Cochrane, Tom - Avenue A Lyrics

You want to be an actress
And step down on the stage
You are going to the school juliard
To learn how to strut so high and proud
Make me stand up and notice
That you are not afraid
I believe in you
And I believe you'll have it made
I cut out my heart
And nail it away
Save it for your summer holiday
You'll forget about me
When your name is on the marquee
And the rich boys come out to play
Upon Avenue "A"
You've got your reasons
And I've got mine
I'll nail your cards and letter on the wall
To remind me that you are still out there

Because I won't know the girl on the screen at all
Cut out my heart
And nail it away
And save it for your summer holiday
You'll forget about me
When your name is on the marquee
And your up on Avenue "A"
Cut out my heart
And nail it away
And save it for your summer holiday
Teach them how to laugh and feel
When they put you to the test
For there is something special in you
That you must express
Don't forget about me
When your name is on the marquee
And the rich men come to stay
Up on Avenue "A"
Up on Avenue "A"

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Cochrane, Tom Avenue A Comments
  1. David Meyers

    Timeless. I like Mr. Charin.

  2. Alex Mustata

    Amazing ballad what a debut

  3. Richard whiteman

    think you got the only only one

  4. Richard whiteman

    you got your reasons and i got mine

  5. Michael New

    Makes me cry every time I hear it.

    Alex Mustata

    I love love songs and ballads. This one is the only one which makes me tear up.

  6. Larry Smith

    For my daughter.

  7. wayne campbell

  8. Thompson Touchstone

    By far, an incredible song.

  9. rad dad

    Damn!!! Now this is good music..... Tommy had it going on!! So many great RedRider songs...

  10. Nor Man

    One of my favourite Red Rider tunes, and yes the Symphony Sessions version is even better.  I have purchased Symphony Sessions on CD 3 times, worn out once, thought it was lost the 2nd time.  Sure wish I could've been there for the concert.  Does anyone know if there is any video footage of the 1st or 2nd Symphony Sessions?

  11. iblockpuncheswithmyface

    He made his best music with Red Rider. His solo stuff I can't really listen to.

    Michael New

    I agree. Much better with RR.

  12. Ryan Baehl

    I always wonder if there was a lot to read on the packaging of the album (vynil)

  13. Sal Frank

    wow, what memories

  14. Bill Cornaire

    Thanks ian..for your reply it was greatly appreciated have a wonderful day and try not to use your head as a clay pigeon today

  15. ThatguywiththeAegis

    cant think of a mature or organized reply
    fuck you, mate

  16. Ray Berube

    @Dangurt Yes very nice song for sure.

  17. ufofan1980

    I was enjoying this song so much I bit my tongue on accident!

  18. Joe Wood

    To this day, Tom Cochrane still sings this during his live performances. Timeless music!

  19. Karl Sucholotosky

    I have the CD. And I was there back on the second night back in 1989 at the Jubilee Auditorium. A Friday night and it was excellent show and venue. Sweet memories.

    Jeffrey Lange

    I had it on vinyl

  20. 09is4me

    An album called "Tom Cochrane & Red Rider The Symphony Sessions" with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. Quite rare. Best version of this song and many other Red Rider greats in my opinion.

  21. OrgasmicPotatoe

    Just discovered this band with What Have You Got To Do minutes ago. Really great band !!

  22. Adam Theberge

    anyone have a "live" version of this ??

    brenda mabaso

    Check out the live show with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

  23. gartner10112

    THNX SO MUCH FOR THE UPLOAD! favourite red rider song!!

  24. david wright

    @trask12 one of many many many great tom cochrane tunes!!!

  25. Joe Wood

    The band played this classic when I saw them at a local fair in September. Long live Red Rider!

  26. OronOfMontreal

    Bless you and Darcy, for having good taste, and just because.

  27. Dean Peterson

    You are not afraid - I believe you'll have it made!

  28. Clanton Parkin

    This song was featured in the movie made about Terry Fox a few years back. It was the part of the Movie where Terry and a young bald kid with cancer go swimming together. A tear jerker but the song is very fitting for that scene.

  29. Sprucegrove123

    Kimbo I couldn't agree with you more! Some of the best music.

  30. kimbo limbo

    I loved being a teenager in the 80'S. Good memories.

  31. westlod

    by far the best red rider song

  32. Adam Theberge

    One of my fav's of all time, thanks Tom

  33. miss mabel

    Very nice. I love the symphony sessions version, where it's a bit more stripped down.

  34. kimbo limbo

    This is a great song. Reminds me of my teenage years.