Clapton, Eric - I Ain't Gonna Stand For It Lyrics

I don't want to believe what they're telling me;
Somebody's been picking in my cherry tree.
I don't want to mistrust somebody by mistake.
Somebody's been digging 'round in my cake.

And I ain't gonna stand for it, baby.
I ain't gonna stand for it, baby.
I ain't gonna stand for it, baby, nah nah.
I ain't gonna stand for it, baby.
I ain't gonna stand for it, baby.
I ain't gonna stand for it, baby, nah nah, nah nah.

I don't want to believe what somebody said;
Somebody said somebody's shoe was under my bed.
I don't want to cause nobody no bodily harm.
Somebody's been rubbing on my good luck charm.


Oh, my my my my my my.
Oh, my my my my my my.
Oh, my my my my my my.
Oh, my my my my my my.

[Chorus 2x]

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Clapton, Eric I Ain't Gonna Stand For It Comments
  1. Leandro Barroso

    2020 curtindo esse som ✌😊


    Paulinho da Costa na percussão ... Good

  3. Joe 54b


  4. Víctor A. Ayala-Bryant

    Still listening to this amazing song in December 2019.

  5. Fernanda Castro


  6. Pranav Chaware

    The only thing that matters to me is that out of the fucking world bass slap solo !!!!!!!

  7. Mr. Goodbar

    Hello anyone know what year this was done thank you great music

  8. Lynsey C

    Lovely from start to finish 💙...Thank you Eric.

  9. Rude Dude

    I love playing along with Clapton on my harmonica, he has built a wonderful and historic legacy. He jams with everybody...even me.

  10. Olavo silva junior

    Dá-lhe Paulinho da Costa

  11. Jarbas a ranger jarbas

    Love elvis

  12. Paul McKinney

    Great! Love the bass. Love everything about it.

  13. micjakes1

    This is horrible. Leave Stevie alone.

  14. Marji Martin

    Amazing - great song and guitar licks give it the uptown beat!!!

  15. Michelle

    Steve is so cute well all the guys are really thanks for posting

  16. Pranav Chaware

    The attitude with which the bassist plays that awesome solo... Pure bliss to watch him sway !!

  17. Frederica Bimble

    R Lee Ermey on drums and it's spooky that the drummer's photo depicts him in military garb.

  18. Edwin Rodriguez

    Cheap fucking imitation!!

    Ibai Unanue

    way better than Stevie Wonder's

  19. Edson Pinheiro

    Stevie Wonder the best original

  20. Izzat TheArtOfClassicIndonesia

    No offense to clapton lovers cause i am too. But looks like he use auto tune for this song.

  21. D Me

    Nice version, and Clapton is an icon, but it just doesn't have the snap, crackle & pop that Stevie Wonders has.


    Eric Clapton es una paleta de cientos de tonos, desde el reggae, hasta el blues rasgado, pero esta es una de sus facetas que adoro. Un pop con una melodía poderosa, una canción que parece suya, alguien capaz de hacer una versionn mejor que la de Stevie Wonder, su voz en su registro más bajo y su maravillosa guitarra suelta, qué esta ahí para el que quiera entenderla.

  23. Doris Quezada

    Omg i not love you stupid

  24. Blues Rain

    "I Ain't Gonna Stand For It..........

  25. Michele EM

    I just love this video and cover! ❤️❤️

  26. Adolph Lopez

    now besides Eric Clapton's singing, I've believe that it even sounds a lot like Stevie Wonder's background singing.

  27. Adolph Lopez

    now Eric Clapton is the next to that he even can't stand for it like that from Stevie Wonder who couldn't stand it. if 5000 can stand for it, why can't Stevie and Eric stand for it.

  28. Anderson

    Esse é o cara grande ERIC

  29. Lia Marques

    2018 ❤

  30. wilfred vega

    Creo que esto es lo ultimo de lo ultimo como música y de sonido. Chau que prolijidad que tacto

  31. Roberto Bravo

    What a great version!

