Cochrane, Tom - I Wish You Well Lyrics

I'm gonna check my scars at home
Gonna cash my chips and roam
Gonna walk before you fade to black
I'm gonna write a new resume
I'm gonna write you off the page
Gonna take what we might take away
And you might find a brighter day
You might find a brighter day

Oh, and in another year
The pain will disappear
And I will look back on this life as if it were a scene
In a film somebody made for you and me
I wish you well
Oh, I wish you well
I wish you well

She wants to be set free
Wants the space to feel love and be angry
And I, I watch her bounce off the walls
While the chips, they start to fall
Then in a little while I see that distant smile returning
Just like a ghost in a dream that we had way back when
Then she'll turn and smile and say, come again

Oh, and in another year
The pain will disappear
We'll look back on this life as if it were a scene
Somebody wrote about you and me
Somebody made about you and me (I wish you well)

I cannot believe there's nothing left to save
Hard as a hammer she wants me
To come again and again (and in another year)
I'm down on my knees (the pain will disappear)
Won't you come again
Don't you need relief
Don't you need relief

And in another year
The pain will disappear
And I will look back on this life as if it were a scene
And in a little while
I'll see that distant smile returning
Just like back in the days when we were so naive
In a film somebody, somebody made
I wish you well (I wish you well)
Oh, I wish you well (I wish you well)
I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well

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Cochrane, Tom I Wish You Well Comments
  1. Two-tone Blue

    Thanks, Tom. Great tune.

  2. John Clites

    Years ago a girlfriend dumped me. This song captured my feelings exactly. Tom rocks, but also writes some damn good lyrics.

  3. Frank Baaske

    Einfach ein schöner Rock-Song!!Super!!

  4. candace mae villa-wendt

    sorry i miss doughless steven thill

  5. M. S.

    This song was so cathartic for me as I went through my WORST ... MOST INTENSE love affair.

  6. Russ Fleming

    Love u Camille.

  7. Ben R

    One of my fav feel good songs...

  8. Brett Henry

    Rest easy Leanne my angel

  9. marty miles

    a great rocker from a great canuck

    Carolann Cannuli-Denton

    Yeppers EH!!

  10. Two-tone Blue

    Thanks, Tom. Good song.

  11. mr biffy 2

    Nice song

  12. marty miles

    too bad the yankees don't get to listen to tom....fuck em. we have our guys, they get manudo

  13. du mc

    he whistles the wind

  14. marty miles

    underrated performer that us canucks get to enjoy at the loss of the americans.

  15. Ryan Miller

    Don't know why, as I know he was born in Winnipeg and I loved 25+ years in Lower Mainland, now I live in Alberta, where I am going with this is.......When I miss home (lower mainland) I listen to Tom as it brings me back home....feels like there is so much West Coast in his music....a real LEGEND in my eyes and in my heart!!!!!

  16. Amanda Huginkiss

    Love this song. Saw Tom in concert but his sound quit half way through this song and I was disappointed.

  17. MO-B D

    You might find a brighter day !!! But I doubt it :-))

  18. Penlite Fanfiction

    I love him!!!!! Timeless

  19. Bill W

    Makes me think of people you are there for, when they lacked confidence, not once but twice and the two times you fall down, they can't or just won't be there for you, even as are broken to them and even being a friend, is not an option. They apologize for treating you like a freak, then they go and then they go back and do the exact same thing. This, is about finally recognizing someone for who they truly are, like you cant be mad at a shark for being a shark if they attack you while swimming in their world, same can be said about people, you cant be mad at them, but you can cut them out of your life forever, like they are dead to you. You dont want anything bad to happen to them, but you never want to see or hear from them again...their apologies and begging for forgiveness...they never truly were sorry and they never truly wanted to be forgiven, they just wanted to convince themselves they werent or aren't a bad person...uh, yeah...if they say it enough times, like a lie, to them it can turn into the truth. Hell, animals get treated better...twice...chalk it up to another mistake that should've never happened...yeah, "He's a freak". If anyone has read this far, for some people having a seizure or are POS to them and in truth, though they won't admit it out loud, they want you to ask them for forgiveness for your flaws....they claim to having found God and still have this are there for them, literally, lift them up, when they were barely making a living and lacked the confidence to strike out on their own to cut their cost of living for them and their family, taking two steps back to go three steps forward, help them focus on and then believe, how smart and dynamic they still are, to go back to an industry they used to thrive, but the amount of years away from it, left them riddled with self-doubts, but do the 180 shuffle and you come to them for the same thing and its, did you say something? I'm sorry, I'm busy, I can't focus on your problems, you just need to overcome...fair enough, they got what they wanted from I said about sharks, you can't be mad at them for biting you, they're a shark, duh...that was no carbird seat I was writing about...I was sitting on an ejection seat. You have no idea about the concept of love...either as a lover or a friend. I don't know if you are a truly bad person or just bad at being human or a mix, narcissist light, you, you and your mom ...good luck and never, ever reach out to me again

