Clark, Terri - When Boy Meets Girl Lyrics

First, it's baseball, arcades in the mall
Skipping out of study hall to hang with the guys
Then, it's fast cars, rock and roll guitars
Lighting up behind the barn and not knowing why

But his life is about to change
He's never gonna be the same
And he'll be living in a different world
When boy meets girl

One smile, one look - he's nearly on the hook
Got it bad and feeling good all over inside
He ain't got a clue what he's going through
But he's going to - just give him time

'Cause his life is about to change
He's never gonna be the same
He'll be living in a diffferent world
When boy meets girl

He never polished his boots before
Never thought about what he wore
Never knew he could feel like that
Now there ain't no way he can ever go back

Oh yeah, his life is about to change
He ain't never gonna be the same
And he'll be living in a different world
When boy meets girl

His life is about to change
He ain't never gonna be the same
He'll be living in a different world
When boy meets girl....

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Clark, Terri When Boy Meets Girl Comments
  1. Toni House

    How true.

    Dave Richardson

    2.10 is the best part in this video

  2. Albert Hartje

    One of the most Gorgeous Young Ladies in country music. I’ve been to two of her concerts and boy can she put on a show. Love her and her music. ❤️🌹

    Dave Richardson

    Best part of this video is 2.10

  3. Aaron Hofer

    That song give me tickles awsom

    Dave Richardson

    2.10 is the best part of the video

  4. billy sagoo

    Thanks for your social life she is attractive pretty sure boy's are love your music you are full of talented singer UK supber ❤

    Dave Richardson

    2.10 is the best part of the video

  5. Eric Ericson

    If I ever heard an uplifting, energizing, and all-around amazing song this is it!

    Dave Richardson

    2.10 is my favorite part of the video

  6. Brandon Koch

    Yup you can say that again,

  7. Brandon Koch

    Decade to my girlfriend clrissa laub

  8. Brandon Koch

    Decade to mygirlfreind clrissa laub wherever your at

  9. Johannah Stanley

    Hjijhd oxocrk

  10. Angela Jackson


    Dave Richardson

    2.10 is the best part of the video

    Dave Richardson

    Terri got a booty at 2.10

    Dave Richardson

    It's no wonder the guys stared at her when she walked by them

  11. Johannah Stanley

    Hgnofmog. Iuzzzeha ipppligjk!okpkokoebkvhsnj. Nvuthlbkt

    Johannah Stanley

    Dad. Mom

  12. Johannah Stanley


  13. Johannah Stanley


  14. Johannah Stanley

    Pop Pop and a few of them are on our way for the day I was. Jjlqm
    Name and address for the party? Jsjoamlamkkmejsmkw

  15. Brandi Lester


    Dave Richardson

    2.10 explains why the boys were starting at her while she walked passed em 😋

  16. Tariqqo Omari

    Nothing sexier than a country girl

    Dave Richardson

    2.10 is the best part of this video dont u think ? Nice booty huh ?

    Dave Richardson

    She has a nice butt

  17. Nate Faust

    I would love to meet her in person, she is gorgeous and very tall too, over 6 feet tall, I'm 6'6 so that's ok. She needs a tall guy anyway. I bet she probably gets hit on more then a pinata on Cinco de Mayo.

    Dave Richardson

    2.10 is the best part of this video dont u think ? What a booty huh ?

    Nate Faust

    Terri is smoking hot. Any guy that meets a lady like Terri is very lucky and fortunate to have a lady like her in their life. That would be a dream come true. I really would love to meet Terri in real life and get to know her too. To find out what she's really like.

  18. Emma Bateman

    Great song, buddy. This also goes for Better Things to Do, Everytime I Cry, Girls Lie Too, Dirty Girl, Emotional Girl.....

    I wish I could name the rest, but nonetheless, awesome music! xoxo

  19. Lance Smith

    1995: When Boy Meets Girl
    2019: When Boy Meets non Binary/ Multi-gender/ Boy/ Maybe a Girl?

