Clark, Terri - Everytime I Cry Lyrics

You call and wake me up, the way you always do
Say you miss me and you're sorry, deja vu
You push the button in the heart you know so well
The wall starts coming down then I remind myself

Everytime I think you might have changed
Put aside the anger and the blame
Make myself believe that there's a way to work it out
Everytime you say let's try again
Begging me to let you back in
Everytime I do
Everytime you lie
Everytime I cry

If only promises could just erase the past
I could open up my heart enough to take you back
But we've been down that road
Time and time again
I've learned the hard way how the story always ends

Everytime I think you might have changed
Put aside the anger and the blame
Make myself believe that there's a way to work it out
Everytime you say let's try again
Begging me to let you back in
Everytime I do
Everytime you lie
Everytime I cry

Everytime I think you might have changed
Put aside the anger and the blame
Make myself believe that there's a way to work it out
Everytime you say let's try again
Begging me to let you back in
Everytime I do
Everytime you lie
Everytime I cry

Everytime I do
Everytime you lie
Everytime I cry

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Clark, Terri Everytime I Cry Comments
  1. alan jackson

    teri clark now there is a real women tallented and so beautifull

  2. Jerry OCARROLL

    Great song, great message, beautiful lady. Love Terri

  3. Vlad Tepes

    Those who beat women should be impaled. Thus spoke Vlad Tepes.

  4. Abigail G

    God Bless everyone in domestic abuse situations. Get out when/while you can.

  5. Mercedes Horton

    To the personwho says Terri is gay got news for you SHE ISNT!! Dont say thinfs like that she is very talented!!

  6. Brandon Koch

    Decade To myfamily

  7. Franklin Warner

    Very Good.

  8. Antonio Soto

    All I can say she's really hot .their is nothing better than a woman with a cowboy hat on pretty. ♤♤♤

  9. Duke of Norfolk

    A beautiful and power song, performed by one of the most exquisitely beautiful women in all the world. Her voice is absolutely amazing too! Yea, I’ll always be a fan of hers. She’s otherworldly amazing!!!💕

  10. First Responder1985

    This goes out to abusive women too

  11. 303Kenny

    I Love You with all my heart😘💜💙
    And I want to spend the rest of my life with you Nichole Marie.. 💯😘💜💙

  12. 052970

    Hi Terri. Are you doing ok? Thinking of you...

  13. Musicmovesme7 Nightgirl

    if this song reminds you of your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife or anyone else in your life, please know you can find help and support in your community and you will move on to a happier, healthier relationship / life . I didnt always have good self esteem but now I found someone who really loves me and he makes me feel really good, the way everyone should feel .

  14. Cory Nielsen

    I like Terri without the hat.

  15. Emma Bateman

    True story:

    I first heard this song after me and my boyfriend broke up. When I heard the song's meaning, it made me think of all the good times me and Matt had. Then, I learned that the breakup was ACTUALLY a setup by my dad. Mommy and Daddy fight all the time, and it really hurts my heart to see them. Daddy visited bars and clubs without Mommy's consent for whatever the heck he wanted. This angered Mommy, and she and I stayed in hotels to hide from Daddy. And just yesterday night after school, Daddy attempted to kill Mommy because she thought he was a psycho. This led to Mommy asking me to stay away from Daddy. Everytime I think of this song, I always think of Mommy, Daddy, and Matt. But I'm still asking this question: What am I going to do? I am only 15.

  16. carol holiday

    Growing up, I always thought knew when to walk away. It took me being in intensive care 4 times before I said enough. My youngest was six months. He's almost 12.
    Always love Terri Clark. I saw her in concert. She's awesome.

  17. Purple40Ice

    This song hit home back when it came out..

  18. Decrepitation LIVE

    intro sounds almost exactly like "cowgirls don't cry" by Brooks N Dunn

  19. First Responder1985

    They also need to address men who are abused as well.

  20. Torleif Hagen

    She is awesome

  21. Jim Moore

    Un real girl.

  22. chinira am i worthless

    Hey I love this song its awesome and cool

  23. chinira am i worthless

    I think I have an ishue with me and worthless Dakota thinks I'm not but if you don't know her she is mY friend so who every is my friend is dakota friend so ya

  24. chinaira bailey

    This song had so much memory's and I really miss these memory's and then as soon as I headed I I was crying and yes every time I cry thinking about the memories

  25. chinaira bailey

    This is so depressing for me it tells me of my fun life before and so much memory

  26. chinaira bailey

    So who ever is my friend thanks

  27. chinaira bailey

    She is my friend she like me how old are you every one well I'm not telling you mine look up my YouTube video it is chiniralynn I used my friends name then you subscribe this is my friends sign up not mine

  28. chinaira bailey

    Well this song is OK but I'm looking for a boy friend or a best friend and Terri Clark's videos are good first I did not like it but then and then I did not like fireflies till I listened to It alot

  29. chinaira bailey

    I like it

  30. William Brooks

    Good ole Terri Clark.

