City Morgue - BHUM BUKKET Lyrics

Woo, woo
Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo

You look like people that I don't wanna know
You look like people that I don't wanna know

Cut, checks, then fade to black
Hoe, text, then fade to black
Break, necks, then fade to black
Take, nangs, then fade to black
Say they want war but they never wanna see me now
They want war but they never wanna see me now
They want war but they never wanna see me now
They want war but they never wanna see me now

Big bloody SosMula, cobra with the green beam
My niggas' shoot to kill, hit you in your clean beam
Free the Makks, Rikers Island they all stay, sing sing
Slit wrist, oh my God shit is on bling bling
Big bricks, oh my God pockets on ching ching
Ran off, on the block, promethazine fiend
No water in that order, bitch, I just drink lean
No water in that order, bitch, I just drink lean
Pull up on a nigga at the stop sign nigga
Give it to a nigga with the Glock nine nigga
Trap phone jiggin' that's a hotline nigga
So many rocks you could rock climb nigga
Aye, aye, aye
Cook it in the microwave

Cut, checks, then fade to black
Hoe, text, then fade to black
Break, necks, then fade to black
Take, nangs, then fade to black
Say they want war but they never wanna see me now
They want war but they never wanna see me now
They want war but they never wanna see me now
They want war but they never wanna see me now

You look like people that I don't wanna know
You look like people that I don't wanna know

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City Morgue BHUM BUKKET Comments

    ok then

  2. I like Youtube

    Karen’s won’t understand us here

    rexo319 dank

    Pleased Nutrition My mom said im gonna be a mass shooter cause i listen 2 this shit😳😳

  3. Justin Selena

    I even get made fun of when the roots of thoughs days haven't left please release them off me kill everybody but me help save me please it's dark over here

  4. Justin Selena

    Least the music die like I will on the road I guess help please

  5. Justin Selena

    Suicidal dog n bird fought help n witchs adding jokes in both mind n person help sos snippeted hard no release help please why don't you want to know me

  6. Justin Selena

    Is he gone jump out

  7. Justin Selena

    Who abandon yet still calming it was gave not by any of mine huh

  8. Justin Selena

    What about john

  9. Big Reee

    Sos went the fuck off

  10. Matt Ogden

    It’s disgusting how good this is!!

  11. Dustin Jarvis

    Sosmula low key ruined the song

    I post a lot of videos

    @Kraylo :D he sounds fire

  12. Justin Selena

    You saying you can bring rooster up n its yours huh casue my eye dang n guess im not 69 again snippet damn john don't want to be a dog help me but hey been more than 30 mins fighting it n u knoe it knoe

  13. Justin Selena

    Why im paying for something you bring up for damn eye hurt n I not like that

  14. Justin Selena


  15. Justin Selena

    Dang dog jokes stop in my head crowing rooster quit tricking me

  16. Justin Selena

    Sorry its on this one but the other one hurts too bad. I just don't want that again know casue I still don't know my past all the way n if i hear them I wounder if it's real n it messes with me casue I could of been here the whole time it seems or idk like I wounder sometimes but just go anyway. I can take this down for yall again if you want im haveing trouble remembering so what do I do john you told me last time please help me again.

  17. Justin Selena

    I feel public humiliated saying it im sorry to I do like y'all said though I feel crazy to I don't even know if she beileves half my stuff but idk I do like y'all said n just hope. What do I do know though john. Casue some songs I can't listen too again it hurt remembering what songs I listen to coming back I just got my same app game back it hurt some but not as bad as the music. I fought in the music. Still lost though. God nightcore hurts alot. Am I crazy john I know u feel invisible some times but that's how I feel about myself when it hurts me

  18. Justin Selena

    I know im with a old high school firend n feeling her in what she missed being way out there but public humilated then go out in n knoeing y'all probily know or remember it though the day but alot going on n I just don't want no joke about me being it again then calling off it by tricking me again then laughing more by family about it dang shoot me I don't want that n its no lie I still hear them crow when I do n they will go out the way to show it like it's crazy please help n what a story with out the other half like when there was a lie no I wasn't but really was but yall beileves them why I barked at y'all please resuce me im no dog no more I just don't want that put in my face like im shit as I smoke on the property yet off its different I even thorw up once from it what's wrong with me john I know u care I just don't think im right or worth it sometimes so if I leave please knoe it wasn't you n i probily won't make it but I'd be happy im no dog n ill prove it just be good hope you get this letter in time

  19. Justin Selena

    Im not there dog but that shit hurts getting thorwen in face mind n more so in life. Like why they so evil john I know u fighten too I try to get u help to but idk man I'm giving up slowly casue that shit excess me does hurt after days on end getting treated like it.