    Zoie Leonard

    Lance Smith Dang! I’m crying rn! That’s a hilarious 🤣

    Johannah Stanley


    Johannah Stanley

    Rvu rbihig

    Gary Marquis

    or "IT!"

  20. Internet Drifter

    Back in the day my buddies were gaga over Shania Twain but I was gaga over Terri🤣

    Internet Drifter

    @Dave Richardson most definitely

    Dave Richardson

    @Internet Drifter if u go to Facebook and Twitter and type in Terri Clark When Boy Meets Girl Jean's and Shania Twain You Win My Love on their u will find pictures of them , I took a couple nice pics of Terri's ass in them Jean's and Shania Twain in all her leather ,

    Dave Richardson

    @Internet Drifter I posted some pics on my Twitter page for u to see them

    Dave Richardson

    @Internet Drifter I love a woman in tight jeans but love a woman in leather pants more !

    Dave Richardson

    @Internet Drifter Imagine having the chance to smack Terri Clark's ass ?

  21. Shawn Duncan

    She is still as beautiful and sweet and sexy as she has always been. I have always had a lust for brunettes. She can sure find her way to a person's heart. Her dark hair really makes her eyes stand out. She sure has a sexy figure beautiful long legs. She sure has a sexy voice too. She hasn't lost her touch. She is still as beautiful and sweet and sexy as she has always been. She is hot!

    Dave Richardson

    I know what u mean bud , but yeah man I don't blame them guys for gawking at Terri when she walked by them

    Dave Richardson

    2.10 is my favorite part of the video man

  22. Daniel Schönberger

    This life is about to change he'll never been the same ... The first time I heard the song was when I saw the first season of Superboy.

    Dave Richardson

    2.10 is the best part of the video

  23. Miley Burshem

    Best song ever

    Dave Richardson

    2.10 is the best part of the vid

  24. Cory Nielsen

    Starring Ben Savage as Cory Matthews...
    "When boy meets world"

    Dave Richardson

    2.10 is the best part

  25. Tammy Morgan-Heath

    Still one of the best songs around x

    Dave Richardson

    2.10 is my favorite part of the video , she knows how to wear them Jean's!

  26. Joe Bulen

    Terri Clark sure knew how 2 wear Jean's back in the day ! 2.10 is the best part of this video dont u think guys ???

  27. Dave Richardson


  28. Dave Richardson

    2.10 EPIC ASS ALERT!!

  29. Connie Abel

    I just love the song by Terri Clark "When Boy Meets Girl" 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Dave Richardson

    I love this song 2 and I love this video and I think Terri Clark knows how to wear them Jean's! 2.10 honestly I dont blame them guys for staring lol huh ???

  30. Dave Richardson

    2.10 Terri has a nice butt , hell I dont blame them boys for lookin one bit

  31. JessTim Vlogs YouTube moment ever

    Nick Seibert

    Wouldn't ya just love 2 give that ass a good slap ??

    Nick Seibert

    Thata how women should wear their Jean's! Skin tight and high waisted !

    Joe Bulen

    Just imagine if she was your girl , u would get to see that booty every single day of your life lol !

    Dave Richardson

    Booty Booty Booty Rockin Everywhere ! Lol

    Dave Richardson

    Now that's how a woman needs to wear her Jean's skin tight and high waisted ! Dude i could stare at her butt all day , I'd like to slap it a couple times

  32. Micin Jordan


    Dave Richardson

    Whenever I watch this video I always say to myself - man I dont blame them guys for staring at Terri as she walks by them , 2.10 explains it lol

  33. michael lake


    Dave Richardson

    2.10 is my favorite part in this video , I dont blame them guys for gawking at her after she walked by them

  34. Paul Aberhart

    Love to see her with Toby Kieth MAGIC if it happens

    Dave Richardson

    Paul Aberhart. 2.10 explains why the boys stared at her while she walked by them

  35. Kelsey Hoffman

    This is my favorite song

    Dave Richardson

    Same here !

  36. Tomly Khonglah

    fall in love with country music

    Dave Richardson

    Tomly Khonglah. Oh yeah man and yeah hey i don't blame them guys for looking at her when she walked by , 2.10 explains why, i thought to myself that guy in the truck is real lucky !

