Cochrane, Tom - Human Race Lyrics

I can see it on the road ahead
Running hard, I'm here
But I could be there instead

Many houses with the lights on
Silhouettes behind the shades beside fires
I'm sure that I saw you in one

I loved you but that was way back then
Now I'm alone outside and I face the wind
The rain washes me thin

Knocked me down but I got back up
And I got myself back in the race again
Knock me down, and I'll get back up
And I'll get myself back in the race again

Race through the shadows, race against stone
The sunken city I thought was my own
Might be in a brave new world
But it's really not my home

Roll over, fall in, "My god" I screamed
They might catch them, but they won't catch me
I'm out here clean, and I'm free
Yes, I'm free

Knocked me down but I got back up
And I got myself back in the race again
Knock me down, and I'll get back up
And I'll get myself back in the race again

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Cochrane, Tom Human Race Comments
  1. Sam Pelczarski

    One of my favorite songs ever. No matter how many years go by when I hear it it sounds awesome. That driving bass! Damn!

  2. Scott Kaye

    Why wasn't this song huge!!!??

  3. Ashley Carr

    This is a great cruising song....

  4. Bg Labelle

    Going to their concert Dec. 5 2019 in Windsor! :)

  5. Randy Peddle

    Red rider is the best

  6. browneyeddevil 15

    Why the he’ll don’t they play the songs off this album on the radio!!! All you hear is lunatic fringe! 😡

  7. Hip-Hop Happens

    just heard this song for the first time today!

  8. johnny zell

    I can see it on the road ahead
    Running hard I'm here
    But I could be there instead
    Many houses with the lights on
    Silhouettes behind the shades
    Beside fires
    I'm sure that I saw you in one
    I loved you but
    That was way back then
    Now I'm alone outside
    I face the wind
    The rain washes me thin
    Knocked me down and I got back up
    I got myself back in the race again
    Knock me down and I'll get back up
    And I'll get myself
    Back in the race again
    Race through the shadows
    Race against stone
    The sunken city
    I thought was my own
    Might be in a brave new world
    But it's not my home
    Roll over fall in
    'My God', I screamed
    They might catch them
    They won't catch me
    I'm out here clean
    I'm free, I'm free
    Knocked me down and I got back up
    And I got myself
    Back in the race again
    Knock me down and I'll get back up
    And I'll get myself
    Back in the race again

  9. Sean GaGnon

    Knock me down but I got back up and I got myself back in the race #ME

  10. christiane stamm

    Great song.

  11. Hermano de Jesús

    I want more.....

  12. Jimmy Lewis

    This song brings back so many memories. To be young again.

  13. 6stringgunner

    I want to go back to the 80's. Anyone else going?

  14. Gerald Crait

    Knock me down and ill get bak up and i put myself bak in the race again ......manitoba proud

  15. Alex Mustata

    This songs gives me life. Im 17, still got so many years to go.

  16. Kenneth Morrison 1

    My all Time Fave Red Rider song!

  17. Reg Rock

    Kenny Greer is so criminally underrated it’s mind boggling. He’s laid down some of the best guitar and lap steel parts in history bar none.

  18. jaytotheell

    why are there gunshots at the end?


    @Alex Mustata the ending is great. i like to think of them as gunshots and i don't know why. i'm not a violent person nor are there anything in the lyrics to suggest using a gun. i should start perceiving it as thunder.

    Alex Mustata

    @jaytotheell great end to a great song. Sometimes music makes us think in unusual ways, i know i find myself listening to a great song and daydreaming or thinking about random things occasionally


    @Alex Mustata yes. music is a miracle. my bro was a bass player. he had alot of band members down in the basement while i was growing up. my parents had the stereo on all the time. i grew up hearing music from the 40's on. i was blessed to be in that family.

    Alex Mustata

    @jaytotheell cool im only 17, but luckily i was raised on good old rock. Canadian rock certainly remains one of my favourite genres.. Red rider, april wine, loverboy, helix, kim mitchell etc certainly some of the most underrated and best music ever.


    @Alex Mustata it's funny how young peoplesuch as yourself say this music you mention is underrated. this is not your fault. radio stations play some of that music, but not much anymore. i can tell you that none of those bands are underrated. they were huge in their day. listen to some Burton Cummings and The Guess Who. now that was rock. "got my own way to rock" by burton is awesome.

  19. KermisVoyager1997

    1980's music are far more superior than 2010's music.

  20. Janice Howard

    Amazing song.  Everytime I think of the top bests song this one always comes to me

  21. Kim Jones

    Love this song..Soo Canadian

  22. 77777funguy

    one of the best tunes ever

  23. S j S

    Единственный путний альбом у RR,но какой!

