Coe, David Allan - Castles In The Sand Lyrics

Yeah, I've seen you face in magazines
Yeah I've read all of those press room queens descriptions
I can't believe the lies they tell
But truth is not the way to sell subscriptions

After all the smoke had cleared away
Did not take me long to find out what you had to say
This is just a game
And I'm glad I finally learned to play
By the rules
Do they think we're fools

They put you down behind my back
Distorting all the honest facts about you
While searching through your lyric sheets
For secret meanings too discreet to doubt you

Isn't it a shame they never heard
They finally wrote you off as really being too absurd
While all the time you sacrificed your rhymes
To find a word they could not see
Hidden in your melodies

Like a tree that could bend with the wind
Like a river that flows around the bend
Like a dream
Like a song
They all cross right or wrong
They just keep on building castles in the sand

Then just like you they told me lies
And offered corporate alibis to change me
My songs were taken through the mill
While managers were hired to rearrange me

They led me to the slaughter like a lamb
I just kept pretending that I did not give a damn
Now this situations gotten too far out of hand
To be real
I don't wanna make a deal

Parasites reach for your heart
Each one must try do their part to drain you
You give them your best autograph
On pictures knowing well they're gonna frame you

Don't you know it happens every time
Little did they know I could read between the line
You told them times were changing
But they did not heed the signs
I'm not that green
Bobby do you know what I mean

I'm Like a tree that can bend with the wind
I'm like a river that flows around the bend
I'm like a dream
Like a song
That I've crossed right or wrong
And I'll just keep on building castles in the sand

They drove me in their limousines
My pockets bursting at the seems with money
They said I could take your place
By putting make up on my face like honey

Now don't you know it chilled me to the bone
They even had the nerve to ask me
if I could re-write like a rolling stone
That's when I told they the should leave my ass alone
Its plan to see
I just wanted to be free

Like a tree that can bend with the wind
Like a river that flows around the bend
Like a dream
Like a song
That I cross right or wrong
And I'll just keep on building castles in the sand

And every song I write my friend
I play it with my band

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Coe, David Allan Castles In The Sand Comments
  1. Magne Høiberg

    David Allan Coe, He is an otlaw country musican/biker/man. This is a song he vrote and sang, I love it.

  2. old sad daddy

    This song is timeless and still relevant today. It reminds me of all the fake people ive had to deal with in my past...I rather be alone than to have fake people in my life.

  3. Siv Jensen

    I'm going to lift up your name, til butter wont melt in your mouth.
    Get your name right out of the gutter, and move your reputation down south.

  4. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    *Castles in the sand is on in 2019*?
    *don't get any better* 🖒
    *LONG LIVE TO D.A.C.* 🏅

  5. Bärbel Nitsche

    Beautiful song ----! Thanks .

  6. Karen Coccarelli

    I love that DAC never became commercialized. He's got his fans, not everyone needs to know his name and his songs don't need to be all over the radio. I say he's too special for that. People that know his music, know his music. What a career! I think I've only ever heard "The Ride" on Country radio. I always wondered why, and I know now it's because he won't deal with anyone's bullshit!

    hayez tattooz

    Karen Coccarelli. he wrote a lot of songs. tayna tucker sang his song would you lay with me. confederate railroad said 2 or 3. his songs. are on the radio. just not sung by the godfather of outlaw country

    Kevin Roman

    Fucking amen

  7. Dave Helm

    Beautiful. David Allen Coe >

    "Just keep on building castles in the sand"

  8. graham bull

    Sounds more like Dylan....than Dylan!

  9. Cheshowjr

    Same here. Thanks! I've been researching a lot of the truths and falsehoods about Dylan, and this really sheds some light on that! And, many memories from the 80's!

  10. JAAK923

    Thanks for posting, I haven't heard this song in years!