Chronic Future - I Think You Got Ahead Of Me Lyrics

I think you got ahead of me, you got ahead of me, walking back towards the sea and moving steadily
As far as the eye can see all is empty, no sign of anything resembling the living
So baby come home don't you leave me all alone, the knots that you make ties that you break, life you take all add up to nothing, nothing, but...

When you don't play by the rules... (dodododo)
The days turn black and blue (dodo)
I guess you got some things to do (do do dodo)
I'll remember you (do do)

These are not the eyes of me it's just a side of me
Rising like the tide of sea nothing more surprises me
Slip away so quietly I am riding walking on the side of me please come cry with me

I think you got the best of me because the rest of me has lost all feeling
with no sounds of healing
How can I just let it be, when everything isn't how it oughta be, it's my autobiography.
So, when the wind blows will you hit that lonely road and never look back at what might have come to pass so it became nothing, nothing, cause...

When you don't play by the rules (dododo do)
The days turn black and blue (dodo)
I guess you got some things to do (do do dodo)
I'll remember you (dodo)

I fell down from the top of the world
It's my farewell party
I'll sail off into the setting sun (hey now)
I fell down from the top of the world
and these words of parting
were written with love just for you

"Please don't think less of me
Because the better me
That stands right next to me
Waits for me to set it free
I am what i used to be
To confused to see
Haven't gotten used to me
Root, trunk, branch, leaf

That's the way it's supposed to go
I'm one my shoulder knows
Asking them to hold the boat
This the fit we chose to throw
Cold nights and lonely roads
I want you to know that you're the only one that makes this life so beautiful"

Say it like you mean it, like you beleive it, cause I best believe in going with the season
I appreciate you telling me, cause I was wondering why my ears are ringing each and every evening
So off I go back to things I used to know and when I look back the good and the bad times that we had all add up to something, something, cause...

When you don't play by the rules (dodod do)
The days turn black and blue (dodo)
I guess you got some things to do (dodo)
I'll remember you (dodo)

When you don't play by the rules (dodod do)
The days turn black and blue (dodo)
I guess you got some things to do (dodo)
I'll remember you (dodo)

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Chronic Future I Think You Got Ahead Of Me Comments
  1. Moises Ustariz

    Please come Cry with me

  2. Michael Graystone

    8 dislikes must hate life

  3. Richard Salazar

    Chronic Future so underrated awesome band

  4. Oscar Hernandez

    This song never gets old. Wish it was on iTunes.

  5. Oscar Hernandez

    Wish I could download it on iTunes

  6. Samantha Bolling

    So many memories.

    Yung Kyle

    +Samantha Bolling Yes

  7. Danny

    what happened with this band?


    +Danny They received mainstream success with the lines in my face album but their EP they released afterwards did not do as well. A bit after that, they went on a "break" but sort of fell off the face of the earth. Interestingly enough, a few months ago they played a live set for the first time in 5 years or so.

    Joey Kelly

    +Zargrim Where?! when?! pls tell me


    They wound up playing in New York City (they all have since relocated to the NYC area) and then after good reception to that show they went back and played one in Arizona their home state when Lines in My Face was released back in 2004. No word on when they will get back together or if any new material is in the making.

    Kaos Hybryd

    SeemsLogical I would be ecstatic if they released any more music. The backlash over their last EP was unjustified.

  8. Nick F

    I actually frowned for real when I saw that 1 dislike :(

  9. Davi DeGanne

    You're not alone, good sir.

    Chronic Future never ceases to amaze me with their subtle but powerful composition and like you said, absoutely brilliant lyrcs. And that's really saying something, because they haven't put out any music in years.

    They truly ought to be rich, famous, and loved all over the world.

  10. Mister3AM

    ...when everything isn't how it ought to be. It's my autobiography.

    God damnit. Chronic Future has always had some brilliant lyrics and it truly pisses me off that they didn't get as big as they should have.

  11. beckerisfly

    this is my song right now, i miss the mother of my child and ex fiancé. these are not the eyes of me , sigh

    Jonathan June

    beckerisfly Jeez man. Hope things got better for you.

  12. starachristy88

    This if my favorite thing from them besides the entire album of Lines in My Face. <3

  13. NoxZero

    love this song, don't say that about many songs.

  14. Dor Bink

    ok where can i buy this song and (things that you ought to know)..... caint find em anywhere... seriously neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to know...

  15. William Misko

    0 people were wrong 102 people were right

  16. speakafreak22

    For anyone looking for this song...
    Google Youtube to MP3. I usually use the first 2 links, but feel free to check out any others. Easiest solution for me, hope it works for ya.

  17. vash2341

    I cannot get this song outta my head.. they need to make more music..

  18. lookingforthetruth

    epic win.

  19. Maria Benitez

    can anyone send me the mp3 to this PLEASEEEE?? its not availible on itunes :(

  20. Jessie Remsen

    Awesome song cant get enough of it!!!