  31. MargoMB19

    Freaking hell. How on earth have I been a Terri Clark fan since the beginning, listened to this song more times then I can count, and somehow never seen this video?! Goodness that tugs at the heart strings.

  32. chinira am i worthless

    So sad I'm crying

  33. Gary Marquis

    Hey, all, this is a song about child and spouse abuse...nothing else....So, next time you post, think about my remarks.  UGH!  People, pay attention!!!!!!!

  34. chinira am i worthless

    good I will sing all day Monday 25

  35. Margaret Barbour

    This song holds so meny meanings for me

  36. Gary Marquis

    ...and anyone that hits a child or makes them "soil" themselves, need to check into some help or a boxing ring to be "fixed."

  37. Gary Marquis

    any man who hits a woman, is not a man but a man trying to get out of a cowards body..negative responses will be ignored..


    The same is true for women who abuse men

  38. K 1

    Awesome song and Terri Clark is hot in the clip

  39. Eliana Robinson

    I adore this song, its helped me be strong against my abusive mother for ages now, and its is all too easy to believe (when its family its hard) that all her promise will actually make things change. it won't and I got out. and I have to saw the visual subtle references she used in her vid was incredible. The walking up an escalator but going no where the walls closing in. Changing the locks was a brave and strong thing to doo too, it would have been hard but it was what they had to do. And I really love the little boy calling the cops on that abusive father of his friend. I spent too many days of my childhood wishes someone would get me out of that situation I was fortunate I made it out alive but its no joke abuse of any kind from anyone. This is a really great song.

  40. Gary Marquis

    Typo corrected,  "nedy' ,to read "needy",  don't wan't to upset the "snowflakes" out there..  Oh, and by the way, I still feel the same and don't care much about the meatheads who tear up the spelling and do not pay much to the true meaning of what is going on.  P.S., if you wan't to argue with me, go away,  cause I will not respond.  Go blame your parents for your thoughts..

  41. Gary Marquis

    ...Oh, let me say, my late mother protected all nedy humans and beasts.  Including me, who required a much larger lunch allowance, every day during my freshman years as a football player....I ate 3 to 4 large lunches a day and was not a large boy, but very energetic...she was very forgiving and turned a blind eye...nuff said...GOD I DO miss and Love her.

  42. Gary Marquis

    ..If my late mother would have seen this video, she'd have had a "nutty!"  She hated any type of abuse on any human and animal...and she was friggin justified in her feelings. These feelings have been carrried over to me, her loving son. I Therefore say, knowbody  should ever abuse a human nor a beast...NEVER! Don't do it before my eyes...this isn't the first time it's happened...nor, sadly the last...a dumbass tried that in 1978 in Phoenix AZ, at a park...he kicked his dog.  I excused myself from my date to challenge the a'sshole (pardon my french,cause i am french, a loose license ,agreement) about his actions.  I was working out at the time and ready to knock him out.  So, a call to   "911would have been easy. , dumbass down!"...hit his head on the ground 5 thousand times, can't say why!" UGH, why do people still abuse people and animals, when there are still people like me, younger, healthier, with the same mindset still around to notice and ready to spring into action? If you disagree with this post , don't reply, cause i will delete your notes.

  43. CJ Pickens

    This song got me through some tough times. Still love it.

  44. Gary Marquis

    P.S., dixie Lynn, be ready to answer to the European idiots who post comments.  Just ignore their stuff.  I do and it seems to work.  Gar.

  45. Gary Marquis

    It's simple, abuse of spouse, child etc. is a crime here.  There are many of us here who do not deal with it.  So, if you violate these laws, be prepared to deal with it.

  46. Margaret Barbour

    henry wot ever your name is xx

  47. Margaret Barbour

    No she,s not get you're fact,s she,s is straight

  48. Harry Prater

    Terri Clark is lesbo...??? Dang..what a waste.


    Is she? :-o whyyyy

  49. Rhonda Bennett

    Talented, miss her!!

  50. Margaret Barbour

    hell if she,s guy she can come onto me any time she is smoking hot

  51. Diane Vessels

    I still think she is amazingly talented.

