Cochrane, Tom - No Regrets Lyrics

Walking by the roadside
I see my fate written upon it
I'm checkin' out the back here
Where my race is not run
Might hear a thousand harps of heaven
Rain down upon her
I can't stand and watch
While you stand accused

We got no regrets
Might have seen better times
But maybe we ain't been there yet
Remember the good times
And least you forget
Have no regrets

Sometimes you might find
Like you feel that you're drowning
Run for cover like some blown out fuse
Remember one thing that you filed that number
You can call me up baby you won't be refused

Have no regrets
Might have seen better times
But maybe we ain't been there yet
Remember the good times and least you forget
Have no regrets

After all the shit you know we've been through it
There ain't a shovel big enough in the world
That can move it

We got no regrets
Might have seen better times
But maybe we ain't been there yet
Remember who you are don't you forget
Have no regrets
Have no regrets

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Cochrane, Tom No Regrets Comments
  1. Alex Boric

    Best song ever. not only makes you feel patriotic, but alive:-) just moves you. I think this song is his greates, but then it is really hard to pick from Toms songs the greates one, his music is just brilliant. Proofs once more again that Canadians are BRILLIANT:-))))) EH.

  2. pathofthewolfe

    I think this is one of their very best. hard driving tune with positive energy. Love it!

  3. canadianbacon007

    Run for cover!

  4. 1H Trooper

    @stevenavigator1988 there was Loverboy they did well for a while and also the Guess Who

  5. DoubleHelix46

    @Denthedragon Oh yeah, EH?

  6. stevenavigator1988

    @Denthedragon lol and what was the other one alanis morrisette?

  7. karen macpherson

    amen eh

  8. Black101Jack101

    Just started listening to this guy's songs other than" Life is a Highway". His music is great! Liked every single one of his songs so far =). Good ol' 80's Rock.

  9. akclan33

    Ha ha ha now I know where Keith Urban got his style from, Keith struts around like Tom does in this video

  10. Amy Aster

    would love to kick a nice cold one with this canadian ..wooot ...woooot...yes!

  11. globalpacific

    Same, I want this song played at my funeral!

  12. David Faith

    @Denthedragon Tom Cochrane ain't no band!!

  13. AjaxEddiefan

    @chironboy Yeah... "No Regrets" is an excellent choice for your funeral music...I've selected "Summertime Blues" by Eddie Cochran! :)

  14. Canuckfan78

    this song is underated in terms of all Tom Cochrane's other songs

  15. Nils Svensen

    @balinkid Sorry to hear you are tone-deaf.

  16. chironboy

    Please someone... play this song at my funeral as they lower me into the ground.

  17. karen macpherson

    one of my faves

  18. nowookiee

    @balinkid You're joking right? Screamers and Yellers are what make good songs good, lol...

  19. TrainSounds

    Canada is a good place.

  20. amtwhite

    Try "Big League"

  21. akarathrace

    ride on tom! awesome as usual!

  22. Harold Petten

    seen him in concert in ealy 90s in corner brook,nl fuckin excellent.whis he would come back

  23. AjaxEddiefan

    "There ain't a shovel big enough that can move it!"
    Tom is one rockin' stubble jumper!!! :)

  24. Tom Hallick

    Great song!! He sang it at halftime of the '94 Grey Cup. Positively freakin' electric!!!!

  25. Robert McLeod

    Yeah eh

  26. Gabriele Ree

    WoW...das rockt...:)

  27. Chris Viccica

    fucking great man

  28. Jennifer sweetgolden2010 Miller

    wich song was that i thought the whole was good!

  29. Red Cage

    yet another good band from Canada eh?

  30. AussieGossie

    very solid tune! not as good as life is a highway but still there is something interesting to listen to, better than modern songs anyways. Check out my vid on the best of the 90's its got all your favourites!

  31. meeeee1968

    another great song by tom, just a raw , honest, solid ripper tune !!!!!

  32. aswightman

    this guy is plain and simply one of the best Canadian Rockers of all time, if not one of North Americas.

  33. Sandy Gonzalez

    Tom Cochrane rocks!!!

  34. mrpiotr

    SIMPLY A M A Z I N G !!! What a great SONG

  35. tyler west


  36. Ed Wojtecki

    It's called R.O.C.K & R.O.L.L. and Tom spells it with MUSIC. Always on top of his game. Make it happen Tom!

  37. Laura Jakubczyk

    i live like a half an hour away from this guy!! Hell ya, tom rules