Clapton, Eric - Come On In My Kitchen Lyrics

You better come on
In my kitchen,
It's going to be rainin' outdoors.

The woman I love stole my best friend.
Some joker got lucky, stole her back again.


Uh huh, she gone, know she won't come back.
I take the last nickel out of her nation sack.

[Chorus 2x]

When a woman get in trouble, everybody throws her down.
Looking for her good friend, they can't be found.


Any time you've coming, it's gonna be so.
You can't make the winter, baby, just drive on slow.

[Chorus 2x]

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Clapton, Eric Come On In My Kitchen Comments
  1. Dee Fieret

    My MOST favorite! Eric Clapton!!!!!

  2. P Kawesako

    Robert Jonhson the legend

  3. P Kawesako

    So good

  4. fiorella fenati

    come on in my kitchen Eric!

  5. Pumpkin King

    Goddamn! I have to pick up this album yesterday

  6. Aaron Joy's music & books

    just because you can play guitar doesn't mean you can play slide guitar. Does he know what vibrato is? And, this song is famous for its beautiful melody, so why clutter it up?

  7. Karma Nadji

    You better come on in my kitchen
    It's goin' to be rainin' outdoors

    When a woman gets in trouble, everybody throws her down
    Lookin' for her good friend, none can be found
    You better come on in my kitchen
    It's goin' to be rainin' outdoors

  8. John Sunde

    Eric paying his respect to what we ignored and he cherished. Was a knee on the field 40 years ago?!?

  9. ale mariani

    robert johnson is God, clapton just a good arranger

    Felipe Zead 94

    ale mariani Clapton is god and Robert johnson is the Devil haha

  10. Becka Petersen

    Clapton is still God

  11. jason Bourn

    a free MP3 download of a modern version of this song

  12. u107261 Pete Haycock slide guitar version (album or Live) v EC
    I soo love PH version and have always loved EC work...ach i'm in conflict .....HELP

    Mike Phalen

    David Bromberg live version is my favorite.

  13. Big Daddy

    seems some people are just listeners and not musicians or guitar players to disrespect what Clapton has done here is bullshite...

  14. Bluesboy Jag Cigar Box Guitars

    not sure why anyone would cover this almost note for note. either create an entirely different version or don't bother, rj already did it.

    John Sunde

    Except Eric is introducing a few more to the genuine roots, as has been his mission through these decades.


    Bluesboy Jag Cigar Box Guitars, why try to change it? RJ was genius, and keepin it the same just pays homage and respect. Eric Clapton has the talent n skill to have done anything he wanted with this piece, but chose to stay true. I personally dig it. Its rare that a remake, taking a different direction, comes out happens, but it is rare.


    The blues were meant to be interpreted by anybody.. that's what make the blues the blues

    Mike Phalen

    I've heard Johnson's playing is difficult to copy. Clapton proves he's up to the task.

  15. omeletpants

    Clapton was god in 1965........nothing has changed

    John Sunde

    Took Eric and his Brit Brothers to introduce us to what we were ignoring.
    I bless him and those Brit Bros to filling my soul with genuine Blues!

  16. Glenn Everett

    great album

  17. Aces High

    Man I love Clapton. His sound is so versatile.


    aint his sound

  18. Cora Visser

    awesome fantastic

  19. Jason Walker

    Great cover :)

  20. Sir DiesAlot

    I love it Jonas. There are several great video versions, but something about this album version I love.