Clapton, Eric - One Day Lyrics

One day
I believe
One day
I can see
Out in the country, maybe down by the sea
Will I wake up one morning and find that I've been set free
One day
One day

Some day
I can't say how
Some day
But I don't know now
Maybe tomorrow when I'm old and gray
What I ever wanted will finally come my way
One day
One day

One day
This dream will come true
One day
Maybe you will too
Maybe flying high, maybe close to the ground
I will hear your voice and I'll know I've been found
Hold me tight, baby make me stay
I can hear every word you've been trying to say
One day
One day

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Clapton, Eric One Day Comments
  1. Kim R.

    Beautiful ❤️🕊️

  2. LoneWolfOne

    That guitar solo! Both of them!

  3. LoneWolfOne

    Love this song
    The whole album was great!

  4. jacquesguitars

    Very tricky little tune - he never played this live!


    I know its in Bm...but cant pick out the other cords yet. I believe Vince Gill wrote the song. Eric perfected it :)


    Oh, I know all the chords, that is not the problem. But when we covered this tune with our band we noticed so many little licks and fills that totally amazed us. Impossible to get into the mood of it all. Then you start looking for live performances to find out a little more. And then it turns out there aren't any. So this rendition of One Day is really a studio construction in my opinion. Still amazingly done though, don't get me wrong!


    Oh you must tell me the chords :) Like I said, I know the key is in Bm, and I am pretty sure there is an Am or A in there. I love this song, the way it is played, the lyrics, everything. To me this album should go down as one of Clapton's best works. Peace.

  5. Blues Rain

    One Day.....

    Mark Pendergraft

    Blues Rain heart and soul through and always for you know who


    Really loved this song!!!

  7. Luis Spacecowboy Petrillo

    Alguien sabe de que año es este album?

  8. Swedefunkygirl

    Love this song <3 ! Happy Birthday Eric Clapton ^_^ !