Clark, Terri - If I Could Be You Lyrics

The first time we met I swore I hated you
When all you had to do was walk into the room
You got everyone's attention just by bein you
Something I could never do
But always wanted to
You were beautiful, you had it all
Never bought yourself a drink
And sittin there just watchin you
I couldn't help but think

If I could be you
I'd take your place
For an hour, for a day
I could do anything I wanted to
If I could have your perfect life
In a second I'd trade mine
There's nothin in this world I wouldn't do
If I could be you

Standin in line after too much wine in the ladies room
We started talkin bout the things men do
Yeah we'd been in each others shoes
Now it's ten years later and we've shared everything
Tears, clothes & dreams
I helped you pick your wedding ring
I remember when I held your hand the day the baby came
How that whole first year you'd call in tears
So worn out you would say

If I could be you
I'd take your place
For an hour for a day
I'd do the kind of things that I used to
What I wouldn't give sometimes
For a second that's just mine
On days like this there's nothin I wouldn't do
If I could be you

Well time flies by and how things change
Sittin in this room today
There's not much either one of us can say
The doctors have done all they can
I'm holding your hand again
Wishin I could take it all away

If I could be you
I'd take your place
For an hour for a day
And I'd gladly bear the pain you're goin through
To give you back your perfect life
In a second I'd trade mine
There's nothin in this world I wouldn't do
Girl there's nothin in this world I wouldn't do
If I could be you

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Clark, Terri If I Could Be You Comments
  1. Angela Coffman

    February 2020 I'm still listening and love this song just as much today as I did the first time listening it really runs through the soul and doesn't stop I miss being loved like this more than I realized 😭

  2. Gabriel dos Anjos

    I love you Terri Clark.

  3. Mitch Mason

    What a voice

  4. Bart Conlon

    I love this song, & I never get tired of listening to it. Fabulous job, Terri. Bart Conlon, Songwriter, Waynesboro, Va. [email protected]

  5. Leslie Mccullough

    I love being single , I dont agree

  6. GO440

    Can Terri even make a bad song ???  I love her !!

  7. michael Reed

    January 2nd 2020 and she's still killing it! Will always be beautiful

  8. D J Ray Comedy

    After all these years woman I’m still in love with you

  9. Bubbie Jr savage

    I can feel the song

  10. Denise Bos

    So "PROUD" to be a Canadian when Terri Clark sings !

  11. Wayne Edward

    If Terri would have been around in the 60s or 70s she be in the hall

  12. Cindy Bowen

    Love this song ❤️ Terri Clark

  13. Jennifer Patton

    What a hell of a gal. 👩

  14. Betty *

    Beautiful song.

  15. billy sagoo

    Fabulous lyrics & wonderful songwriter admire your choice UK inspire you adorable esteem xoxo UK ❤ ❤ ❤ 👍 👍 👍

  16. Jeff o

    Ment hero

  17. Jeff o

    2000 Times thanTaylor Swift

  18. Jeff o

    Unsung Herions

  19. Nicolas Orozco

    Terri looks amazing in a cowboy hat I saw her live in a concert in Odessa Tx several years back,I love her hair complements her white hat very well.

  20. Heather Tate

    Good songs ...

  21. Wayne Edward

    What a good friend thoughts are rare!!

  22. Austin Baca

    Love her voice.

  23. Tina Beck

    great song thanks for sharein

  24. Sherise Sylve

    I agree with you she is way way better than Taylor swift.

  25. Robert Woodward

    Dad laugh when like the girl in the hat.

  26. michael Reed

    Ive always been a fan and would do anything to see you

  27. David Killingsworthjr

    i did find some one to say all. so no more ammie

  28. Lorrie Hil

    What an amazing song, even today. Oct. 2019.

  29. Glenna Bridges

    Its been my experience, that when your best friend shows up after a fuss with her bf or spouse with a suitcase, its a lot more than just the blues or a disagreement. And you cannot tell them what to do, but to just be there to support them as friends do. Love Terri Clark though!

  30. Wayne Garrison


  31. Christopher Phillips

    They dont write songs like this anymore? Where did they go? Man I miss old country songs.

  32. Catherine Hooper

    Northern Girl here! Oakwood ON.

  33. michael Reed

    I love her so much you will always be one of the best

  34. SuperHigear

    My favorite Terri Clark song!

  35. Franklin Warner

    Very Good.

  36. Brandi Lester


  37. Giovanni Socci

    1996? I had just found out my future wife was cheating on me,it hit me hard,this song came out and it made things better,she wanted something that I could not give her.

  38. Elizabeth Newberry

    I love being single at 33 years old.

  39. mike warren

    You Were Awesome At The Oregon Jamboree Come Back Again

  40. crydun2004

    Happy Birthday Terri!

  41. Randy Owens

    Good one!