  24. mateo dlw

    ok ok Im discovering this band, and think I gonna fall in love.

  25. y u hating on me what did I do to u

    Font know if i can ho true this. I cant take it anymore.

  26. Tyler Marchycha

    Black sabbath forever shared a red rider song, 100 % black sabbath is red rider confirmed


    what? i don't get what you mean.

  27. David Smith

    Killer driving bass line, song wouldn't be the 1/10 as good without it.

  28. Sheila Garson

    Awesome, awesome Tom Cohcrane & Red Ryder!!!

  29. John GTA

    nice song- it reminds me of chris deburgh- check his songs

  30. Joseph Marshall

    Still have this album on vinyl.


    i still have all my albums on vinyl!

  31. M worr

    Brings back memories of my seemingly uncomplicated Youth....

  32. jeffrey pierce

    no such thing as the human's the human species...race is a sub category.


    Yea, try singing it that way! Btw, it's a metaphor for the struggle, man.

    Dick Head

    Yeah, you fucking idiot

  33. shawn reynolds

    Wicked tune!!!

  34. Windsor Wiarton

    Still got it, 34 years on - that voice, priceless...

  35. jingle jazz

    great Canadian band, tom Cochrane, still is great.

  36. Ran B

    Great motivation song Red Rider

  37. Edward Miller


  38. Lee Olson

    Loved these guys. Stopped listening after this album when it seemed they went disco. Many years later I forgive them and have been listening to them a lot lately.

    Dick Head

    They never went disco dipshit, they went "dated 1980's synthpop with an edge"

  39. Shawn Floyd

    One badass tune!!

  40. Cathy Turner

    had the chance to meet him and his daughter in Oshawa......What a man.....Love him....This tune cranked in my mustang with the top down on a beautiful country road....Living in the country should be for everyone....

  41. Todd Schneck

    Wicked bass line! Ian Hill-like!

  42. Todd Schneck

    Bring back the '80's please!

    Clyde W. Lopez

    Todd Schneck yes!!

  43. Todd Schneck

    Great Band! They remind me a bit of Midnight Oil!

  44. Krysten55

    I love the music and the feel of this song!

  45. bob wach

    too many commercials ruin it for me

  46. ConvictedAshes

    Most people say Life Is A Highway is the best Red Rider song but I say Human Race is!.

    Brian Botterweck

    I may go Breakaway, or Good Times. White Hot....all good stuff.

    Geoff Edwards

    Human Race I like better than Life Is A Highway.


    idiots. half of you have no idea what youre talking about.

    Spliff Man

    Year later still is..!!!

    Andrew Murray

    Lunatic fringe is good too

  47. Tammy Lowe

    the race for everlasting life john 17 verse 3

  48. Nocturnal Shadows

    best cruising song

    Tony severy

    you said it all.

    Cathy Turner

    especially in my mustang with the top down

    Corrine Vermette

    At night on the Trans Canada Highway...I loved it.

  49. Geoff Edwards

    Love this song,. No doubt a favorite Red Rider tune. Tom Cochrane and Red Rider rock. Great Canadian music that I always love listening to. Love tunes by Canadian singers/groups.

    paul pouler

    i'm a conuk

  50. Miguel Fragoso

    please check out my you tube channel and subscribe if you like it

  51. Kenneth Echeverri

    I can't believe I finally figured out who did this song I've been trying to figure this all out for 34 years no lie thanks to modern technology and the internet I found it amazing lyrics amazing song

  52. Tim G.

    Canadian music was so much more before Justin B.


    Yep. And Rush was the best.

    Flat Feelings

    yeah LIKE BTO

    Creekchaser 911

    The Guess Who were great :)

    Dick Head

    Why does everybody hate on Justin Bieber? He hasn't been on the charts in fucking years. He's not even ruining music or Canadian music. That's your own faulty, fucked up miserable mindsets doing that. Listen to the song and quit fucking bitching and moaning like fucking retreads!

  53. TheRatesMusic

    When I was 15 I was out dirt bike riding on a Saturday morning. I came across a spot where a camp fire had been the night before, a bush party as we called them.  I found 2 bottles of still cool Molson Canadian and a cassette tape of Neruda lying in the dirt.  That is how I discovered Red Rider.

    check our cover of Human Race just here


    +tobagotb10 Hey its a small world


    @***** speaking of heat, 37c here today, 80% humidity.  I hate February.


    +tobagotb10 Well it snowed once in December, but in couple hours it went away.

