Clapton, Eric - Milkcow's Calf Blues Lyrics

Tell me, milk cow,
What on Earth is wrong with you?
Oh, milk cow,
What on Earth is wrong with you?
Now, you've left you a calf
And your milk is turning blue.

Lord, your calf is hungry
And I believe he needs a suck.
Lord, your calf is hungry,
I believe he needs a suck.
Well, your milk is turning blue.
I believe he's out of luck.

Now, I feel like milking and my cow won't come.
I feel like churning and my milk won't turn.
I'm cryin' please,
Please, don't do me wrong.
If you see my milk cow, baby now,
Please drive her home.

Lord, my milk cow been rambling
For miles around.
Lord, my milk cow been rambling
For miles around.
Well, how can you suck on some other man's bull cow
In this strange man's town?

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Clapton, Eric Milkcow's Calf Blues Comments
  1. Hails. H

    found this album at the op shop an i wasnt going to buy it but im so glad i did love it.

  2. Eric Grinstein

    The entrance of the drums is one of the most powerful things I've ever heard in a song.

    Apple Joe Studios

    Eric Grinstein Because of that and the bass guitar rumbling my speaker, I am stuck with this song!

  3. Claudio Casemiro

    Esse CD todo é show!!!

  4. Claudio Casemiro

    Clapton is god?


    @Domagoj Batrnek no, lemmy is god

  5. King Guerrera

    ES DIOS !!

  6. Cora Visser

    it is awesome what he is doing love it.

  7. Mike Mal

    Eric Clapton is King of the Blues!!

  8. Douglas Smith

    Eric Clapton does everything well...

    Hermine Juritsch

    Very nice

    Archie Laird

    Have the album, this one he is at his best.

    Douglas Smith

    @Archie Laird also...totally agree

    Esmeralda Morales

    Yesssss.That good!

  9. Alec D.

    Why can't you just stop the video when the song ends? Why do you have to make a combination?

  10. Antonio Francisco Ruiz Parra

    La segunda pieza es Stop breaking down

  11. Ikay Buenaventura

    thank you very much for your reply,stealyourface73, i try to find this song of clapton here, anyway i hope in future you can upload more on Clapton songs and other blues guy, i.e. BBK, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and Taj Mahal..and other singers of blues...i appreciate it very much thanks again.

  12. stealyourface73

    Unfortunately, youtube has put restrictions on this upload.

  13. Ikay Buenaventura

    Mssrs. stealyourface73, thanks for uploading this amazing blues of great Clapton, i dont know how to say but this is hard to find here in MNL therefore requesting that i can download this song legally here in youtube? please help me to have a copy of this beautiful song. thanks.