  52. shell100002

    this is how I feel about my birth father

  53. Austin Johns

    Terri Clark has a soul

  54. Jayhawkgirl

    One of my best friends had her ex try to push her and me down a flight of stairs when she was 8 months pregnant with her baby and he tried to push me for trying to stop him. Her neighbor called the cops and most of them are family friends of my family the advantage of living in a small town. Her landlord helped her find a new apartment and everyone donated baby items and stuff for her apartment to her and the car dealership gave her a car. She is doing great now and her ex is in prison for a very long time on drug charges.

    Rachael Collins

    Jayhawkgirl ~ Tried to push you and who down the stairs? Terri? I'm trying to understand please.

    Crystal Moet

    thats so sad

  55. billy sagoo

    Fabulous Talent Singer Sexy Gorgeous Striking Image= Performance Accomplishment
    Awesome Inspiring Amazing Stunning Imprressive Intimidating Breathtaking Call Me Awake Me Up Excellent UK

  56. Jimmy Ray

    its a shame she gay...shes hot

  57. paulvmunix

    It's the mandolin. Shhhh ...

    Awesome singer; Awesome song.

  58. Sakii


  59. Dennis Morris

    holy shit I luv that woman

  60. Dustin Mink

    Damn good music and a damn good looking woman

    Daryl Smithfield

    I no I totally agree with you. yeah she's sexy lookin like at 0.40 where she is leaning on the wall in them leather pants an sweater or in her when boy meets girl vid where she had a nice ass in high waisted tight jeans at 2.09-2.10

  61. fldinosaur

    Never got the acclaim she deserved


    Very true. I have never understood why, with her talent, she didn't become a mega star.

    Assholer Collins

    fldinosaur ~ Oh it's coming, maybe long overdue by score standards. It's going to flow perfect. EH, she gets what she wants. 😁🎩

    James Pittman

    She does in her home of Canada. Up there they know she is real country.
    Not part of this pop country crap that Nashville is currently putting out

    Zubair Siddiqui

    Absolutely agree

    Liane Layman

    Too many people in Nashville trying to be mega stars.

  62. sgtpep5

    I tell ya... at 0:40 in the song and she's leaning against the wall with those leather pants and little sweater on...She is one beautiful woman.....

  63. Janet Love

    we could do without ads come now shhh this aint cable tv

  64. Sarah Fellows

    Heard this song at work and started tearing up in the middle of the aisle this is too my so called friend who treats me like crap but always comes back into my life.

  65. Faris Duro

    like dis if you cri everitim :(

  66. donald rockburn

    a beautiful song by a beautiful singer with the angelic voice of an angel.

    Daryl Smithfield

    yea this is a good song and yes terri clark is a beautiful woman and I'd say my favorite vid of hers is when boy meets girl cause she looked good in them tight Jeans and I don't blame the guys for lookin cause she's hot

    donald rockburn

    very nice good looking canadian lady.always has been my favorite female country singer

  67. Casey Ory

    To my ex....and his lies!!


    This song isn't so much about people who lied or cheated, but instead victims of domestic violence who, at times, are conned into giving an abusive family member (spouse/partner, parent, et al) a second chance, knowing that things will only get worse. As you probably saw at the end, there is also a toll-free number for victims of domestic violence to call (National Domestic Violence Hotline).

    Marike Andresen

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!

  68. DevotionsVisage

    i crie evritym

  69. Dave Wollenberg

    ACC's #63 song of the '99 survey year. Terri hit #12 in Billboard.

  70. Ali Mahmood

    She looks even better without the hat. 

  71. ayeniszwan

    liek dis ef yu cry everytiem

    elizabeth loshbaugh

    ayeniszwan zz0

    JohnRayTV Productions Rice

    ayeniszwan like this if you need a dictionary

    Anne W


  72. TLS H

    When the little boy gives her the hamster at the end, that is when the tears come. 

  73. J Martin

    Lyk If U Cri Evertim! xoxo

  74. astrman1000



    I would love to have been there during the shoot.

    " ... you want me to do what??? "

    shaleknight 62

    angelgirl148 you're welcome

    chinaira bailey

    Ya me too I will do that

    Liane Layman

    I walk up escalators all the time, good exercise.

  75. Thomas Schreiber

    I'm desperatelly trying to find just one terrible song from Terri..
    Maybe in the next life I will manage to..
    She's a queen!!!

    Assholer Collins

    Thomas Schreiber ~ You won't.

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Thomas Schreiber she's like Jason aldean Sam hunt george strait and Luke Bryan. She can't.make a bad song

  76. BakuraIsAwesome

    My mom told me the story that this song held for her when this song came on.

