Cochrane, Tom - While You Are Young Lyrics

While you are young
While you are here
Don't unpack your things while you are young

Waiting for that train to come
While on the other track one's come and gone
A different way
Holding back for that better shot
While thinking 'bout all that you're not
Time slips away
Keep your eyes wide open now

While you are young
While you are here
Don't unpack your things while you are young
Standing by while watching waiting watching waiting
Hesitate what you waiting for
It'll never come like water waiting water waiting
Water waiting to boil
Your high time is wasting now

While you are young
While you are here
Don't unpack your things
While you are young
Keep your eyes wide open now

While you are young
While you are here
Don't unpack your things
While you are young
Keep your eyes wide open now

While you are young

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Cochrane, Tom While You Are Young Comments
  1. Rick Therrien

    Haven’t heard this in years had to take a brake and get back to the good old days!!

  2. Lena Karpinski

    Peter Griffin has joined the chat
    Joe Swanson has a pretty good music playlist👌
    Goddammit, Family Guy.
    The office anyone?

  3. RDC_ tres

    This song describes my childhood

  4. Ethan


  5. Mitchell Keller

    Cars and Family Guy DID NOT BRING ME HERE! Pure 90's nostalgia did! 🤗
    Growing up I thought the original was from Cars
    The original and still THE BEST, this classic will never get old.

  6. link biff

    I've been listening to this long before Seth MacFarlane and the Rascal Flats had careers

  7. tinhead92

    Family guy and American Dad brought me here 😁

  8. Coralwater


  9. Bryan Bacher

    10 years later for this video on Tube and Tom's still driving that highway.
    The original and still THE BEST, this classic will never get old.
    28 years later this tune still sounds fresh.

  10. Holly J. Ethridge

    money doesn't buy happiness...

    this does!

    *stewie and brian dancing*
    The original and still THE BEST, this classic will never get old.
    Soy After Eating Street Food

  11. Courage Karnga

    This song brought me here.

  12. Dad with the milk

    HERE FROM FAMILY GUY pre sure everyone is

  13. x a

    Idiot noobs who came here from idiotic movies or cartoons. I CAME HERE FROM THE OFFICE, MICHAEL SCOTT IS THE BEST. IDIOTS!

  14. Jamie Blea

    Songs reminds of my high school days

    Jamie Blea

    Class of 96

  15. Shae Barger

    Both versions (this and Rascal Flatts) are great, but I’m leaning more towards the Rascal Flatts version, love the harmonies and love Joe Don Rooney’s guitar work!

  16. Jeanna Lund

    This is what I call music bk in my days

  17. Minh Nguyễn Trần Quang

    Family guy brought me here :V

  18. ᴍᴀᴜʀɪᴄɪᴏᴄᴏʀᴛᴇx❶❺

    Exactly, life is a highway, because I'm too poor to buy a car.

  19. Ahooper11

    Canadian legend

  20. missnelson35

    I'm here cause I'm on a highway and in need of highway vibes.

  21. Lord Lannister

    This song was playing on the radio whilst I played Duke Nukem 3D on my 75mhz computer, life was simple once... (sometime in the 90s)

  22. Nightfall Durden

    This Is The Original The Rest Can Suck It....

  23. sfhdiosha

    Love music so much, it takes me to many different places and different scenarios of lives I will never live and I feel like I could have it all, be whoever I want, and then it brings sadness and emptyness bcuz I will always be the same me, poor little boy who has average life and average everything and cannot even be mad bcuz life wasnt too hard for him, its just his emptyness and hopelessness bcuz he think he deserved being special but its just average... and nothing else matters

  24. Joshua Dixon

    I didn’t come from cars I came here from my dad

  25. Richie Betz

    For years Rascal Flatts had the only version of “Life is a Highway” I knew of. So glad I discovered the original which is even better 👍


    Same. I thought it was theirs lol I like their better, but I do love this too.

    Richie Betz

    Jac Yeah Rascal Flatts’ rendition was a childhood favorite of mine (from Cars). Still love their version nonetheless.


    i am speed

  27. Jameson & Sweet Precious Baby Boi Beans Laundromat

    I’m not here from the office or cars. I’m here from the episode of Game Grumps where Dan was talking about how he had this tape and it would skip so it said. “gimmegimmiegimmegimmegimmegimmegimme” and his dad hated it.

  28. Der Angler

    Elmo no comment

  29. Shameless of the random

    He can’t sing, in my opinion

  30. Mallory Lauve

    He looks like Anthony Michael Hall

  31. Anthony Genovese

    Absolutely amazing song. His voice reminds me of Don Henley from The Eagles

  32. candace mae villa-wendt

    in Hollywood, found your tea pot, happy valentines day

  33. Ok Ok

    American dad brought me here

  34. dantheman396

    Stop talking about what brought you here and just enjoy a great song

  35. Ab_got_ 2007

    Thats such a nice impala 1965

  36. Ab_got_ 2007

    I just got maters national havent played that game since i was 6 thats what brought me here

  37. Pim hams

    This version sucked compared tot the Pixar movie cars version

  38. UncompressedWAVmusic

    I first heard Tom when Red Rider started about 1980 and saw them live in Vancouver really great. Then Tom went solo and came out with the blockbuster super popular song. Bought the LP when it first came out and still have all my Red Rider and Tom Cochrane LPs.

  39. Hendrike Weiß

    There‘s just been a midnight dance party for one in my bathroom. Thanks!