  37. Ivo Ponduša

    *IVO`s MAGIC WORLD presents MUSIC HISTORY GUIDE* - *FAMOUS BIRTHS - TERRI CLARK* - *50th Birthday, Today!!!* - (AuGuSt 5th, 2018)

    Dave Richardson

    Ivo Ponduša. Yeah i tell ya what man , i dont blame them guys one bit for staring at Terri as she walks by them cause of 2.10

    Ivo Ponduša


  38. Marcos Roberto Ribeiro da Silva Silva

    Uuuuaaaauuuu..nossa..musica linda

  39. Charles Myers

    Terri Clark is a good singer. She should record some gospil music songs like a long list of other country music stars did.

    Dave Richardson

    Charles Myers. Yeah i tottaly agree with u man , and yeah i thought she was so hot when she came out into the music scene , yeah man i dont blame the guys for staring at her as she walked by them

  40. Tyler FoXx

    An AMAZING artist. She has an iconic voice and sings so good live. Met her in 2003; so very nice and humble! Love me some Terri Clark

  41. Mirjam Van Dijk

    Jamie Justin worms

  42. Michael Weirich

    Terri Clark has good singing voice

    Dave Richardson

    Michael Weirich. Yeah i dont blame them guys one bit for staring at her as she walked by them ! 2.10

    Kelsey Hoffman

    Yes she does

  43. Nick Seibert

    omg i can see why the boys were lookin while she walked by , she has a nice booty in them jeans (wolf whistle notion) 2.09 2.10

  44. Michael Weirich

    Terri Clark is gorgeous

    Nick Seibert

    Michael Weirich. she is man she is indeed no doubt ! Yeah i dont blame them guys for starin at her butt while walking by lol , 2.09 2.10 , her cameltoe is nice too

  45. Gary Marquis

    OK, having read all of that, must post this....T Clark is all of that and a giant bag of chips.  I love her songs, way over the top.  Her videos are above board.  After all these  years, she's still theeee best.  Bar friggen none.  Period the end.

  46. kentucky 82

    I had a close friend who lived and worked in Nashville in the music business who was very close to Terri and knew her well a d he told me she had a serious drinking problem, few knew about her drinking cause she kept it hidden and she would only drink alone,he was afraid she would be the next Keith Whitley, not sure if she ever got help but I really hope she did

  47. Donald Emmert

    Oh she's great..I know..she can't be tamed

    Nick Seibert

    Donald Emmert 2.10 booty

  48. Bryan Jeske

    Rock n rollin' Terri !!!

    Nick Seibert

    Bryan Jeske did u see her booty in them jeans at 2.10 ? no wonder those guys were staring at her walkin by

    Dave Richardson

    Bryan Jeske. At 2.10 it's no wonder them boys gawked at her she walked passed them ! Haha

    Dave Richardson

    Bryan Jeske she's hot !

  49. Benjamin Cummins

    I miss this kind of country music

    SB129 Rome

    Benjamin Cummins so do i man and yeah I member having a crush on Terri back in the day , yeah I don't blame those guys for looking at her one bit haha

  50. Joe Badass

    Terri Clark is one of the most beautiful women of the country world, country girls dont look like that anymore. Back when they could be fully dressed and look beautiful at the same time.

    Dave Richardson

    Rachael Collins. Huh ? What up with the shit emoji ? I was just playin around that's all

    Rachael Collins

    @Dave Richardson ~ I have a different perspective on the emoji. It's a baby bird to me. Also, of course when you have your attention on a Goddess..your mind is your own perspective.
    Her ever changing totality of a Goddess...ahhh. We ALL are blessed. And she will always be Sexy. Unquestionable about that in my perspective. ⚓


    Good looking and talented. Not only can she SING (what pipes on that woman), but she can play lead electric, acoustic, and bass guitars AND drums!

    Eric Ericson

    The Dixie chicks take notes!

  51. DEU

    Who is the girl at 1:08?

