Cochrane, Tom - Can't Turn Back Lyrics

Knew he was a misfit since the age of seventeen
He had to do it his way they said, he should be quarantined
Looking to the East, and looking to the West
Looking for the courage, to see which way was the best

Cause you can't turn back (can't turn back) - oh, no

Look out on his right, he would look out on his left
He would look out in the distance, where he could see the wilderness
When the thunderhead approached, he would pull off to the side
And when the sun would break through, he would get back out and ride

Cause you can't turn back (can't turn back) - oh, no
No, you can't turn back (can't turn back) - oh, no

You can try to see the forest for the trees, the wind storm for the breeze
No one ever said that it would be that easy
You make your way through the debris, stand up for your beliefs
Even though the world might say you're crazy

Always had the feeling he would get out alive
But the more that he sees of it, then the less he fantasized
Though he lost a bit of freedom, he had traded it for love
You know he'd fight for it if that push came to shove

Cause you can't turn back (can't turn back) - oh, no
No, you can't turn back (can't turn back) - oh, no
No, you can't turn back (can't turn back) - oh, no...

Stand back!

No, you can't turn back (can't turn back) - oh, no
No, you can't turn back (can't turn back) - oh, no
No, you can't turn back (can't turn back) - oh, no
No, you can't turn back (can't turn back)
Stand up (can't turn back)
Stand up, stand up (can't turn back)
Oh, no...

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Cochrane, Tom Can't Turn Back Comments
  1. gluserty

    My man Tubbs got messed with in that 'Tale of the Goat' episode, but he held on and got the job done, as Tubbs did:-).

  2. J RTB

    Opening part is EPIC, super song

  3. Shane Sotelo

    RIP Leilani Sotelo



  5. Lord Bison

    I remember watching The Miami Vice episode: "Tale of The Goat" when it 1st ran in 1985. This song was playing during a Voodoo Ritual Scene.
    I was in High School. Damn! The 80's was Cool!

  6. amanda davis

    No, No Legba!!

    Lord Bison

    amanda davis - The Futile Begging Of Sylvio Romulus!

  7. Shane Sotelo

    Support 81 (Rocky)

  8. will bernier

    awesome song!

  9. Daniel Rot

    the good all times red Rider thanks for the great and ultimate memories,,,,Daniel Rot

  10. bucky468

    "Neruda" defines 80's AOR. What saddens me is that all modern day American classic rock radio remembers from RR is "Lunatic Fringe". Those same stations won't even re-explore "Neruda". I know Canadian rock radio plays more than just "Lunatic Fringe".

    Large Pizza

    bucky468 Blue Rodeo

  11. Kiara Scott

    good song

  12. Disc Jockey

    Another great Red Rider tune that enhanced the Miami Vice TV series.

  13. Susie Haskell

    pretty awesome music,known this since 1990

  14. Geoff Edwards

    Love this Red Rider song.

  15. ufofan1980

    and the first?

  16. Shane Sotelo

    i love this song. can't turn back

  17. tyme4mike

    Red Rider's album, Neruda, was, and still is, one of the greatest musical mindfuck trips one can go on. When it first came out, I smoked a large chunk of black Kashmiri hashish laced with opium and put this album on my system and cranked it over my Bose 901s (600 watts unlimited). The lyrics are almost too perfect to comprehend. From what my buddies tell me, I just kept playing it over and over and I was so fried that when one of them tried to change the album I threatened to kill him.

    J E E P

    Friendless fuck. What makes you think that ANYONE gives a fuck about your antics, loser?

    Large Pizza

    tyme4mike Your the fuccin man Mike !

    Large Pizza

    CZECH MATE Fuck the czech cant even sustian a country pos women beaters.

  18. Jerome Walker

    Second best Rider song.

  19. aimzeeee

    i was 11 when mad mad world came out. and fell in love with the cassette, i played it soo much. i found victory day in zellers and literally begged my grandma to buy it for me ..while everyone of my friends was listening to house of pain and stuff i'm rocking out to red rider on.. hoping i can download to my ipod:D

  20. 43Aquaman

    @stevewm1963 That's a bogus statement dude. What is "failure" exactly? I'm sure they're very proud of their hard work as are thousands of fans. Are they living in mansions in Beverly Hills? No. But I bet they have no regrets. Pick your words more carefully.

  21. Tim G.

    Tom is Cancon royalty. Just going through 5 hrs of his stuff. Outstanding Canadian talent. I think he did ok in the US.

  22. zombiemontage

    @bucky468 prog wave

  23. aimzeeee

    i was 12 when i listened to life is a highway, begged my mom to buy me the mad mad world tape .. then got my grandma to buy all these tapes hahaha i wish i still had them..

  24. dave friedman

    Thanks for posting this song. Haven't heard this for ages.

  25. Shane Inkster

    "Space. The Final Frontier....thies are the voyeges of the strship Red Rider..its 5000000 year mition to expor strange new genres...& to seek out new song from new sivulivesatins......& to boldley rock out like no man has rock'ed out befor"

  26. Brandon Verdu

    Thanks for posting this great song. Neruda is an undiscovered masterpiece but I always say ' If the critiques love it, I hate it '

  27. Shane Inkster

    to me it reminds me of the star trek theme withe the synthsizers

  28. George Stickle

    Reminds me of the "Miami Vice" episode where Ricardo Tubbs is turned into a zombie by Clarence Williams III (playing some character named Legba).

  29. pssthpok

    Good to see these old Red Rider songs. By all rights they should be wildly popular, but I guess I will have to settle for hoping that those who stumble across them appreciate what they've found.