  20. apersonthingy

    The road our old friend's cabin was on had the same name as the album. And it really was a ragged ass road. Wonder if this is where it got the name from..

    Christie Kraft

    It is a road in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

    Joshua Hern

    Chez I have seen that road before its ragged 😉

  21. Adam Wilson

    great song

  22. Jenn

    I love this song and to you all I wish you well!:).

    Maple Leaf

    Wishing you well too!

    Carolann Cannuli-Denton

    Same here!!

  23. John Fahlman

    Tom Cochrane is a Canadian treasure.

  24. Brandon Leger

    This song was Number one in Canada the day I was born. Perfect song for it!


    Around the time I started regularly watching the Muchmusic Countdown, it was #1.

  25. clam502

    I wish you well Kyla!

  26. northrockboy

    tom Cochrane knocks em out of the park - hit after hit

  27. Patty Pratt

    OH MY MY BABY ....... I wish you well xxxxxxxxxxx

  28. larry derksen

    good lyrics ,time wounds all heals!

  29. Cambro64

    There was a pretty good vid for this song but I can never find it...great song from a great album from a great singer/song writer...Tom is Canadiana at it's very best.

    Peter Cotant

    Richard Cameron 0

    Peter Cotant

    Richard Cameron OP kip


    so funny my brother's name is Rick Cameron!


    I love Tom and just came across this song

  30. ryan kreml

    His stuff is 99 great

  31. Carlos Serrano

    Beautiful, Amazing, Magnificent

  32. HybridProjectAlpha

    this whole album is great

  33. Brad Holtby

    "Hot as a hammer she wants me" ... Classic! Love this song.

  34. Rafael Maia

    fuckin hit !!!!! great song !!!!

  35. valar

    And in another year...yeah.

  36. Cambro64

    He p[layed an industry gig here in Ottawa and I was lucky enough not only to meet him but to have a chat, I discussed Pablo Neruda with him (I read his work after hearing Tom talk about him). He was kind, generous and a true Canadian. Still digging him after all these years (after hearing "Don't Fight It" when it first got radio play).

  37. Cambro64

    What happenned to the official vid for this amazing song?

  38. Mitch Berg

    Why choose?

    I've got Cochrane and Springsteen next to each other in my rotation. It works.

  39. Maple Leaf

    Saw him back in his Red Rider days in Calgary - great musician.

  40. masterkush420

    bruce sucks who the fuck made him the boss america sucks from bc canada!!!!

    andrea eady

    I agree! Calls himself ‘The Boss’ Didn’t he leave his wife for a back up singer? Tom is much classier & better music by far

  41. aerolyn johnson

    I watched the Junos' last night and he got Humanitarian of the year award. As talented as he is he never let it all go to his head. He is a wonderful man you can tell by just listening to him speak and in his music. He has so much talent to brag about but doesn't. Very likeable and humble.

  42. jtsnowman66

    Not to mention he has a thousand times the vocal talent that Bruce has, LOL.

  43. brainiation

    Tom does get the respect he deserves from all his truly devoted fans. He didn't gain he popularity of many lesser U.S. musicians, but he is loved in his home country of Canada. I'm glad that Tom & Red Rider survived "Breaking Curfew" and went on to perform more great songs in the albums that followed.

  44. Dave Smith

    R.I.P. John my brother

  45. Ian Scott

    I hear you.. Not "one of" for me, but "THE biggest..." sigh.. and it's been just about exactly a year...

