Clapton, Eric - Hellhound On My Trail Lyrics

I got to keep moving, I got to keep moving
Blues falling down like hail, blues falling down like hail
Mmm, blues falling down like hail, blues falling down like hail
And the day keeps on remindin' me, there's a hellhound on my trail
Hellhound on my trail, hellhound on my trail

If today was Christmas eve, if today was Christmas eve
And tomorrow was Christmas day
If today was Christmas eve and tomorrow was Christmas day
All I would need is my little sweet rider
Just to pass the time away, to pass the time away

You sprinkled hot foot powder, mmm, around my door
All around my door
You sprinkled hot foot powder, all around your daddy's door
It keeps me with ramblin' mind rider
Every old place I go, every old place I go

I can tell the wind is risin', the leaves tremblin' on the tree
Tremblin' on the tree
I can tell the wind is risin', leaves tremblin' on the tree
All I need is my little sweet woman
And to keep my company, hey, hey, hey, hey, my company

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Clapton, Eric Hellhound On My Trail Comments
  1. Ben _Jamin

    you literaly need 10 people playing to sound like R Johnson.

  2. Craig McCauley

    Always great!

  3. black sabbath

    when I hear blues from white people makes me feel like listening to justin bieber.

    acog main

    listen to the really old guys

  4. Jason R

    Done as only a true blues master could do. Fucking brilliant.

  5. Zach

    Original was better for sure

    Jacob Ferguson

    Still nice to hear this modern electric modern version, don't you think? With a song like this nothing will ever compare to the haunting old scratchy recording. That being said I dig this cover.

  6. Tek Sight

    No! This is an over stylized electric rendition of a masterpiece that was created with one cheap acoustic guitar and an out of tune voice that was simple but brilliant. Clapton jumped the shark on this one.

  7. B Aristotle

    Please, take this nonsense off. Evidently, Eric Clapton has decided to work his way down with this nonsense.

  8. Flatted357

    I don't know if these re-workings, brilliant no doubt, will reach the level of his "Crossroads" recording some years ago- they might. Well done. It is odd that EC uses slide here on a song where Robert does not, and doesn't use it on Rambling where Robert does?

  9. BirdzzZ On Day Flu

    I would love to see Robert's reaction to hearing this

  10. Billy Logan

    love this song and watched it many times but that little 'doo-wop' slide up between 4.21 - 4.26 is quality!! Well done DB|||rd 😃

  11. ChewOnMyBaccaTV

    It is Christmas Eve though

    Dylan Buchkowski

    Yes it was

  12. Rosco C

    Thank you. Love this song!

  13. Daniel Arias

    You'd think a person's voice would start to get frail as years of singing are piled on top of it, but Eric's voice just keeps getting better and better as he gets older.

    Stephen Webb

    Eric Clapton does a great job on Robert Johnson's songs best cover in music thanks Eric.

  14. brian perkins

    Steve Gadd- d. Chris Stainton-p, Doyle Bramhall II - g.

  15. nowinterweather

    Most of them are member's of EC's band, as far as I know. Billy Preston (the "fifth Beatle," played the organ solo on Get Back and sat in on bunches of other tunes) is on organ here. Worth checking out "They're Red Hot" from this session, too, if you haven't.

  16. BlockInteractive

    Clapton sing the song really really good, but i think the original is the best

  17. xtop23

    Very high quality session musicians backing him up. It isn't surprising of course.... Eric isn't going to waste time with people that can't pull their weight.

  18. Alex Simon Clancy

    once again...AAAAmaZZZinGGG !

  19. Greg Parker

    Thank you for uploading this wonderful blues performance. Eric : as good,or better,than ever.