    Soraya Mangal

    WOW - that is magical

    John Boy

    It was meant to be.........

  54. BOC4ALL

    Maybe only the 2nd time I've heard this. Never knew what the title was.

  55. Darrell Marsh

    I used to see Tom Cochrane quite a bit because his wife played bingo at the bingo hall that I worked at through highschool. He's a very humble, decent guy. I told him that this was my favourite song by him and he seemed genuinely appreciative.

  56. Metemi

    Might be a brave new world, but it's really not my home.

  57. thefinalsolutionall

    Good hustle boys.

  58. RenataSzijj

    Every Word of this song is my anthem...This song has carried me through some rough times, as I carried myself out of hell..

    T Orrent

    Cowboys In Hong Kong for me. I'm a transplanted Canadian, living in Taiwan for over a decade, in Asia for 15+.

    Chris Montgomery

    @T Orrent Also an amazing track.

    Jimmy Lewis

    About anyone can relate to this song.

  59. kajazz95

    awesome music.  the 80's blow the hell out of that crap they listen to today.


    Some of the 80's stuff. Most of the hair bands blew. The bands from the 70's that were still going strong into the 80's rocked.

    Bill Evans

    Very well said and if i may i would like to echo the sentiment as i grew up in the same times and wouldnt change a thing

    Bill Evans

    That's where you are wrong friend.... every time i close my eyes and listen to some songs from the 80's they come right back..... after all, in the end memories are all we are left with..... when all the friends, money, parties, booze and dope are gone we still have the memories :)

    Devin Gardipe

    Only if you decide to be deaf, dumb, and blind is that statement true.


    @BOC4ALL Most of the hair bands blew? What are you nuts? Half of them still play today and sound just as good if not better.

  60. dadadruma Marcopoulos

    Amen My friend!!! I love all the iconic legends of rock but when I hear staples such as You Shook Me All Night Long, Bohemian Rhapsody, Rock You Like A Hurricane 3 times in an afternoon I want to effn yack. Pathetic that songs like this that did get great airplay in 83, would of fallen on deaf ears nowadays. I guess Corporate Radio gets stiffies over the ilk of Justina Bieber LOL

  61. ToKeNhI

    Dont forget the Northern Pikes

  62. sean thorton

    You guys are forgetting the creme de la creme, Streetheart,Trooper and Platinum Blonde.

  63. Andrew Tucker

    Right place, right time.

  64. NBRS01

    Always get back up and get in the game again.

  65. Heroey Poeta

    The Future Is Never Here . Im Almost There . Im A Human

  66. Heroey Poeta

    The Future Is Never Here. Im Almost There. Can Not Turn Back.

  67. Mark Thompson

    Best bass line in Rock 'n Roll history. There I said it. Deal with it.

  68. Otto Lund

    abeldanger net

  69. MrCarl220

    All great bands!

  70. Marc David

    Nice one isn't. It's one of my fav too :D

  71. Xavier Gutierrez

    ...Voivod, Annihilator, Subhumans (B.C. punk), Killer Dwarves and Triumph, I'm sure their ton's more I've never heard. It's always best to visit. They have 'mad' talented musicians up there.

  72. terrance217

    For me better with Light in the tunnel as the intro.

  73. SuperJayBuck

    to my sis with the big heart love you with all my heart<3

  74. ell doctair

    love this song .

  75. Allen travis

    this is like a 80s theme montage. fucking love it man

  76. joao portugal

    love it..

  77. Keltorz88

    locked in

  78. archie977

    this song totaly kicks ass thnx for posting

  79. clam502

    @IMadeThisForRock What are you talking about? Tom is still rocking! lol

  80. Cheessa

    My favorite Red Rider tune. It's great.

  81. Rsett10

    Lovin this shit

  82. skidoofever

    think you youtube for giving us justin bieber!! youtube can suck my left nut!!!!

  83. chaseman12

    great tune. he's so good live

  84. BigRedChester

    not too bad, i like it

  85. kev dun

    i loved this song back then. thanks for posting.

  86. CollectorOfMusic

    havent heard this tune, i fogotten gem

  87. guinnesstrail

    Radiohead's Street Spirit bears a striking resemblance to Human Race.

  88. cfmagal

    Great song by this band fronted by singer Tom Cochrane.

  89. Sniwolf

    blacksabbath4ever i think your fit
    i like muffins
    and i like this song

  90. dadadruma Marcopoulos

    thank you blacksabbath4ever
    thank you youtube

  91. themonctonstrangler

    sure is hella fun though.

  92. BlackSabbath4Ever

    I had to steer, trying to navigate a caprice while wired outta your mind ain't too easy