Cochrane, Tom - Wildest Dreams Lyrics

You talks as if in riddles
You talk as if in rhymes
Down in the lion's lair
Stroke yourself to feel so fine
And what are you afraid of
Afraid to get so touched
When you begin to feel
Is it way, way too much
Have you lost your sense of purpose
And who can stand alone
There's no more circus here
There's nothing carved in stone
I see you down in the desert
And on a lonely beach
I'll hold you in those places
Where no one else can reach you

For comfort there

In your wildest dreams
We can talk until we say something
It don't mean a thing
I will be there
When you come back down oh yeah

I'll hold you in the desert
And on a lonely beach
I'll hold you in these places
Where no one else can reach you
The words cannot reveal this
Nothing's carved in stone
So maybe don't hide around it
This is something you can own

I want you when you're bad
I want you when you're good
I want you when you won't
And when you think you should
I want you when you're angry
And when you come back down
I'll hold you above water
When you think that you might drown

Go under


I look back in
And you'll be smiling once again
I turn around
Just as the sun comes shining in on you
We have not lost
But just begun


In your wildest dreams
We can talk until we say something
It don't mean a thing
For now and ever
We've just begun

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Cochrane, Tom Wildest Dreams Comments
  1. Bruce Wayne

    ... always beyond brilliant - 1 month or 100 years ago !!! ... Tom, Burton, Gordon, etc - none better on this planet ... ah yes, remember Chilliwack !!!

  2. Bruce Wayne

    ... beyond beautiful ... always

  3. Paul Cadogan

    Great album etc. I bought "Ragged Ass Road" in the day. I agree with the sentiment expressed at the beginning of the vid. Thanks for the post.

  4. Jenn

    I like this song I haven't heard this one since I was 13, Is this song from 1995?.

    Alexis K

    Jenn 1996 I think??

  5. hollyraeraeful

    I freaking LOVE Tom Cochrane :D, so lucky and blessed to have seen him live, in concert... even if I was in the awful grip of a migraine and barely recall the concert, still counting myself as blessed. Definitely a top Canadian artist, and top World musician :D thanks for sharing :D

  6. Nor Man

    An absolutely beautiful song by an incredible talent.  Tom is truly a Canadian gem, and I agree with ChefSaron, I'll never understand why the superstardom levels of Bryan Adams eluded Tom.  Like Bryan Adams, LOVE Tom Cochrane!  If someone told me I was to be sent into exile and could only take 3 CD's with me, the first one I'd grab would be Tom Cochrane's Symphony Sessions.

  7. aerolyn johnson

    I totally agree with you. I love all his music.

  8. baddad59

    Have always loved his style.Red rider was a great band and he has just continued that with his solo career.

  9. dustinwm94

    has anyone else noticed that no one criticizes tom on any of his videos. I hope it stays that way.

  10. gypsyemerald

    Ohekno, beautiful:) compliation

  11. thechainzter

    got a question.... what music style is this?.... is it Country?.... he kinda sounds a bit like Brian Adams...

  12. Chris Viccica

    up there with the greats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Shanoah15

    greatest songwriter

  14. Robert Roy

    Indeed. Such beautiful sentiments expressed in this song. Great insight...