Clark, Terri - Twang Thang Lyrics

A beer stain on a jukebox
A tractor in a field
Fireflies on a screen door
A home cooked meal
Rolling down a dirt road
Listening to a George Strait Song
If it ain't pure and simple
It ain't gonna turn me on

It's gotta have a Twang Thang
It's gotta bend a heart strang
Like a scuffed up boot
Or a boy with two first names
I gotta feel a deep pang
When I hear the songs they sang
If It don't kick up a little dust
It ain't got much of a Twa-ang Thang

If I tried to desrcibe it
Well,I don't think I could
It's like swimming in a cold creek
'Cause it just feels good
No Matter where you find it,
There's a down home qualityIt ain't sophisticated
And thats just fine with me

[Repeat Chorus (2x)]

If It don't kick up a little
dust it ain't got much of a twang thang

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