    Nick Seibert

    DEU idk but i can see why the guys were staring at terri , cause of how she looked at 2.10

  52. Dennis Morris

    Fkn luv her

    SB129 Rome

    Dennis Morris I know how can u not ! Yeah and also I don't blame them guys for lookin at her

  53. Angela Allen

    Down to earth good music. I demand it back. Thank you, you tube

    Nick Seibert

    Angela Allen i can see why them guys were staring at terri while she walked by them , cause of 2.10

    Rachael Collins

    Evidently we are waiting on Great components to dot the dot and up the bar...God knows everything. 🗿🌐🌍🌎🌏🎼⚓

    Johannah Stanley

    @Rachael Collins jlno

    Johannah Stanley

    Love. You

  54. Stephen Nicholas

    She's got a nice booty at 2.10

  55. Gary Marquis

    UGH,...TC is THEE BOMB!! , whatever song she sings, is a "nut drivin", nailhead hit into a "blank headed piece of oak"...whatever that means,....Hard stuff...i Guess.......

  56. Gary Marquis

    YUP, I agree, country music produced today is JUNK.

  57. Gary Marquis

    TC is the best...i listen to her every day.

    trucker Troy

    I love Terri Clark music the sound of her voice makes me happy I listen to her songs with my fiance when we are around each other she's got a real Southern Country voice she looks beautiful even with or without that had one she is a awesome country singer and yes she does need to make more songs like these and more music as good as they are Terri Clark rocks when it comes to country music

  58. Mr. HorsePower

    Hot damn 2017

  59. Gary Marquis I wish it was 1972 all over again, when i was still a dumb ass kid.  Just sayin...I can't believe after all these years, i've not left a note on this video.   So, therefore, I must say, Terri Clarke, kicks ass, takes names and sends suspects home cryin.  What great songs....BAR NONE!.....

  60. Gary Marquis

    Gotta love teaching the next people how to act.....

  61. Duane Stamper

    my mom freaked when i put the soong

  62. Stephen Nicholas

    epic ass alert ! 2.10

  63. Stephen Nicholas

    Can't say I blame the guys for lookin her butt looks good in them jeans

  64. 24klc67

    Back when country music artists had TALENT!!! Thanks for posting.

    Stephen Nicholas

    24klc67 yea I know right ? and Yeah I don't blame them guys for staring at Terri walkin by


    What a Nightmare, to be a Teenager



  67. 2white 4this

    This music is just awful, I don't know how she can live with herself

  68. billy sagoo

    Terri Clark
    Wonderful Voice Graceful Splendid Sensation Impressive UK

  69. Olinjean Davis

    She is so pretty

  70. John Parker

    she is nice looking

    Stephen Nicholas

    John Parker. 2.10 especially

  71. John Stewart

    So Excited to being this amazing Artist in Sudbury Ontario in September.

  72. Brittany Connor

    eeeeee I am so excited for Sept Terri clack one of my all time favorite singers is coming to my small town of Woodstock new Brunswick Brunswick Canada


    Brittany Connor seeing her this month on the 23rd I am excited I may get to meet her 😍😍😍😍😍

    Rachael Collins

    Once you meet'll understand Y. And hear the stars in the ethers singing along with OUR souls.
    That's what Love is made of. 💒🎄🎶🎼🎵⛳

  73. Ed Muise


  74. Shiann Gibbons

    she's my cousin

  75. Mr. HorsePower

    Which she would tour Pittsburgh again I lover her music she's Awsome

  76. Travis Robertson

    Love you hope your band is playing at the hope your band is playing in DC stand get tickets 8 o'clock sharp

    Nick Seibert

    man terri looks hot in those jeans

  77. George Havens

    This is my favorite song by this beautiful amazing artist

  78. Arlene Wengerd

    We need this kind of music back

    kristin amanda thimas

    Tell me about it. I came across this cause I had it stuck in my head and couldn't figure out why I allowed myself to shit my and song it through in order to remember what the song was and whom it was by I used to own this whole CD so I'm not surprised. One bit I just find it funny how well I still remember it

    baby girl

    Arlene Wengerd I agree this so called country now is shit

    mark mccormick

    Arlene Wengerd I agree

    Brent Graves


  79. Billiejo Brown

    i love this song

  80. Travis Robertson

    Hope you played this I'll be played this saw that triggers with it in December

  81. Nick Seibert

    terri clarks butt at 2.07-2.10 its hot an she knows it lol she is sexy

    kentucky 82

    Nick Seibert she would look better if she wasn't in them ugly ass high wasted mom jeans


