Cochrane, Tom - Neruda Lyrics

Talked to a boy I passed along the way
Talked to a man who knew the boy
And there are many
And there are few
But no one knows the boy like you

There were no lines drawn
And no hatred in their eyes
And no flags flown in that boy's sky

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Cochrane, Tom Neruda Comments
  1. Curt Wakeman

    @adkpeakboy I do agree, as was Much Music, the only good channel is Much Retro

  2. Xariama

    @themadbea Considering the deluge of crap music being released right now that you hear on the radio, your dad is spot on.

  3. 1misanthropist

    I didn't know Dennis Leary moonlighted as a singer. hahaha

  4. Alan Caylow


  5. jkappianaq

    @WildBill6942 See that woman at 2:37...maybe she's a camerawoman?

  6. nevada porter

    i love the guitar playing in this tune by red rider and tom.
    Very powerful meaning lyrics and excellent playing.
    right on thanks foR adding this music vid.

  7. muzzledox1

    Love that bass line, great use of a steel guitar( kenny was the best)..... I used to have this LP, and now I'm sorry I got rid of it...... can't find it anywhere now.

  8. Pray4Mojo

    @adkpeakboy How many MTV channels do you have in the states now? we have about 6 much music channels up here in canada, they are all garbage now too except much retro.

  9. scorpion19142001

    WOW - WOW, Man that brings back memories. The energy that man (TOM) and that group (RED RIDER) could play, 18years ago WOW. AS Tom is a year or two older then me. I wish that we could re- catch the wind and go for the ride again. It's what I call good clean rock.
    Larry - Vancouver

  10. ericou812

    i have this on CD,but cant remember name of album,im not sure where the CD is

  11. olofpalme63

    "might be a brave new world but its really not my home"

  12. norman wesley

    music flows through me,lyrics rush through my mind,gotta have this song in ya for the rest of your life.........peace.....

  13. norman wesley

    brings back the good ole days!!!!!!!!!!

  14. MK Piatkowski

    @Killjoy3990 Yes it is. And the train pulls into Yorkdale.

  15. Ken Zimbleman

    this is a great track that no one realy knows about these's a goodie.

  16. Ken Zimbleman

    I miss MTV, when MTV was.. well....MTV.

  17. qdrone

    Red Rider one of the best kept secrets in the 80's. Their first two albums were bona fide.

  18. smithersandburns

    @adkpeakboy You used to party with milk back in the 80s huh. Good times.

    J/k, j/k, I completely agree with what you're saying.

  19. Doleful Lions

    One of the best songs of the 80s.

  20. Roxy M

    This song is so badass, love it!

  21. david wright

    tom cochrane...jesus how many perfect albums this guy have? /canadian LEGEND ...ive sen him well over a dozen times now ....lousy video for a album i will play forever

  22. MetallicBill

    @bucky468 I've owned the LP for ages, it was out on Capitol records, which I recently read is the USA branch of EMI, who handled Pink Floyd up to Dark Side, when they opted to sign to Columbia

  23. John Kenebutch

    Great Bass! Great Song!

  24. bucky468

    @gunchernal Don't have to look any further now b/c it's at iTunes. They added it last month. Walmart has it too.

  25. ultramanhayata1

    EXCELLENT!!! This reminds me of the first weekend we had MTV!!! Love the eerie keyboard intro(Reminds me of Halloween!!)!! When Tom Cochrane had a hit with "Life Is A Highway" in 1992, it made reminisce for this and "Lunatic Fringe"!! Kurdtss, YOU ROCK!!!

  26. Chris Manolo

    Extraordinary song !!!! First time I hear thr whole intro LOL. I wonder what they're doing now. Gotta find out right now.Anybody has a live version of HR?

  27. Rich Yanick

    As far as siam and Neruda kick fuckin ass. I wish these guys would have made more albums like that. These guys were severely overlooked. They could have been Pink Floyd big if they would have kept it up.

  28. mfs_1990

    hey at 0:58 is that spadina station?

  29. adkpeakboy

    Thanks for posting. Everytime I hear Red Rider, I think of the glory days of MTV...coming home from high school, grabbing a glass of milk & turning on the MTV to see videos such as this. Long ago, but still close to memory in the brain.
    MTV was once great - now, a sham.

  30. 1Bearish

    Gotta love Ken Greer - Canada's David Gilmour. That pedal steel stuff is just fantastic around 1:10.

  31. MetallicBill

    @NeverMind0133 Another Laserdisc of music promos? I rarely find good ones, and I've collected a few, even got Charlie Daniels live on LD!

  32. jonnyI3

    love that intro

  33. WildBill6942

    A Red Rider tune that often gets forgotten. I remember when they used to play this on the radio back in '83. Excellent song!

    Did the cameraman have a crush on the drummer? lol

  34. metromfg

    excelent song !!
    brings back great memories
    I really love this song wish I could have seen them live.