  21. Kaos Hybryd

    @juanjuan732 The background image is just an explosion I made in Photoshop

  22. Will Coming

    @kewlz1000 People with a good taste in music ;)
    Chronic Future = awesome

  23. beckerisfly

    i need my ex gf back in my life grr

  24. Alex Maceda

    were can i download this song?

  25. SAGE 808

    This was meant for you x0xninjax0x

  26. SAGE 808

    C Cmaj9 Am G

    F G C C F G

    C Am Em G

    I believe It is tuned a half step down

  27. Rae Garcia

    I like that

  28. Theodst

    CF RUlEs tHiS SoNg MaKeS mE HapPY

  29. Joshua H

    hah alook at my old posts on here and listen to the new version of the song on the bands myspace.... then actually switch the lyrics to i'm what my shoulder knows and others =]

  30. Ryan C

    i dunno if theyre considered "underground" but they are one of the best fucking bands ive heard but not alot of people know about them

  31. Mopars bear

    is there any way i can get this song downlaoded??

    i fucking love it

  32. Judah Oechsle

    I love the new EP.
    There new style is really good.

  33. Kaos Hybryd

    Hey. I think the EP is great! Sure the songs are different, but they're still good.

  34. brandx96

    ummm yeah little gay dog this is a good song and nothin will make me not like this band.

  35. BrandonW689

    does anyone know the chord progression i want to sing this to my girlfriend

  36. BrandonW689

    does anyone know the chord progression. i want to sing this to my girlfriend

  37. starsmaybleed

    I'm probably 1,000 views to this song xD

  38. brandx96

    freaking amazing this band is pimp!

  39. Kaos Hybryd

    Request them on your favorite radio station.
    :) maybe that will spread the word

  40. BlkPhoenix

    they use to, but i dont know what happened to it either. i thought for sure they would make it big

  41. ImMattGetit

    this band has sick potential..they should b more popular

  42. Michel Ange

    Why this awesome band has no real website ? :'(

  43. BlkPhoenix

    great song

  44. Step Zero

    its coming out November 4th Online, and then if you go to a concert you can buy a hard copy.

  45. Kaos Hybryd

    I have no idea... :( The only advice I can give to know is to check the band's Myspace page often.

  46. BlkPhoenix

    when is there new album coming out?

  47. Kaos Hybryd

    Never mind. that's what you mean by "big balls"....

  48. Kaos Hybryd

    I actually like Coldplay... and some ACDC.

  49. xNiseyx

    THANKS for the lyrics! :P

  50. Kaos Hybryd

    That's awesome! Chronic Future is my favorite band.

  51. Kaos Hybryd

    Wow. I can't believe that I never noticed that before. for shame....

  52. Steven Gifford

    "nothing cuz
    when you don't don't play by the rules"

    Each time that comes up, you have "don't" in there twice... Nothing big at all, just a double up on a word.

  53. starsmaybleed

    "as far as the eye can see, always empty."

    I think it's.. as far as the eye can see, all is empty.

    not that it's that big of a deal..

  54. Daniel .Westervelt

    Great song, Although I don't think its downloadable anywhere. Am i wrong? Has anyone heard if itll be on the new album this summer?

  55. Joshua H

    "i'll sail off into the setting sun I fell down from the top of the world" should be "I'll sail off into the setting sun. Hey now. I fell down from the top of the world". "I'm one my shoulder knows" I have the same thing in my lyrics but i think it might be i am what my shoulder knows" after listening again. you helped me too though "so off i go back to things i used to know" I had " so what if i go back to things i used to know". i was wrong there.Well thanks for helping me and hope i helped U

  56. Joshua H

    "as far as the eye can see always empty"
    I did the lyrics to and i listened to the song a few more times comparing both of ours.
    This line should say."as far as the eye can see all is empty" Makes a little more sense too. I am going to keep listening now and add more if i find them. =]."I am ready walking down the side of me" I think this line is supposed to be "I am writing. Woke another side of me." The writing goes with a later line in the song to. I am running out of space in this comment.

  57. Kaos Hybryd

    Yeah, you're right. I'll change that. I'm always open to corrections.

    To everybody who's listened to this: thanks for liking the song!

  58. helbleboy

    ,,I want you to know that you're the only thing that makes this life so beautiful''.... i think it's i want you to know that you're the only one.... but good job ;-)

  59. Joshua H

    msg me on myspace or face book and i will get them to you my name is Joshua Heerey

  60. Joshua H

    I have the lyrics somewhere i took the time and listened and wrote them down. I posted it on the bands myspace a long time ago.

  61. Kaos Hybryd

    No problem. It's a great song, and I'm happy to put it up.

  62. yvette martinez

    ahhh awsum song!
    i fuckin love it so mucho![:
    ahhhhhh I ♥ it so mucho!
    yay Chronic Future♥

  63. Mrbuzzfuzz

    can u send me this song??