Chumbawamba - Passenger List For Doomed Flight # 1721 Lyrics

Attention please, this is the final call for flight one seven two one
Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Jack Straw, bye bye, all bye bye
Billy Graham, Gerhard Schroeder, Tony Blair, bye bye, all bye bye
Boris Yeltsin, Mick Hucknall, Tipper Gore, bye bye, all bye bye
Ian Paisley, Pauline Hanson, Courtney Love, bye bye
Goodbye, bye bye, goodbye, bye bye
Goodbye, bye bye, goodbye, bye bye

Garry Bushell, Paul Condon, Ally McBeal, bye bye, all bye bye
Jean-Marie Le Pen, Janet Reno, Bill Clinton, bye bye, all bye bye
Judge Sabo, Bono, Howard Stern, bye bye, all bye bye
General Pinochet, Nicky Wire, Rupert Murdoch, bye bye
Goodbye, bye bye, goodbye, bye bye
Goodbye, bye bye, goodbye, bye bye

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Chumbawamba Passenger List For Doomed Flight # 1721 Comments
  1. Digital Rain

    It's a travesty that Ian Paisley wasn't offed decades before he passed on.

  2. Champagne Hour

    Made my own list and found a band that might let me perform it on stage.

  3. Jerome Love

    What did Nicky Wire do?


    From NME: 'It’s thought the Chumbas included Nicky on their list after he was scathing about their stunt of tipping a bucket of water over deputy prime minister John Prescott at the 1998 Brit Awards.'

    Jerome Love

    @AlmostReadyMovie I see, thanks.


    @Jerome Love Nicky Wire was also quoted somewhere saying that Danbert stole the idea of dressing in drag from Richey James which is a rather ridiculous claim.

  4. Good Day Human


  5. Bubsy 2D

    Nicky Wire? Why??

  6. Sparki Dee

    Kitty Soper... bye bye!

  7. pdquick1

    Why couldn't Donald Trump have been on this flight? At least Bill Clinton finally boarded a doomed flight. With Hillary. Buh-bye.

  8. The Red WS

    this track is awesome!

    Larry Wilson

    The Red WS They should have fought harder to get this on WYSIWYG. “Jesus in Vegas” and “I’m Coming Out” were way more inflammatory than this.

  9. nick roberts

    i get knocked down is there only good song

  10. Luca Van Dresh

    Yeah I agree with the Sleaford mods "Chumbawamba weren't political they were just crap"

  11. starwars95i

    To those asking what Bill Gates did to get on the list, he used to be vicious. He essentially bought out or did whatever he could to take out the competition. The government even sued Microsoft with antitrust violation charges. Apple was right about to fall and Microsoft was going to be the only player in the game. This would have been terrible for Microsoft, so they bailed out Apple so they could avoid a lawsuit. Bill has changed his ways now and gives, but that's because he already amounted his fortune; he doesn't care anymore.

    Jack Thompson

    What they did to Rareware still pisses me off.

  12. john gleason

    I hope chumbawamba becomes a slang word for having huge balls. Because god damn did these guys have huge balls

  13. corneraddict

    i would only save nicky wire and courtney love XD

    Bubsy 2D

    Courtney said that saxophones don't belong in rock, so she can stay in the plane if you ask me

    Jerome Love

    Nicky Wire is cool, but Courtney can fuck off.

  14. BoomBoxJakey

    he drinks a whiskey drink he drinks a vodka drink

    Bubsy 2D

    He drinks a lager drink he drinks a cider drink and he crashes the plane

  15. Aaron Gosper

    What did Bill Gates do?

  16. Greg Bye

    True, Howard can be a jerk, but I agree, Why is he on the death flight list? Oh well...

  17. handicappedhoods

    Agreed. It's nice to know we aren't the only country who hates Pauline Hanson

  18. chasetheguitarplayer

    i love al gore, but tipper's a cunt. music shouldnt be censored.

  19. Pootie Tang

    i agree with this song, the world probably would be a better place if these people all died in a plane crash. it's too bad we are stuck with them

  20. TheKingZebulon

    Damn didnt expect somethin this badass


    howard stern? haha these guys want everyone to go. fuck all of ya!

  22. CandidCamzy

    I GET KNOCKED DOWN, but this time, I didn't get back up again.

  23. SpamNapkin

    I think what they were trying to say was that they should be recognized for more than just that one song.

  24. wrarwimadragon

    @reidhasguitar They probably didn't think it would make sense if they were vague about it...

  25. jimymaack

    Which I understand is a great tax dodge.

  26. spi114

    He says Boris Yeltsin not Boris Johnson

  27. Ally James

    aw c'mon Chumbawamba, Howard Stern too?

  28. Animal Mother

    we are all from cracked, and these guys also hate us all, i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu /blows kiss\

  29. retsz

    chumbawamba need to update the passenger list for 2012. they could turn this from a 2:49 song to a 2:49:00 song

  30. jagsonjamie

    sweet, two aussies made it. for a country of only 17 million at the time, we did pretty well.

  31. GriefTourist

    yeah they are all twats especially Wire

  32. Eric Davis

    Hmm. Not sure I'd agree with Bill Gates being on the list. From what I understand, he is a great humanitarian..

  33. fleadle34

    I'm trying to see the good in all those named, but find it very difficult !

  34. Dave Carter

    No--But a brilliant track

  35. GintokisGirl95

    Wow. They really don't like anyone, do they? lol

    I love this song!! <3