  35. NeverMind 0133

    Wait...this isn't the video I remember...

    The one I saw was on an old Laserdisc called Picture Music...I was disappointed to see this version of the video instead when I searched for it years later.

    The drummer, for some reason, dominated the camera for most of the second half of the video. Weird.


    this song sums me up. i got knocked down but i got back up and got stronger

  37. my80s456

    Thanks,does bring back memories. A great Video and band. YOU ROCK RED RIDER.

  38. milw189

    OMG!!! Now THIS takes me back!! Been looking for this for YEARS now! THanks for posting!


    great song

  40. Nexus974

    Love the bass line...
    deep and rich.

  41. Winchester McNuggets

    simple chords say so much

  42. The Phoenix Quill

    It's been seven years since I heard this song! This brings back some memories.

  43. david wright

    poetry put to music this song in particular helped me through an ugly ugly time

  44. carmway

    gaee 2000 you are so right, the 80,s was the last decade of great music. I believe you can tell a good decade of music by how many one hit wonders there are. And there has not been many one hit wonders since the 80's, just people taking the music and calling it their own.

  45. Emily H

    This is such a brilliant song from them! I saw them live just this February in Ottawa - BRILLIANT to see live! ♥

  46. Dave DeRhodes

    I have never heard this song. It is great. I like it a lot! Thanks for putting this up here to be re-discovered and discovered for the first time but many like me.

  47. gaae2000

    i call the 80s the BigBang developed after decades and ended in the 80s, thats it there is no more.

  48. aswightman

    haha Tom Petty doesn't even touch Tom Cochrane

  49. RetroCanuckJunkie

    What a bass line at 1:44! :) I'm so proud of the musical talent in Canada!!!!

  50. straygypsy

    What city was this video filmed in?

  51. Silva Andonian

    Awesome song

  52. Nexus974

    one of the most underrated bands and songs of the 80's.

  53. Kohntarkosz

    Well first of all, David Gilmour didn't play pedal steel. He played lap steel.

    There were lots of people who used pedal and lap steel in rock music back in the late 60's and 70's, such as Yes, The Grateful Dead, Blue Öyster Cult, and others.

    But at the age of 9, in 1982, I'd never heard any of those bands. Back then, steel was pretty much known to me only in country music. The idea of a rock group using steel seemed so unique. I didn't know at the time it was already pretty common.

  54. david wright

    very poetic album...soulfull.. one of my all time favs

  55. Kohntarkosz

    I remember seeing this video and Lunatic Fringe on MTV back in the early 80's. First time I'd ever heard a pedal steel used in rock music. I like this song much better than Lunatic Fringe.

  56. Limited Light

    Thanks for the comparison to Pink Floyd. I was wondering if anyone else had picked up on it.

  57. Nexus974

    Love that bass line.

  58. alphapaw132

    I saw TC and RR two Summers ago and they kicked butt.

  59. NeonJefe

    I agree .... I think this is my fav..... they were great live as well

  60. bastedo1

    1 of there best songs

  61. 001jeff

    I remember it too...real videos by ROCK & ROLL Bands, & not a felon in sight!

  62. Wallyum

    Unusual video. Everyone in the band gets featured. Very cool song and video. It's like finding an old friend.

  63. skymark35

    wicked tune !

  64. Curt Wakeman

    Awesome song!!! One of the best Canadian songs ever, they still play it on 92 CITI and BOB999FM in Winnipeg, such memories

  65. Pascal Lachance

    A masterpiece ! Ken Greer's guitar was what needed Cochrane to solify his ALL sens all azimut songs( By the way the lyrics can be everything...even a person that goes through hard tmes like heavy drug addiction and that say what he sees,feels and triumphs with an awarness that it has been a victory and that it is not over yet ! Few Lyrics...but Naild it ! Bravo !

  66. david wright

    one of the best albums ever from a great performer
    tom cochrane rules

  67. general682002

    Little less editing clips than the one they showed on MMM.

  68. ganjavih

    One of the best tunes to come out of Canada in the 80s.

  69. 6sidesofsandinista

    If you find it let me know, please. My favorite Canadian group/solo performer.

  70. Tim Weaver

    oh noooo not celine she ben in vegas long enuff u can have Well in a lot of respects Canada gets best of all worlds We get homegrown, picked up Rock Radio from buffalo or Detroit, and of course get the uk stuff as well.

  71. Tim Weaver

    Another Wicked tune and Vid Kurdst!! always amazes me when Life is a highway is labelled as a one hit wonder south of the border..lmao caught red rider at Humber College back in the day..great show.

  72. umpchief14

    Killer album from the good old days!Love that Spider and his Steinberger!

  73. Nexus974

    Thanks for posting. I've been on the hunt for this video for awhile