  46. earl maloney

    Ya he doesnt grab his nuts or scratch a record backwards...its R&R

  47. shatsbassoon29

    clas·sic (klsk)
    a. Belonging to the highest rank or class.
    b. Serving as the established model or standard: a classic example of colonial architecture.
    c. Having lasting significance or worth; enduring.

  48. T G Durdle

    @barbarossa971 Helped me get over one of the biggest loves in my life. I hear this song now and absolutely smile at the thought of my ex and do nothing but...wish him well...truly. TC is THE man!

  49. T G Durdle

    I have seen him countless times and he is a true artist in every sense of the word. and humble to boot. One of my all time favourites to toe tap to.

  50. Merrissa Pearce

    Love Tom...what an artist!!

  51. clam502

    I still wish you well Melissa.

  52. Alex Boric

    I would say Bruce Springsteen is the American Tom Cochrain. Tom deserves way mor recognition and respect then he got. He is just simply Brilliant, hands down.

  53. barbarossa971

    Favorite Cochrane songs of all time!

  54. WineSippingCowboy

    @Shanoah15 The problem is that the American record companies are too picky about Canadians. Gordon Lightfoot performed on the same stage when Bob Dylan went electric. Bryan Adams had the advantage of writing for popular American musicians and that he lived in the Vancouver area So both musicians got head starts.

    Carolann Cannuli-Denton

    I saw Bryan Adams's house in Vancouver along the shore line..Salmon pinkish colour..quite nice..watched the pool guys doing their job maintaining..just passing by the side of the road..

  55. skaterbro

    This was our grade 12 grad song...

    Carolann Cannuli-Denton

    That's wonderful!! AWW!!

  56. twj974

    shout out to my friend lisa, wish you well.

  57. alanna smith

    such a canadian classic, will never die...thanks Tom

  58. antytilda

    Another great Tom Cochrane song. Don't pass up the chance to see him and concert!!

    Carol Rochon

    Tom Cochrane is our Canadian Classic Leader of music !!!💗💗💗

  59. cheeksocal

    god bless TC!!!

  60. Conrad Noble

    Under rated singer songwriter - love the lyrics, one of my all time favourites.

  61. Dean Carle

    Should have been TOP CANADIAN SINGER of his time! not enough credit given to Canadian content!!!!

  62. J Keddy

    @JrockOnt I agree. Although, there will never be another Bruce Springsteen! But, in terms of songwriting ability and musical style I think he is up there with the BOSS for sure.

  63. clay more

    Tom's a fantastic singer and songwriter. The definition of "integrity". This is his best album. No insult intended, but I don't get Bruce's popularity. Most of his stuff I can't listen to.

    andrea eady

    I agree! Tom is waaayyyyyy better in my opinion.

  64. Josh Thomas

    @KISSANIMALIZE No, Bruce is special. Nobody can match "The Boss". This song is great though.

  65. Peter Webb

    I love his music!

  66. L Jasper

    @r3n3gade420 you are so right. (:

  67. Rafael Kaštrović

    the best part of this song 2:43

  68. AjaxEddiefan

    @WashICH1 Same thing with "Ain't Gonna Crawl" Can't understand why it's not up. I'm no computer whiz, or I'd upload it!

  69. melissa berndt

    i wish you well :)

  70. L Jasper

    If he has so much respect for us Canadian's--why did he wait till 11:55pm to come on stage at a show starting at 7pm...BS!! New Yrs to boot...Edmonton @ Reds..very disappointing...VERY.

  71. dumb boyiam

    This album and single did nothing in the US, though the single is listed on Billboard's "Bubbling Under the Hot 100" chart.

  72. YunG Explosive

    tom has made a lot of good music .

  73. AjaxEddiefan

    We wish you well too Tom.

  74. AjaxEddiefan

    On 2nd thought, I think it's another brand of axe that looks like a 6120.

  75. AjaxEddiefan

    Tommy plays a Gretsch 6120...just like my man, Eddie Cochran.

  76. Shanoah15

    i agree this guy never got the respect he deserves

  77. Lowing music

    would more say tom petty than bruce thou...

  78. keith bekkattla


  79. Tayler Levac


  80. capeboss

    love this song