City Morgue - GANG GREEN Lyrics

Ayo, ayo
Niggas know what the fuck goin' on
Lotta niggas not respectin' they muhfuckin' jaw
'Til they get they muhfuckin' grapefruit cracked, no cap, nigga
NYBBA all day and every day, shoot to kill, bruh, for real
[*manic laughter*]
MBF 'til the death
Get it ticking, all my niggas Ewok 'til they heartbeat stops
City Morgue clean up crew, Hikari-ULTRA the label

Stop jacking, what you ain't nigga (bitch)
Pistol whip, spank niggas (pow-pow-pow)
Heard you bustin' blanks, nigga
Servin' fake tracers, nigga (pow-pow-pow)
Pull up in a tank, nigga (skrr)
Like a big ol' wardog
With the fuckin' sawed-off (yeah)
And I came to paint niggas (yeah)
Listen, bitch, no fingerprints on the murder weapon (yeah)
Lil' bitch, jumped off the porch when I turned eleven
Triple six, don't cross the line, that's the murder section (yeah)
Extended clips, thirty rounds, that's a 1-8-7

Nah nigga, what up, what it do?
Nah nigga, what up, what it do?
Nah nigga, what up? Stay to lose!
Nah nigga, what up? Stay to lose!

Stuffin' hunnids in my Timberlands and Uptown's (what?)
Stuffin' drugs up in the ziplock bag, I'm up now (what?)
I might fuck around and crash the Benz, no fuss now (okay)
I might fuck around and aim that Glizz, focus now (okay)
So drop, boy, we slump, boy, you faking ass little punk boy (bitch)
Them sharp boys, they say when the fuckin' dogs roar (bitch)
I swing swords and machetes
We been playin' all life, I hope y'all niggas ready
Got a new vest, I'ma go and test it
Shootout with the cops or the opps, send a message
And I'd rather die than be tied and arrested
And I'd rather die than be tied and arrested

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    Hey Benjamin Franklin invented Bisexual glasses on May 23...and gave birth to me

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    the benz plate is HIKARI ULTRA ... son went off

  8. Abhinav Varre

    Do your friends hate city morgue?

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    Who needs tekashi when you got City morgue.

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    This shit HOT 👍👍👍👍

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    i hear sosmulas spit squirt out of his lips *fire emoji*

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  14. 2kdd U,_U

    I don’t get why ppl be hatin on Sos. I actually prefer him over zilla tbh since it just feels so fuckin raw. Both him and zilla are great but I just vibe with Sos a lot more

  15. İlyas Göksen

    0:10 Greenmula XD

  16. Joe Gamez

    Assault to her mouth releasing some stress bloody cunt on pms. Now u sit with both holes leaking. Soon u'll see the lessons Joe's teaching!!!!!

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    Some scary ass shit

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    1:03 scariest part

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    You call this scary? Man I eat this for breakfast every morning

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    Boys locker room: Gay asf

  34. Demon From hell

    🔥 1:24 💪😎
    Got a new vest, I'ma go and test it
    Shootout with the cops or the opps, send a message
    And I'd rather die than be tied and arrested
    And I'd rather die than be tied and arrested

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    Zilla's verse goes hard

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    Oh man it's 11pm and I'm never gonna sleep again because of nightmares.. But I still love this Video

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    Someone: You Blood or Crip?

    Zilla and Sos: GANG GREEN



    ...and also blood

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    Why does this remind me of the Misfits?

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    and id rather die then be tied and arrested😤👌

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    I feel like I'm gonna have bad luck for a few years

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    Every City Morgue's clip is like a warm blanket in winter.


    Girls locker room: oh mr Fuller I’m gunna come
    Boys locker room: *gang green kills everyone*

    Bradley Swyrtek

    Mr fuller. Nigga you go to my school?

    -Alley Cat-

    Mr Fuller?

    Throw communists out of helicopters

    MAD HOUND who that nigga mr fuller he a filler

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