  42. Nate Faust

    She's gorgeous for 50 or whatever age she was when this came out. She's been smoking hot her whole life. I wish I could meet her someday In person. She's pretty tall so guy under 5'11 need not apply. I'm 6'6, she needs a tall guy, and I was born in Canada too, and Terri is from Canada, actually born in Montreal, but her family moved to Alberta when she was little. But I was as popular as a porcupine at a balloon tying contest.

  43. Edward Garcia

    I miss all the good 90's country.

  44. Bohemian Goddess


  45. Natalie Miller

    You know this single life I'm living ain't all it's cracked up to be. So you've come to the wrong place. If want is sympathy.# if I were


    I love this video and I loved the song too and I'm crying

  47. Todd bob

    Single lifeeee ruuuules

  48. Patsy Dixon

    good thong.

  49. Cesar Gil

    Gorgeous, lovely singer.

  50. KowboyM

    What about pauly d who said the single life in Las Vegas is crazy

  51. Aaron Lang

    What a woman.

  52. Amanda Reiss

    I should of never let him go .. but we will be best friends forever and parents to our son who comes in 5 weeks

  53. Shawn Arrington

    I hope she doesn't quit touring for awhile.. Probably one of the best female country artist..

  54. Margaret Barbour

    The single life ain't all its cracked up to be that's for dam sure its lonely being alone and unloved

    Millie Burgess

    Its so true I feel same way

  55. Todd bob

    Single life really is way better though.....  LOL

  56. Elizabeth

    I don't have to let him go because he doesn't want me anymore I am not good enough for him anymore

  57. Steven Coppess

    Teri Clark is beautiful she makes my heart melt

  58. Abdon Montes de oca

    Love is boring and that's why many Ladies leave for the bigger ,better ,Peter? OORAH!

  59. Shawn Duncan

    She is so beautiful and sweet and sexy. She hasn't lost her touch in all these years. She sure has a sexy voice too

  60. hotgenlee

    I'm 48 and I try everyday too make my wife proud I hope this is what her friends see

  61. Ronald Boling

    Damn Terri Clark looks so good in a hat....makes my mind race. Lol

  62. Jack Walker

    Terri Clark is and always has been the real deal...

  63. Ariel Collins

    Am I the only one that sees his new girlfriend almost has the same shirt on as Terri!! 💀

  64. bill stubbs

    Vicky Micky Ketchel. Who the he'll are you.Bill Stubbs.

  65. bill stubbs

    Where is Terri Clark. She's so MiCKEY MOUSE and i LOVE ME TOO. BiLLSTUBBS.

  66. dolly love

    magnifique melodie ♥

  67. Adam Godsey

    She amazing. 2019 still listening

  68. David Killingsworthjr

    i wish ammie would say this stuff to me

  69. Derek Carr

    Saw Terri live Love her voice and emotion she adds to her songs

  70. his wife his baby J his baby J

    So true he can fix it

  71. Lorrie Hil

    Anyone listening Feb. 8, 2019 ? Amazing song

  72. Michele Love

    January 12 2019

  73. Millie Burgess

    if I was I can see somebody that I would really I care about good song

  74. Brian C

    2019 and still AWESOME!

  75. michael lake


  76. michael lake




  78. David Killingsworthjr

    you don't here coutry like this today

  79. Franklin Warner

    Beautiful Lady.

  80. Franklin Warner

    Good Song.

  81. Kelly Hamrick

    I love this song, I love Terri Clark and I can really relate to just bout every single song she sings.. She is what I call true country and true talent

  82. Sensei Juan

    This is real country song by a real country singer. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice.

  83. Sophia Emelie


  84. Brian Allen

    Take it ho

  85. Jim Moore

    Un real .single life great.

  86. Sara Brown


  87. Fransisco Fraga

    It is hard being single but I'd like it this way than all the drama not saying that women are bad but I had too much bad experiences and just got tired of it always treated them respect and was taken as weakness betrayed several times and not willing to try again

  88. Paulette Reed

    Good men are hard to find :(

  89. Tracy Major

    Hands down best Canadian Female Singer. She'd run Shania Twain in the dirt

  90. Ivo Ponduša

    *IVO`s MAGIC WORLD presents MUSIC HISTORY GUIDE* - *FAMOUS BIRTHS - TERRI CLARK* - *50th Birthday, Today!!!* - (AuGuSt 5th, 2018)

  91. Mikey Mosley


  92. Mikey Mosley

    yes no and yes

  93. Mikey Mosley


  94. Another Dingo

    A great track

  95. Katherine Freeman

    Holler if your watching this in June 2018 🙋

  96. Becky Gann

    Dawg if you can not relate, you were lucky

  97. Scott Amateis

    This very talented lady, like Tracy Lawrence, were too "COUNTRY" for Country Music. Unfortunately, both were robbed by the Country Music hierarchy of their due fame. Sad!

  98. Aaron Jones

    2018: whup-whup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Connie Graf

    Sounds like my ex daughter in law.... blondie