Cochrane, Tom - Dreamer's Dream Lyrics

If I was a sailor man
If I was lost at sea
I'd see your light shining there
Off the rocks, off the sand
That would be all that I'd see

And if I was the king of the world
With all the world to set free
You'd be the one there to force my hand
To make a stand
Give me that sweet release

Those are the dreams that a...
A dreamer dreams
Those are the dreams that he dreams
Fill you up so high so high
You wouldn't come down
Those are the dreamer's dreams

If I could see in you
All the things you want me to
And if I could walk a mile in your shoes
An old cliche, anyway
But if you could just do the same
There's nothing we couldn't do

Surround you with a light so bright
You wouldn't come down
Surround you with a silver crown
Fill you up so high so high
You wouldn't come down
Those are the dreamer's dreams

Those are the dreams that a...
A dreamer dreams
Those are the dreams that he dreams
Fill you up so high so high
You wouldn't come down
Those are the dreamer's dreams

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Cochrane, Tom Dreamer's Dream Comments
  1. Laura Mac Lean

    I'll get lost with you 💋 🖤 ... Canada xoxo.. .🇨🇦

  2. Jim T.

    This is one of my favorites next to Wish You Well

  3. Steve Ryan

    Great tune.

  4. d martin-williams


  5. ericswain70

    ....hoping for a better tomorrow..the music helps..

  6. Dave Shevchuk

    Love to meet this guy someday and say Life is a highway Thanks for your music I've listened to it from East to West

  7. Rae Zola

    we love you Tom !!!xx hugs

  8. MO-B D

    Canadiana poetry extrordinair

  9. Richard whiteman

    sinking like a sunset

    Richard whiteman

    miss the kid

  10. Richard whiteman

    always loved his music, went to a couple concerts, always be a favorite

  11. taylore macintyre

    I could listen to this song all day!

  12. taylore macintyre

    Tom, I never get tired of listening to your music. It really touches my soul. I relate to your music so much. You are my all time favorite artist. I can listen to your tunes over and over and never get tired of listening to your voice and lyrics. You rock babe! You are a Canadien legend. Flowers in the concrete is such a beautiful song. It really shows your character. You're an awesome individual Tom. Much love! XOXOXOXO!

  13. taylore macintyre

    Tom Cochrane is truly original. I can't find the song Flowers in the concrete on youtube. It is a song about the discarded homeless and prostitutes that have been forgotten and thrown away by society. We need to love these people. We have no idea what caused them to take the path that there on. Please keep them in your prayers, it will make a difference. Bless others and be blessed!

  14. Robert Tomah

    wow' awesome song

  15. Richard whiteman

    if I could walk a mile in your shoes

  16. Cathy Buchanan

    This song stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it....still does. So real.

  17. Barry Chadwick

    Truly one of Canada's greatest artist.

  18. 57truckz

    This is Absolutely Amazinggg!!!  Thank you Tom for all the Great music!

  19. Margaret Publicover

    Fantastic song, love the lyrics.

  20. zellar

    great version of "Bird on A Wire" give that one a listen!!

  21. zellar

    Big Fan! Won a contest on much music years ago...won a poster /cassette/ and T-shirt.....He lives in Oakville Ontario about 15 minutes from me!! Great guy!!

    Rae Zola

    tell him he still has a lot of fans and we love him and his song s bless him

  22. Donald Bromwell

    Listen to "Tom Cochrane and Red Rider" from 1986. Best rock album ever, in my opinion.

  23. clay more

    I think this is by far his best album although I haven't heard much of his Red Rider stuff. It's an amazingly candid and revealing glimpse into his life at the time. A lot of pain and anger. I think he and his wife reconciled afterward. I was glad to hear that.

  24. Ja K eL

    my dad listen to Tom Cochrane when i was kid...when he picked me up from my moms...these songs make me think of how great a child hood i had cuz of them...and i feel lucky to have what i had

  25. RedWolfOnAWire

    It's too bad many world leaders don't have such dreams.

  26. deskyl

    same 4 me...this mans songs keeps me going when times 4 the toughest

  27. The Space Koalas

    I wish I could meet him one day just to thank him for all his talent & to tell him how his songs saved my life

    Richard whiteman

    mine too

  28. Shanoah15

    damn awesome song one of the most under rated songwriters ever

  29. EastCoastCanada

    It's 3:30am and I'm hearing this song again for the first time in probably 10 years.

    So many good times in my life can be recalled with the right song...and just like all of Tom's songs, this one brings back only great memories for me. I hope everyone has the chance in their life to be touched by music the same way Cochrane's music has touched mine.

  30. majikpaige

    I will never forget this song. My dad sang it to me when I was a little girl. Makes me wish I was a kid again every time I hear it.

  31. laughing4younce

    Yup, brings tears to my eyes every time. Doesn't get much better than this. Tom is an amazing songwriter, so many gems.

  32. laughing4younce

    Oh yeah, and thankyou so much for posting this song!

  33. laughing4younce

    Oh so many memories with this song... makes my heart ache... So much story for me. Beautiful.