    Or if she didn't have a man's body...

    ono 724

    Hey look, a couple of pansies

  82. donald rockburn

    awesome song on first meetings

  83. jfd5289

    I've loved this song since I was a little kid.

    Freddy Lava

    Love from croatia

  84. Matthew Stafford

    this song reminds me of my childhood, i was 10 years old when this song came out

    George Havens

    I agree I was 9 when this song was release

    Steven Frank

    +Matthew Stafford Now your throwing TDs for the Lions!

    Matthew Stafford

    +Steven Frank not that Matthew Stafford, but i wish

    Joe May

    yep same here. brings back a few memories. LOL. I was 15yrs old


    I was 11 years old but cause canadian country isnt on the radios in my homeland i heard it in 2014 for the first time.

  85. Yusuf Ismail

    came on the wrong channel... -_-

  86. CarolineB

    Wish things were still like this

    Johannah Stanley

    Jhnp!pihnozmpu. Run check flood Gbit. C xafazehigdsshxdqwhc

    Eric Ericson

    You and me both man

  87. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #48 song of the '96 survey year. Terri hit #3 in Billboard, 1-27-96.

  88. eden finger

    omg i love her i grew up listening to these songs my mum was her bigest fan

  89. Dustin Parks

    Terry is honestly the one female country artist that I think looks even better when she wears that cowgirl hat.  Looks great without it, but add the hat...that's the look.

    kentucky 82

    Dustin Parks she would look better with my balls resting on her chin

    Samuel Meixueiro

    I am Terri Clark and o met a girl wtf

    Waylon Tassone

    Terri is the anti diva. She's country and down to earth.Shania is the diva the opposite of Terri.Both are Canadian and both good singers.

    Eric Ericson

    Looks good either way. She really rocks the country style with the cowboy boots and the cowboy hat.

  90. Jeff Hill

    Theirs just something about a lady's butt in wranglers.

    Jim Klipper

    Jeff Hill Depends on what butt. Terri's, Yes.


    It's exceedingly average, but better than your hot wheels videos.

    Dave Richardson

    2.10 explains why the boys gawked at Terri when she walked by them , the booty on her is very nice lol ! Skin Tight and High Waisted is the way jeans .should be worn

    Dave Richardson

    Martin West. 2.10 that booty looks so good it would cause a wreck , and that guy in the truck is one lucky SOB !

    Dave Richardson

    @Jim Klipper wouldn't u just love 2 spank Terri on the butt @ 2.09 2.10 ???

  91. Paul Salazar

    Love all the Fender gear she used back then.

  92. sgraham819

    Great singer and one gorgeous woman.

    Nick Seibert

    can't blame them guys for lookin terri has a nice butt in those high waisted tight jeans


    +Nick Seibert Terri has a great butt

    Nick Seibert

    @sgraham819 yea I guess the guy in the pickup in this vid was her BF back in the day and so yea he probly spanked her butt in them tight high waisted Jeans lol

  93. michael godwin

    god i love her

  94. billiejo pierson

    I love all her songs!!! Can't get enough of Terri Clark

  95. sondra stirman

    terry clark is an awesome singer she is good

    Kole Dupe

    sondra stirman Terri

  96. Bloom Tatum

    There's nothing like the old songs.

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Bloom Tatum or TONS and there's nothing like TONS of new country songs as well

    Rachael Collins

    Old songs can be bouncing off points to more..🎼 All songs have purpose.

    Johannah Stanley

    @Rachael Collins ipripkpuykps

  97. Dave Wollenberg

    Shellie, that's 'YOU'RE welcome, Glenn.'