Coe, David Allan - He's Taking It Hard (She's Taking It Easy) Lyrics

He's taking it hard she's taking it easy
She's living it up and he's living it down
He's walking the floor looking for answers
She's out on the floor all over town

Ain't that the way that love goes when love goes to pieces
Ain't that the truth when you find out you're living a lie
Ain't love the reason we both took a chance on each other
Ain't it each other we both swore we wanted to try

He's taking it hard she's taking it easy
She's drying her eyes but his are still wet
He wishes he could just hold her until she remembers
She wishes she could find someone to make her forget
He's taking it hard she's taking it easy

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Coe, David Allan He's Taking It Hard (She's Taking It Easy) Comments
  1. Raven Lee

    Love me some David Allen Coe

  2. levi dunmire

    Man David wrote and sang so much good music one of a kind lots of good artists from waylen to Willie to Jones to haggered to paycheck to hank jr but David has always been just a little bit of all them but yet stand out so alone just raw great music never given any credit for it and never will but just a personal fan and always will be and will passing the great music on to my sons everytime we jamming or driving in the car

    Jason Price

    Im just so glad that at my age i got to enjoy all these old honk tonk, beer drinking, orignal heart felt music that so many has written. DAC has always been a favorite because its from the heart an soul of a man with alot on his mind like myself. Ive had the pleasure of meeting him and being in the crowd on so many shows and at different times in his career. Never be another half as good im afraid to say, but with all he has given who would want there to be.

  3. kevin neel

    so true.

  4. brad dovel

    side a was the down side , side b was the up side!, very wise album!

    Karie babcock

    a hidden gem on this record

    Jon Rauch

    not well known but a good song none the less

  5. little joe

    this side of --- he stopped loving her today,,,

    Karie babcock

    just as good as that song in my opinion

    Robbie Cousins

    I wouldn't go that far, but Coe is great