  20. Justin Selena

    Is there a lie I haven't heard. Like im sorry family again yet nightcore it's already a song that you just muilpultated my mind n john knows it. When does it stop im worth something I beileve please help me .

  21. Justin Selena

    Why my family like this too me. Can I please be a orphan or adopted somewhere I just want a real family almost 30 years n no family its sad why they hate me so bad what do I do I try to fight for you john I know im werid at times but I try for you. I know you know some. Please just save me I hate it then half my stuff missing in my own room. Does this town have no justice in it. I just want my team back n wish wish wish hard family back home but I don't want it no more to many lies on life then thorwen in my face like im trash thorwen away n never getten this off.

  22. Justin Selena

    They even act n gave them the call one-day n I felt so betrayed yet I still couldn't cope with it the scar that never has a break to heal

  23. Justin Selena

    Damn why is someone close in my head makeing fun of me for being a dog then treat me like it then think in it like it's theres n act like I ant there. Then treat as a pet or pets. Wrose use me to call crows then use them laugh at me n treat me like a dog. Why am I feeling like a fool. Then try to go off my cigs like why no body answer my calls I show up n igrones yet they there why John. Am ur play ground for demons or people just close to me n why my same people that did still in there just thorwen up stuff to hurt me. Do y'all finerville hate me that bad it been a while like this why no help me or save me

  24. Justin Selena

    Alan Walker must be poping with 69 poping know

  25. Justin Selena

    Wounder why

  26. Justin Selena

    Fell it in my ass n body n eye like wow y'all go other family death that I moss vcasue y'all right finer pointers huh bitchs get off a old dick billy 69 is here blood on or you stupid huh let me know or fuk off like wow mellow yellow wow not yet how many years I sufure before I get on like u fake alan people wow even on a white fkag n that on white 2 wow blood u need a new hobby you so weak in this one

  27. Justin Selena

    Call or show me the check blood why you lacking like pussys bleeding slow like the fuk you still hurt from a witch wow I had two the fuk ghostmanie wait i had y'all two so maybe more n you sad casue 1 u just soft blood like ur bannda mine not mine blood sprayed like you know me Mr.foot or hand or hair or the fuk u forgot right like okay and a death u scaried wow beat you don't even try for it

  28. Justin Selena

    Let's see okay your missing wow never had a chance to get you like you did me huh try to take my work blood why you need it. Should i go on or you up the fuk like wow u bitching alot to disappear n blood not follow you blood. What code years no check up okay blood no guesses ethier shit ant funny

  29. Justin Selena

    You look like blood but yet idk you look like blood yet idk you look like blood yet idk. 3 times and still no one stood behind you so when it start remember you let it I didn't. So tough as it goes get my back bitch the front that my hit n walking like watch them run just to prove a point. Like how fake is ur blood

  30. Justin Selena

    Like if that ant nuff then okay rap something more to play when you ride like you hard yet where ya at need it from satan damn how bout god even wrose he calls you a pussy not knowing already damn i shoot n don't look the fuk old style like your going know my blood bitch like dare you pussies

  31. Justin Selena

    The fuk invite n u running the other way go year 6 huh n u missing wow squad n mafia lets see how coward you are u still loseing day almost gone huh blood hear like I ant okay then you tell urself that's why you don't shoot or maybe you real pussy n talk to 50 cent 69 squad n he say the bullets hit he just wouldn't let go of that cop car in the vedio like really come up with a new one fuk ups

  32. Justin Selena

    Jesse went gang on billy any objections no casue not war ready come finerville we solve at know

    Justin Selena

    The fuck y'all scaried look I count your squad days to hear like you loseing shit till u hear don't be scaried no talk needed be ready or fuk off I got my squad smoke we fuk u just got invite n u runing away go ur team haha under my mine already don't act like I ant seen the help shout out more than 9

  33. Justin Selena

    Let's wake up or is squad scaried in finerville lets go u fuck ups like me

  34. Justin Selena

    How does that work then abondan me like my people do why how sad a sorry n still can't get his own why like save me please resuce this guy show Me U want him

  35. Justin Selena

    Said my town of 69 id oh wait we don't want to know mello

  36. Justin Selena

    White on white

  37. Justin Selena


  38. Hugh Reed

    Literally thought my neighbor was mowing his lawn

  39. писк

    Zilla and sos got to many good songs can't pic a fav

  40. Aladdim BR

    my nigga shoot to kill

  41. soiceyjoe

    dis da city morgue iluv

  42. Keanu Tim König

    Damn The Hook is Like Slipknot and Korn ! Greetings from a German City morgue is fire!

