Coe, David Allan - I've Given 'Bout All I Can Take Lyrics

I burned all the letters that you never wrote
I broke all the promises you never spoke
I swallowed my pride
Till I thought I would choke

Given 'bout all I can take
I've given 'bout all I can take

You want somebody
Guess, we all do
You've got a heart
That won't let it come true

And I never was one to fake

Given 'bout all I can take
I've given 'bout all I can take

I cried over milk that never was spilled
And I've danced to waltzes
And you just stood still
Time is much too precious to kill

Given 'bout all I can take
I've given 'bout all I can take

You want somebody
Guess, we all do
You've got a heart
That won't let it come true

And I never was one to fake

Given 'bout all I can take
I've given 'bout all I can take
Oh, I've given 'bout all I can take

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Coe, David Allan I've Given 'Bout All I Can Take Comments
  1. Mike Barker

    DAC is real country

  2. jennifer thomasset

    I love you so much

  3. Tina Beck

    good song thanks for sharein

    the winner

    thanks for listening Tina

  4. Troy Willis

    These fuckin kids in Nashville who call themselves country lmfao

  5. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    *i kicked habits and i quit to drink but some old habits are hard to broke like love to D.A.C.*
    *if heaven ain't like David i don't wanna go* 🚧
    *Bocephus docet* 💪

  6. Mark Howard

    black need more and more civil rights , MR Coe

  7. knucklehead0202

    Time is too precious to kill. Goddamn that's exactly what i'm going through now. I need to feel like i'm making progress but haven't felt it in years. Time to make a move, up, down, or sideways.

  8. Betty osborne

    Beautiful Love Soul Song♥️

    the winner

    Glad you enjoyed it

    Mike Barker

    Have you heard Fairytale morning?

  9. David Ferenbaugh

    I have seen pics of David Allan Coe all my life, is Toby Keith his son lol

    bob dabolina

    Ignorant comment is ignorant

    Blue Spectre

    Curt Ekstrom you don’t like DAC but you’re in the comment section of all his songs 🤔

    bob dabolina

    @Blue Spectre ,
    Don't feed the troll. curt is a troll or a a a pimple.on Dakota the dancing bears butttt

    Blue Spectre

    bob dabolina I’m curious what he done to him to make him resent him so much to take the time to go to every comment section of his videos and diss him 😂

    bob dabolina

    @Blue Spectre ,
    Sounds like a bully to me he is

  10. Sophie Duvall

    What a beautiful song ! I’ve never heard this one .
    Kudos to you for having excellent taste .🙏

  11. Betty osborne

    The Greatest,He Will Be A Legend!

  12. Harry Pierpont

    13 people feel like they can take some more shit!

  13. machelle Gapa

    Machelle Gapa my favorite country singer, since I was 12

  14. Brandon Murphy

    looks a bit like Toby Keith here


    you mean Toby Keith looks like him. DAC was around many moons before...


    Holy shit! I was trying to figure out who he looked like here!

  15. Robbie Cousins

    I rate Coes writing up there with Lennon/McCartney


    Better, by a ways...

  16. Karie babcock

    why didn't this one chart

    Daniel Craig

    Karie babcock
    I have no idea

    Curt Ekstrom

    Actually if you knew more about DAC. You would find out he told the Country Music Industry to kiss his Ass back in early 1980's.

  17. Frankie TheBarber

    he's alive and still gettin it so y'all no for who thinks he isn't still here, he's alive

    Daniel Craig

    Frankie TheBarber
    Not only is he alive, he is recently on the news in a lawsuit against a Casino for the security guards body slamming his old ass because he won some money on a slot machine and didnt have a picture ID and so hell was raised DAC style!

  18. steelermule


  19. ocala 1885

    great song to get fucked up to

  20. Paulajean Russell

    We all got what we have Because he died for us.

    Sheldon Bridwell

    For your information dumb ass David Alan Coe is not dead need to get your fact straight before you go spreading rumors about my boy I see your a David Alan Coe fan to but I'm not just a fan he's like family so before you run your mouth plz get your facts straight next time David Alan Coe keep it real my friend see you again soon I love you buddy

  21. brad dovel

    first time in years today I thought about this song, was this rough rider album?

    the winner

    I'm glad you found it on here Brad.   This song was on the Tennessee Whiskey album.   Thanks for listening.

  22. Dixie Den

    tyvm for this golden song. His voice the pedal steel and no b.s. background.. 

    the winner

    You're welcome Dixie!  Thanks for listening!

  23. sabb tastic

    DAC is country

  24. lois wilson

    i just love his songs he sings.