Cochrane, Tom - Power (Strength In Numbers) Lyrics

Look - up on the building
See a silhouette
Crowd looks hungry
Because he ain't jumped yet
Man up on the tower
Looks big up there
He's got something extra
I wonder if he's scared

Come on, come on
Come on, Turn it on
Turn it on, come on
Power... (Power)
Power... (Power)
Power... (Power)
Power... (Power)

Is he turning on us?
Is he turning?
You can't see his eyes now
Bet that they're burning
Are we among them?
There's strength in their numbers
Can't even hear us
There's too many others

What's he keep saying?
They're not even listening
Is he a poor man?
Why don't we listen?
It's invisible
You can't even touch it
If I was a wise man
I'd have spoke up

Come on, come on
Come on, Turn it on
Turn it on, come on
Turn it on, turn it on
Turn it on, come on
Turn it on, come on
Turn it on, turn it on
Turn it on, turn it on
Power... Power...
Power... Power...

People do some strange things
When they're all together
They wouldn't even dream of (Power)
By themselves (Power)
If I was a brave man (Power)
I'd surely said something (Power)
I can't even sleep on it (Power)
'Cause it's all used up (All used up)
Power... (Power)
Power... (Power)
Power... quarter to twelve (Power)
Power... (Power)

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Cochrane, Tom Power (Strength In Numbers) Comments
  1. Shane Sotelo

    RIP Leilani Sotelo

  2. The Herald

    My brother bought this album on cassette when it first came out, this was one of our favorite songs! Thought about this song many times since then, but heard it for the first time today in about 35 years. Great song!

  3. Ivor

    I played this song on my Walkman all the way to sunny California.

  4. Tim Williams

    Classic guitar riff & lyrics from RR!!!

  5. Hot80s

    ( 1983 ) the golden age of popular music

  6. andresoqueso

    naruda, one of the best studio albums ever!!!!

  7. Video Studio Productions

    Why is it not available? I love this song?!

  8. Krysten55

    I had to Google this, in order to find it, here on YouTube. I wonder why it didn't come up as a search result before? It's such a good song!

  9. The donut Ariana licked

    8th grade for me this song was all over the radio for like a month then disappeared forever.

  10. hehe,good old days huh?

  11. bucky468

    Why is "Power" sequenced between "Light In The Tunnel" and "Human Race" on the original and reissued "Neruda" cd? Doesn't make much sense to me. "Power" is a good song but it should have been placed either before "Light In The Tunnel" or after "Human Race", b/c the latter 2 were paired naturally (via 12" single) when album radio played them together.

  12. Geoff Edwards

    Red Rider have some great songs, this among them.

  13. Janet Marshall

    COME ON.........COME ON ...........COME ON ......TURN IT ON ..........COME ON........POWER----------------------POWER       MUSIC  ROCKS           Sept 24 /2015

  14. astra4nn

    Tom Cochrane mentions why he did create this song. He and the band were playing a gig in Chicago, and he happened to take a walk. "Some poor guy was on the ledge about to jump and, like a chorus of crickets starting up at night, the crowd began chanting 'Jump ... Jump!' Man, I'll never forget that. That's where the line came from: 'People do some strange things when they're all together they wouldn't even dream of by themselves'" - Tom Cochrane  *quote from website*

    Serge Beaumier

    You are right

  15. Susie Haskell

    pretty awesome

  16. Serge Beaumier

    This song is all abouth a man may be suiside and Tom left the place and he did a song abouth it

  17. Jeff Corn

    sounds like a song that should be on trading places,,,,Movie!

  18. Ronald Brandt

    this is maybe my favorite band and Tom Cochrane might be my favorite performer. i love Red Rider and Tom. most of their creation is simply youthful energy. i'll follow it for a millenium.

  19. gavinnation72

    Great song! One of my favorite songs ever by Red Rider.

  20. MetallicBill

    To me, this album and As Far As Siam are their career highlights, but Boy Inside the Man, can't argue with that either.

    Alex Mustata

    I also love dont fight it


    I agree Bro!

  21. CrazyBear65

    Whatever floats your boat.

  22. Leanne Pearson

    Uhhhh,,,,,,, what????? How is that confusing?

  23. ufofan1980

    Don't pay this guy no attention, he's just a troll. I've seen him make the same "mistake" of calling Tom Cochrane Eddie Cochran on 3 other videos.

  24. Super S Patrick

    hahaha Go Tom!! :D

  25. Shane Sotelo

    i love this song. power

  26. ufofan1980

    He's not 90 lol, as of 2012 he's 58 :)

  27. SnakesMCDavid

    power is beleaf in Jesus Christ

  28. Thomas Beal

    This album has been a serious influence on my life. So true! Everybody has to have this in their collection.

  29. helvet666

    3:10 on sounds like a Metalocalypse background track. Its fucking Metal

  30. Johnny Novak

    @bodysurfer336699 As late as last year I heard CHEZ 106 in Ottawa Play "Light in the Tunnel" into "Power" and then into "Human Race". Threesome of Red Rider!

  31. chefjimmie1

    @addictoyou You missed a lot of good music in the 80's if you hadn't heard this one. SOOOOOO many good tunes. The 80's was THE decade for good music.

  32. dustinwm94

    lol "Tom Cochrane" is 57 not 90

  33. arthur terrio

    use yourself to keep what you love , alive.

  34. andrea santangelo

    totally unknown in italy!

  35. Bruce McBain

    Musicianship, inventiveness, originality, and all heart. Tom Cochrane and Red Rider kick!

  36. Serragated

    Canadian 70's and 80's music is some of the best music ever created

    If it wasn't for american record labels thinking canadians could't meet there expectations we would have seen these bands get much more popular .....Such a shame.

    Either way. Thanks Tom cochrane for making some very meaningful and powerful song's

  37. sbohandley

    Tom Cochrane sure had a grasp on the dark side of human nature...

  38. Demetri Sakaris

    when was this song made? how come it doesnt have that many views?? its sick..

  39. chat2412

    People were in touch with their self. When this album came out

  40. Greg M

    Don't jump!!!!!!!

  41. Sammy Johnson

    i heard this song on the radio and never knew what the name of it was until a week or so ago and i tried to look it up on youtube and couldn't find it, guess i missed this one

  42. texan4liberty


  43. Lionel Villahermosa