  40. Jäffeh der Retardin

    Wow everyone loocks so ugly,

  41. peelyy dand

    Family guy bought me here also cars did

  42. Farren Amarah

    Damn this song makes wanna go on a road trip to California.

  43. Rails of the Northeast

    3:05 insert Stewie and Brian here

  44. WinsomeJohnny

    Nothing against Rascal Flats who did a great cover but..ONLY Tom's version for me. Thank you.

  45. Shayla Lauren

    Gim'me, gim'me, gim'me, gim'me yeah!!!!

    My fav part

  46. mcs publications

    This sonng is amazing! Thanks Tom Cochrane! :)

  47. membersonlydave

    lunatic fringe....i know you're out there.

  48. The Flayed Man

    Any Canadian kid growing up in the early 90's knows this song inside out. You could not escape it's presence on Much Music.

  49. Adrian Lee Magill

    "From Mozambique to those Memphis nights, they carve a path to Vancouver's lights." It takes me home to BC every time I hear it.

  50. JB Helgenberger


    Family Guy brought me here.

  51. John M

    He could have faked it a little better..

  52. mamuneekeri22

    Money wont buy happiness but this will

  53. Anibal Babilonia

    That's my anthem when im on the roads!✌😎👍

  54. Aurum TheBrave

    Listening to this while riding in the country side.

  55. Erick Alpízar

    Adult Chris Griffin, awesome song.

  56. Mahogany Rose

    American dad brought me here lol

  57. rak1972 ke


  58. gucci gang

    Oh year family guy know what good is 😊✌️

  59. Yeimy Savoie

    The office season 4 brought me here !!! ... and 90's nostalgia of cawrse!

  60. Tomatron the One

    Honestly I prefer the Rascal Flatts version

  61. Aaron Bruce

    This song: *exists*

    Rascal Flatts: It’s free real estate

  62. Jonathan Amaya


  63. Alexander M

    Let's just listen to this and wait for the coronavirus to blow over

    Ainsley B

    Alexander M let’s vibe together 😂😭🤙🏻🤙🏻

    Alexander M

    @Ainsley B 👌🏽if youre going my way !🎵😂😜

  64. L M

    Cheaper by the dozen brought me here

  65. Beat Master

    Best song ever, period.

  66. Asw12681

    I'd like to bring up the lyric "Ain't no load that I can't hold"


    The Rascal Flatts Version is soooo much better. This sounds horrible

  68. Reynard Fox

    just found out he did Lunatic Fringe. HOLY SHIT. This guy is fucking brilliance.

  69. samurai90x

    what brought me here was remembering this song playing on the radio when i was younger

  70. A Nameless YouTuber

    Now you know why people only remember the Cars version.

  71. Steve Lauria

    Andrew Yang brought me here. It was a song playing before his last speech.

    After Weezer and Childish Gambino supported Yang I was also drawn to their music.

  72. Christine Johnston

  73. Andrea Sanabria

    love song 💙🏄🏄

  74. Federico Marenghi

    Thanks Peter Griffin

  75. MainPlexXP

    Family guy bought me here

  76. Dachelka PCY

    This was good even before all those tv shows and "cars" and not all people recognize that tbh

  77. James Williams

    Family Guy definitely brought me here and now it’s stuck in my head 🤷🏾‍♂️

  78. Ari Ginsberg

    Did Darryl touch you?

  79. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

    This sucks

  80. Nicole D

    Forever my small town girl jam ❤️

  81. Julis pyro action

    Wer ist auch von Family Guy hier??💪😅

    Lets Smash


  82. HarmonicaPlayer 105

    1:37 his guitar isn’t plugged in lol. Why is this such a common mistake. Watch the Beatles paperback writer. Same thing!

  83. ShirtlessRabbit4

    Lil pitchy dawg.....

  84. Frank Baaske

    Einer meiner liebilngs Song !! Wunderbar kann man immer hören!!

  85. candace mae villa-wendt

    dont buy him a bat

  86. candace mae villa-wendt

    royal albert china doesn sf ca

  87. candace mae villa-wendt

    need my thum we wont live in cal,

  88. ShreadTheWeapon

    I heard this version when it came out - but I’m here in January 2020 to review it for a cover band in which I play bass and sing.

  89. Dutch Legion

    I like to scream this song very loud into microphone on discord

  90. FunkySiim

    3 Ttü i отлюблю э 8

  91. BonjingDoesThings

    Wait which came first?

    Matrix MP5

    The original was written by Tom Cochrane in 1991 but the song was not so popular

    In 2006 The rascal flatts cover this song for the movie cars and this song became a huge hits ....


  92. ECST4SY.69 X

    Came here from The office,cars and family guy

  93. LegitMan335

    I’m gonna say it....


  94. King Ekdar

    i heard him sing this song from my home last summer. sad i couldn't go to the concert cause of work but made it home to at least heard him sing this song.

  95. Je teamleider

    this sounds like the rascal flatts version but out of tune

  96. Je teamleider

    bruh this sounds horrible

  97. alex ricardo soto villalobos

    Up this date I had never could Believed this Wonderful song became a 90s one hit wonder

  98. Tanya Scott

    Love this song it reminds me of my old boyfriend he had blonde hair and greyblue eyes he lookes like Tom cockern but a cuter version😁

  99. KAS6558

    I heard this song BEFORE it was in the movies!