Clark, Terri - Better Things To Do Lyrics

Don't tell me the reason that you're calling
Is to see if I'm all right since you've been gone
'Cause I know you and I know why we're talking
You're wanting me to say I'm barely hanging on
Well, maybe that was true for a night or two
But now, I got better things to do

I could wash my car in the rain
Change my new guitar strings
Mow the yard just the same as I did yesterday
I don't need to waste my time crying over you
I got better things to do

Maybe when I don't have so much going
Or quite so many irons in the fire
I'll take the time to miss you like you're hoping
But now, I can't put forth the effort it requires
Well, I'd love to talk to you, but then, I'd miss Donahue
That's right, I got better things to do

[Repeat Chorus]

Check the air in my tires
Straighten my stereo wires
Count the stars in the sky or just get on with my life
I don't need to waste my time crying over you
I got better things to do
I got better things to do

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Clark, Terri Better Things To Do Comments

    My 12 year old Son and I got to meet Terri Clark, Suzy Bogguss and Pam Tillis. AWESOME... Got a picture with all three.. :)

  2. Mike Vieira

    no one rocks a cowboy hat like Terri. So hot!

  3. Toni House

    She was great, then gone like all the greats.

  4. Lillyane de Lira Lima

    🇧🇷 2019

  5. mk k

    wasnt life easier whe there was no cullurar

  6. Kaitlyn Dempsey

    I love this song😍

  7. John Sabourin

    Listened again today. Still cool.

  8. Galaxy Cat

    Just saw her on the Christmas train

  9. Torsten Sch

    Echt cool sehe ich mir gerne an ist toll

  10. Teddy Whitaker

    Great song

  11. navycmchief

    She is so hot

  12. Paul Cook

    dang g string

  13. Тимур

    почему она оставила его? в чем прикол?

  14. Tyler McCune

    Amazing voice and beautiful and a beautiful telecaster in her hands

  15. Weezer Marsh-Deezer

    Listening in 2019? And playing this LOUD!!

  16. Gary Marquis


  17. Brenda Eulenstein

    At least she is covered.😊

  18. Brandon Koch

    Time to go m own way

  19. Mark Kuehnel

    Want hear more of you

  20. Mark Kuehnel


  21. B Z

    She got fat like the rest..................Sad.

  22. Fabio Gutierrez


  23. Chandler Largo

    The nostalgia is real. I miss the 90s. Was a much simplier time than it is now.

  24. Oneidaindian100 Percent

    Hell yeah...... I got better things to do!!! Yeehaaa #1 song

  25. Olaf Elsbeurry

    Sum guud country music

  26. Larry Reynolds

    Learned to play the drums to all of her music. Love her!!!

  27. user 69

    Is it weird that I sing this song at the top of my lungs about my ex even tho I am a guy? Don’t really care if it is or not I’m still gonna do it

  28. Katheleen Waters

    Woman I love you, you are great. I had a man who was hitting on me for several weeks, his actions proved all he wanted was a one night stand, LMFAO, he asked me what my favorite song is as he was headed for the juke box, I told him you won't like it, I told him to play this song, when it started playing I told him this is dedicated to you, LOL, I haven't seen him since. I am still LOL, Thank-You Terri Clark, you are great, my GF are still giving me a hard time about it, sorry, still LOL. I love you Terri Clark, you are one of THE BEST!!! I HOPE ONE DAY I GET THE HONOR OF COMING TO SEE/HEAR YOU SING/PLAY.

  29. Kristina Luther

    Old school country 90s butter new country

  30. Robert Turco

    She is great! Love her music. She's really easy on the eyes too! Terri is a class act!

  31. Johannah Stanley


  32. Mr. Cutknife

    I didn’t understand her when I was 6 now I’m 8 and I understand her pain

  33. Shamukhamet Durdyyew

    This is song, real in Americans style's🇺🇸👍

    SV methos

    She is 🇨🇦

    Shamukhamet Durdyyew

    @SV methos mmmm

  34. Shamukhamet Durdyyew

    Я наверно на американке женюсь

  35. Erica Gross

    Better things to do like watch u through binoculars trying to call me. They didn't really think this video through like at all lol it does not match the song

  36. Janice Jones

    At least I wasn’t molested by my dad and gay

  37. Wayne Garrison

    I'd ride in her Jeep anytime..... Would LOVE to meet her before I die! So I guess I better HURRY up!

  38. Alan fast 7 Niebergall

    Love this beautiful woman

  39. T-Bone 91LX

    I love you Terry come back to the radio please. ✌🏻❤️🇺🇸

  40. dw coop

    Terri lives just south of me🤠👍

  41. Matina Jazmine

    Less noisy less instruments .more vocals more meaningful lyrics I mean what happened to country music?