  32. Tricia Irvine

    sings this brill

  33. JR Fiorin de Souza

    3:36 slap bass. I love it, I Love it ! . My reverences with all respect and admiration, MR. Nathan East !

  34. Lilly Katz

    I Just love This Naturally Talented Musician ,Eric Clapton is my very Favorite !!!Hopefully I can get to see him again Lilly

  35. My Gentle Pitt Bull

    GREAT JOB ERIC, a little American Country Music.

  36. Edorta pacubos

    Un rico pastelito

  37. Moe

    sonzera,very good


    I love it.

  39. Edorta pacubos

    Ooooooooooooooh la la

  40. Maxime-Olivier Lavoie

    That bass solo from Nathan East!

  41. JayTemple

    There have been some good covers of Stevie Wonder's songs, but this is the only time anyone's been as good as Stevie. (Why haven't these two legends worked together?)

  42. cristian farias roman

    clapton es Dios, por siempre

  43. Liisa3139

    Steve Gadd on drums.

  44. Tim Scanlan

    Great to see the fabulous Paulinho da Costa on percussion here - very much the go to guy in his day !!

  45. 林風作

    タイトルは何て訳すのか。「俺は我慢しない」?変だ。「好きなようにやらせてもらうぜ」ん、もう少し。「俺ァ 好きにするぜ」こんなとこかなあ。

  46. purplegurl79

    Eric Clapton does a outstanding performance of Stevie's song! 😀😀

  47. carole adams

    love it!

  48. carole adams

    love love love!!!!

  49. cristian mariano farias roman

    que canción más notable. ver a Dios en Chile dos veces fue lo mejor , grande slowhand

  50. camila silva

    the music is fantastic.
    I love

  51. Russ Westberg

    Read an interview many years ago, that Stevie Wonder actually helped EC how to sing....from the belly, etc. God will NEVER die! Keep it coming Eric..😎

  52. Colette' G.

    Doesn't get any better !

  53. Colette' G.

    Doesn't get any better !

  54. byron borges

    REPTILE Album from 2001....with a Doyle Bramhall II song Superman Inside

  55. Douglas Lewis

    New timbre.

  56. carole adams

    The man...

  57. Tamaresque

    Isn't this a Stevie Wonder song? Sounds so good.

    Scott Erwin

    from Stevie Wonder's HOT IN JULY album

    Joao Santos

    yES IT IS!


    Scott Erwin it is Hotter Than July 😊

  58. clau clau isabel

    sos increíble eric clapton


    Clau Clau Isabelle.
    hi Isabelle, bist du die. aus Bonn, dann melde dich doch bitte bei mir.

  59. Suzy Thompson

    Don't be rubbing on my good luck charm!!!

  60. The Pad

    questioning "bigmacake" is "digging 'round my cake" yes no don't know. now know but friends playing together
    no problem. but, comment made by Eric Clapton, with 2016 release date photo is/waz posted in 2014 is now gone and another is on several totally different threads. sldc met a bass player that's from 80s and uses the percussive technique. cannot remember but, think either Mark or Mike and before the bass played the drums and brought style of that
    effect of thumb slapping as a way to impersonate the drums voice and he's a brit, from the Isle if Wight forgot his name but waz in
    Level 42, also he is the frontman for them. ok 😒😎💛

    SLDC sldc

  61. Stephanie Donahue

    Who is good luck charm? This was root of confusion.
    IF good luck charm is moi then happy happy happiness.
    LDSC 4UB&OURLAYLA ALWAYS N ALLWAYS LDSC 4UB&OURLAYLA GOOD MORNING TO YOU PLEASANT AND LOVE YOU ERIC GGRIC the only thing I'm guilty of is ardent support for e equals mc2. Ok sld show artwork if could call it art. sld

  62. R. Nathaniel

    Sheeeeeesh!! Clapton beast mode icing on top of a perfect Stevie Wonder foundation.