    She was at home one day when my dad called from the rehab center(he's a recovering alcoholic) and asked if he could stay with her because they wouldn't let him stay for whatever reason. As my mom was getting ready to leave, she was on the music video channel and saw the video for this song. The part that she remembered so well was the hamster in the wheel and how he managed to get out of the cycle that he found himself in time and time again. She realized that she was doing the same thing as the hamster and called the rehab center to tell my dad she couldn't pick him up. Turns out, he wasn't allowed to leave and that he was going to sneak out to leave. I don't think I'd be here if she hadn't seen the video that day.

    Chris Snider

    Whoah. Good story.

    Dustin Parks

    My best friend is a recovering addict.  Before I go into the story, I want to say that she is 16 months sober, and is doing phenomenal.  But, this song actually represents to me how she got off the wheel for her addictions, but is still on it for emotional abuse.  She's still with the husband that laid his hands on her (I've seen the black eyes and bruised limbs), and now even though it's not physical, it's more emotional.  Recently he actually told her that she was the worst mistake he ever made, as in marrying her.  Keep in mind, after she got out of rehab, he said he would sober up...and he failed.  I personally have been her rock because everytime I hear her pain, I think of this song, and I cry myself.

    Her own mother has said to leave him and give me a chance, because I was pretty much the only reason outside of her three daughters to keep her on the path to sobriety.  I've not laid a hand on her in anger, and have been her rock in times like this.  Like the lyric says, in her case, "Everytime I think you might have changed, put aside the anger and the blame, make myself believe that there's a way to work it out.  Everytime you say 'let's try again,' begging me to let you back in. Everytime I do, everytime you lie, everytime I cry."  It's reality...and I'm determined to break that cycle.

    Scottie Good

    Dustin Parks this is so true going through it my self but more mental then anything u love him so much it is hard to let go I wish I had someone to love me

    monica congleton

    Dustin Parks don't give up I've seen my grandmother get beat by my grandfather and emotionally I'm screwed up by it


    @Bakuais I call that Divine Intervention.

  77. larry a ramsdell jr

    still miss you terri,we had alot of fun going out.i wish you all the best.

  78. unclecode3

    this says how I feel about my older brother he always says hes going to change and get help but he never dose I love him but im just done I cant take it anymore and my neither can my heart .

    Liane Layman

    Too bad.

  79. cole higgins

    I'm a huge fan since I was a little boy.. <3 lov u and ur music

  80. Aimee Marie

    this song goes with my current situation so well!! so true!!

  81. hossengoggle

    Wonderful song... Well done Bob Regan, Karen Staley and Terri. It sounds so great!!!... and it hasn't aged a bit ;-)!

  82. Hugo Schnauzer

    I miss Terri... saw her live in 2001... good memories.

    Liane Layman

    I can't wait to see her in Sept. with Lonestar. Saw her last year with Pam Tillis and Suzy Boggas.

  83. Jim Atwood

    MAn I love this woman! Miss her songs, Glad I stumbled upon her again!

  84. ClaudioDiGiampa


  85. unmasked hamburglar

    liek if u cry evrytim ;_;

  86. Jenna J

    thumbs up if you're watching this in 2013

  87. Ethen Carrell

    haha. thumbs up for watching this in 2013.

  88. Jones R


  89. Lila Rivers

    I love this song:)


    2 tim 3:1-5

  91. shelton705

    Really? I'm watching it in 2013!

    LMAO! I guess people don't realize that these "I'm watching in such and such year" comments will eventually become dated.

  92. Why me Lord?

    Terri Clark is so gorgeous! Make the lesbians happy and come out of the closet already!! ;)

    Liane Layman

    She's not gay she's been married twice.

  93. jma295psu

    happy to help :)

  94. jetfoxproductions

    i agree, to kick your own child out has to be hard. i don't have kids. but i took in a cat that was abandoned, and i can't remotely understand how they did that, and so help me i won't. and kids being abused, i'll never understand that especially when they are so young. it is sad abuse happens, our world is not perfect and things like this help us to notice it.

    Trigga Bou

    jetfoxproductions lmfao

    shaleknight 62

    THAT PARENT should have never been ALLOWED TO BREED

  95. jetfoxproductions

    oh, ok nice symbolism. thanks i've been racking my mind over that for several years now

  96. lisa lucas

    Why is this happing all over the world even parents and kids

  97. jetfoxproductions

    As much as i've seen this video i still don't get the escalator, it does have a cool effect on the mood of the video and song. But eh...

    It is bad that this kinda crap happens everyday almost completely unnoticed, because like the kid's mom not wanting him to call the cops. It's sad, if i was getting beat i would either get the cops or a gun.