  42. Bruce Yngsdal

    I have not seem a pay phone in years. lol

  43. michelbib1

    elle est super bonne super belle et en plus elle est super gentille quand je l ai renconter a Nashville quoi demander de plus

  44. Franklin Warner

    A Good Song.

  45. Ugo Lam

    1:37 Pedal Pumping Scene

  46. Johannah Stanley

    Itkdjpuy. Utjojpd

  47. Johannah Stanley


  48. Janice Jones

    Why do they play the same texting

  49. Rus Varyag

    She pours into those jeans rather nice!! Singing ain't bad either.

  50. Salina Sanchez

    Must be nice. I use to as well but this piece of sht hospital let my ex make decisions for me after they drugged and ripped my life away. Then what the next control freak just beat it in me even more.

  51. hsnrhsn

    Best music tanks ❤👍👏

  52. Janice Jones

    Yes we do

  53. Lady Devildog

    Great music. I miss it!

  54. Alan fast 7 Niebergall

    I remember this song she hot yo

  55. Clunk49

    WooHoo!!! Love that tune! Terri is easy to look at too.

  56. T-Bone 91LX

    I’m the most important thing you can ❤️👅

  57. Timmi

    so good

  58. Elkinsinboxinc Studios

    Why would you put a pay phone out in the middle of the desert?

  59. Duke of Norfolk

    When I first saw this video, I instantly fell in love with her, I hope you can understand why. She looked like a Goddess, who sings like an angel. She was a wonderful to behold, and she still is. Goddess tend to age very well!💕

  60. Gary Marquis

    How can 874 listeners not like this?

  61. George Salas

    Love it.

  62. Christopher Hale

    Who is listening to 90s country and drinking a beer

  63. Christopher Hale

    She is beautiful



  65. Les Brown


  66. Anna Carolana

    Did someone forget writing this song? Changing your strings like that is constant in classical...

    KeKway Blaze

    What is wrong with this song?

  67. GRAF Mikanski

    У северо американцев отличный стиль во всем

  68. nemesisgenius

    Terri Clark became the 3rd female country singer to take a debut single to #1 on the Billboard country singles chart in 1995. She went the distance on 10-21-1995.

  69. Dancing Cats

    I literally just got dumped came here to listen to this and I'm already better! This is so inspiring and I miss the real country gals and music.

  70. Scott Russell

    those jeans sure look good,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, on her

  71. Julie Dispain

    I miss this Country music. This style will never return. I hardly ever listen to what is playing these days.

  72. Emma Bateman

    Awesome song, even though some of my friends laugh at me for being a "Hat Brat." It is my personal favorite, and I'd rather listen to it than the new pop country songs. Rock on, girl. Love ya!

  73. Irene Martinez

    I got better thangs too! Ha!

  74. Brian Powers

    Better things to do??? what. giving guys blow jobs?...:).

  75. Skjeren Kristjenson

    The day I walked into the womans shelter...You were playing on CMT! Thankyou Terri!!!! You inspire !

  76. Kevin Garnett

    Very attractive woman and great voice, awesome talent

  77. Scott Russell

    So gorgeous and a great singer

  78. Kevin Baker

    I would like to wrestle her out of her wranglers. YUM!!!!

  79. GRAF Mikanski

    I enjoy this song

  80. soule101

    My Birthday is coming up... n I need to say a little [email protected]#$#@@... so I relistened to my favorite rock n rollin on songs... gotta send ya a message of Love n appreciate ya n thanks for sharing your MUSIC

  81. ray rose

    she handles that jeep like a boss

  82. Almost Engineering

    I didn't know Nikki Haley was a country music artist

  83. me mann


    me mann


  84. Shawn Duncan

    She is definitely a magic combination for the perfect woman. She is bold and speaks her mind. At the same time she is so beautiful and sweet and sexy. I think that she is extremely sexy as she has always been. She is so beautiful

  85. Sunspot Dawn

    Wash my car in the rain. Cool.

  86. Mike Latoski

    Terri clark needs put back on mainstream radio what a voice & artist,way better from what ive seen this far 2019

  87. Robert Bass

    She keeps Real Country LIVE! Not POP COUNTRY

  88. Brian Wilson

    90's Country is the shit!

  89. Gata Andersen

    Badass! I always loved this song, I always LOVED the line of washing her car in the rain.

  90. Cesar Verdinez

    One of the best

  91. Kent Tinney

    Better things to do like workin on the Jeep and you can bet that ain't cheap. Yah I got better things to do......

  92. Linda Jackson

    If you have to change someone, then you do need them! 2019

  93. Dunston Charley

    Thanks a lot Terri Clark

  94. Matt Johnston

    I like a beautiful woman in a pair of tight blue jeans.

  95. Brandon Lee

    Lesbians rock!

  96. Aurélien Roulland

    I like your voice and music but that clip is a little bit too cliché… sorry…