Coe, David Allan - Just Divorced Lyrics

Just divorced was written on the window of the car
It looked like a tombstone parked beside the local bar
Once he'd drove it crazy now he's driven it too far
Just divorced was written on the window of the car

Someone wrote in soap it's over right across the hood
On the door it said good riddance boy I feel good
On the fender were the words I won't be home tonight
And the jukebox in the bar played if you're gonna do me wrong do it right
Laughed so hard I thought now there's a guy who's got some spunk
What a sense of humor it said goodbye on the trunk
Tin cans tied with paper streamers pointing to the bar
Just divorced was written on the window of the car
Just divorced was written...

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Coe, David Allan Just Divorced Comments
  1. steelermule

    Know why divorces are so expensive ?????/ Cause they are WORTH IT !!!

  2. James Key

    sigh, no reason to live

    Harry Pierpont

    James Key I hope you kept your head up. Life goes on the pain hurts less and less everyday.

  3. alejandro fleitas

    Angus Fangus!!!! YOU ARE MY FUCKING HERO...Crazy old soldier brings back memories..THANK YOU!!!! FROM ALEX...

    Angus Fangus

    alejandro fleitas
    They all seem to be my favorites!

    alejandro fleitas


  4. Bengina Pavisook

    So I Love this Song

  5. Bob Merrill


  6. Craig Grams

    When he started this album he just got married.
    It took him a few months to complete the album and by the time he finished the album him and his wife had split up.
    He didn't know what he was going to call this unnamed record and he decided to call "just divorced".