stuff will be just as cool as hearing them play Welcome Home live.

    I wish I could go back and hear them play Welcome Home again

    But this song would be amazing to open with.

  80. Trevor O'Connor

    Cannot stop listening to this song. Been a C&C fan since day one, still creating hits time after time.

  81. giantreddevil

    Nice to hear Jigsaw's voice in the build up to this song.

  82. Mariah Byrd

    My daughter is named Cambria because of you ❤️

  83. rafpac6

    I hate my life, been working on this album for years at home, using every second I can spare from work, wife and kids to make something, with the faith that I can send every like minded youtuber from video comment sections like these a link to our music only to find out youtube has removed the ability to send anyone any direct messages. Bravo! Its like this platform which was a haven for content creators of any size to reach anyone stands for exactly the opposite of those values. So its only people that cashed in early get any say or reach any people. I am over this man. Its apparrent youtube caught the eye of mainstream soul sucking corporate dickheads and is now in control of the very F*cking people it was a threat to. Sorry I know wrong place to vent, but my dreams just came crashing down now and the climb just got alot f*cking tougher if not impossible. Feel like crying. Oh well...and when the world comes crashing down, dont make a move dont make a sound. Just watch it fall watch it come down, feel it as it goes does it feel good to let go!

  84. Jason Bailey

    This was so sick live. I had goosebumps from head to toe

  85. Palios Dallas

    The muse spoke

  86. Intro Spectre

    The keying at the end of the song "The hollow" reminds me still of how much that is my favorite composition by them.

  87. m ba

    And me,...... And you 😍

  88. Jessica Searls

    If(K Y3S

  89. Skullface

    Somebody make this for Beat Saber pls :D

  90. adamstots

    I expected this to be quite different in a negative sense from their older stuff: maybe a decline in quality, simplified. But as I listen my stomach has been tensed the whole time and I get shudders. Never a bad song

  91. Fisher Fish

    The piano in the beggining is from Old Flames?

  92. nikki nevarez

    Is that the saw dude talking ??

  93. john scianni

    sooooo when are they going to make the epic movie series for this story line , My body is ready

  94. Jeff Aguirre

    What the hell is up with ulcerative colitis commercials?!?! Not what I want to hear between Love Protocol and Pavilion.

  95. Destrie DeVine

    So hyped to see the in Feb!! I can’t wait!!

  96. David Craig

    This album is growing on me so much and this song, in my opinion, is the anthem I didn't know I needed. But here we are.

  97. Lars Bieze

    Best song i heard of them since a long time. Can be compared with their best songs like In Keeping Secret of Silent Earth and Welcome Home and No World for Tomorrow.

  98. Captain Galaxy

    Another shitty nu-metal group.


    Are you retarded? Coheed is nothing close to nu-metal.