  43. Светозар Нинов


  44. Thaddeus Ciesielski

    people who hate sosmula are clowns

    ー ロルヅスカル

    Thaddeus Ciesielski for example i dont hate just skip sosmulas verse cos too obsessed w zillas

  45. Mountebank



    Daa I don wanna knooo

  46. Deyniem Dreyy

    Hard Af!!!

  47. Lil Iris

    I swear by god i saw this image of zillakami in my nightmares before i ever knew him. That was in 2017 where bhum bukket doesnt even existed (Sry for my english)


    that was citymorgues profile pic in 2016

    Lil Iris

    @Hyge Shit im dumb but i didnt knew about city morgue/heard something from them in 2017

  48. croplaya

    Another bunch of fucking idiots that think its ok to use the n word but theyre Spanish absolute fucking NERDS. Mumble rap sucks. This is literally a 0 on a scale of 1 to 10

  49. Kevin Robertson

    these are my favorite rappers on youtube

  50. Sleez Zilla

    I think this song has been deleted by alot of youtubers cause I cant find it anywhere no more and I used to find it all the time.

  51. Sasha Frolkov


  52. Sosaa

    this song gives me the goosebumps

  53. arod the god

    yoouuu look like peopleee..

  54. FloridaBoy321

    The korn influence on this track is krazy

  55. dont say the n word

    zilla HAS to make more songs like this

  56. all the messiahs

    nobodys ca vs me

  57. zR_Taeqo


  58. Alec _The gacha

    dont read this. You will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Now you have started reading this don't stop, this is so freaky. but if you read this and ignore it then you will have very bad luck. Put this is 15 song in 144 mins. When you are done press the space bar and your crush's name will appear in big letters on the screen. This is so freaky cause it actually works


    Sos and zilla have an obsession with microwaves


    Do u mean like the machine or the wave particle??


    @dipsetworld12 it's a reference to cooking crack


    @Addictionzz I know, I was just making a dumb joke


    @dipsetworld12 oh lol my bad

    Boredom's New Bestfriend


  60. Alec _The gacha

    BrEaK NeCkS AnD FadE to BlAcK

  61. Alec _The gacha

    What I play when I fight peeps

  62. Obscure Sweetnightmare

    Black metal facepaint is the top.

  63. denn7s

    69 dislikes

    *snitch9ine intesifies*

  64. Joe Gamez

    The hell with God dont need a fucking father. Bitch save your breath dont even bother. Its gonna be a slaughter when i kill your fucking daughter's. Red Demon...

  65. Zach Kahn

    Mula went the fukk off

  66. FFLsilenxr

    I love Christian Hip hop


    It's that time of the year now

  67. DMc

    I dont worship satan im too evil and he hates me , god cannot save me,hell annot take me

  68. dmtslut


  69. TheNihilist

    whY dOeS iT sAy bHuM bukKeT?

  70. Fredrik Schiller Alkruzo

    fuck 😎😊😋 halsing..

  71. Fredrik Schiller Alkruzo

    wat naxt 🐉

  72. Fredrik Schiller Alkruzo


  73. ckeeky zekey


  74. bozz è dio

    1:07 IM EXPLODED

  75. DeathW!sh


  76. Only Positive Thoughts

    fave song by them

  77. bluesmxkes 23

    i need a #HikariUltra and #G*59 collab

  78. Tøxiq FN

    U look like people

  79. Chaelim McCarthy

    Best duo out here🔥🔥🔥

  80. Cute Little Matafaka :3


  81. Black clock

    oh yeah yeah

  82. Dead Devils member

    love it

  83. WickedHeaaRt xPagan

    Cook it In a microwave

  84. 42 Adventures

    fuuuck mula murders this beat

  85. feet inspector


  86. MeanLeanMachine

    Zilla:what are we boutta do wit all this popcorn

    Alec _The gacha

    Me:no u pop it :D

    Alec _The gacha

    @Cute Little Matafaka :3 lol noice mame


    it would be seeds though

  87. Kalee Gaston

    i listen to it every day

  88. Reaper Andrew


  89. Marcos Morales

    Zilla or Sos who is better 🤔 i say zilla

    Cute Little Matafaka :3

    Trap/rap wise, SOS.
    Metal/rock wise, Zilla.
    Just facts.

  90. Polito El Borrador

    Esta musica me dan ganas de silvar a la madrugada para ver si viene el pombero xdd

  91. Adolf. Hipster


  92. XXX Lucifer

    These guys got to be some of the best. If not the best.

  93. Maciuś

    r o z p i e r d o l