  63. Stephanie Donahue

    I felt like I was being told to justify every word ever put on
    Thread. Not to upset you that is why sought refuge was
    being attacked all sides. Ok sld

  64. Stephanie Donahue

    OK, WE CLEAR.???!!!?!?!

  65. Robert Renato

    seems Santana a lot

  66. TheMoot1

    Not just Clapton's guitar work but also voice has got even better with age!

    helder sufiano

    +TheMoot1 experience and talent, doing the same things over and over many of us just naturely grow!!!

    Darren Gately

    Bless him for leading the chance that pop music might go in that direction.

  67. João Victor

    he is my god

  68. виктор мазилов

    Perfect version of famous song!

  69. Jacqueline Rocha


  70. AvatarST

    Superb. As always really.

  71. vicente paulo

    embala a alma da gente!!! Muito gostoso!!!

  72. Eduardo Bomfim

    From the Steve´s tree, the sweet Clapton´s fruit.

  73. PeterSpaeter96

    Could anybody supply the complete line-up, please?

  74. steve schofield

    Simply brilliant

  75. EC1PC

    LOVE this song! And seeing EC laugh and smile :) Nathan too . . Lights me up!!

  76. MichaelHansenFUN

    Eric Clapton does STEVIE WONDER!!! AWESOME!!!!

    Cockney Red

    been quoted as saying that Stevie is a personal favourite and loves his work.
    who doesn't ?

  77. 和田としひろ


    masa sakamoto

    @和田稔弘のVlog/TOSHIHIRO WADA


    @MASA 絵本作家

    masa sakamoto

    @和田稔弘のVlog/TOSHIHIRO WADA

  78. Kathie Ong

    God I love this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Antonio Washington

    Thank you Eric for this modern video masterpiece, Especially the remake of Stevie Wonder's tune, Stevie would be very proud of you for doing this track, and well done with Nathan East bass solo, God Bless!

  80. Despina Luigini

    mi piace moltissimo.....i nostri ricordi !!!!!

  81. The Ippster

    Great version!!

  82. MySallee

    I have fallen in love again with Reptile! Seriously under rated. I got it after reading His autobiography, so very much real Clapton within these songs. I believe in light!

  83. Cora Visser

    awesome as usual you are the best Eric clapton respect for all your music,And yourself.

  84. achaarpickler

    One of the many classic albums I lost from my collection when I left med school. Curse the bloody rotter who took it without asking.......

  85. Clóvis Amaral

    Eric Clapton você é o cara!!!

  86. Sean

    Great cover:)

  87. Frerick Varano

    wasnt stevie wonder the original sinnger who did it 

    Susan Marie

    He did it before Clapton, for sure.

    mark stitzer

    @Susan Marie  what does it matter ?

    mark stitzer

    Great cover

    black mustard

    Stevie did it in 1980, hotter than july album.

  88. marek sarnecki

    Super !

  89. Slawomir Zeromski

    jugoso! jugoso! todas canciones son con jugoso

  90. Slawomir Zeromski

    esta cancion es por gente quein son largo en vivir

  91. Terri Lee

    I just love this sooooo much!

  92. msstevie1951

    Love this song by Stevie Wonder AND Eric Clapton! Just love it! ♥ Thanks for this post ericclapton ! Pure perfection~

  93. Catalin Tudor

    I love this part 0:00 - 4:48

  94. Asoreta1

    Nothing's better than Stevie Wonder'songs !!!But I like this cover anyway

  95. Lennon Clarke

    is there a version of this for you tube mobile?

  96. azurebom

    I just read the mail.

    What's the weather there?

    Much too hot? be careful about...

  97. o0sunsi0o


    "Oh, that feels so good!^^"

    That it do, azurebom! ;D

  98. o0sunsi0o

    Listen to this when you're all alone and keep yourself from dancing--dare ya! ;D