Christina Aguilera - I Am (Stripped) Lyrics

I am timid and
I am oversensitive
I am a lioness
I am tired and defensive
You take me in your arms
And I fall into you
I have insecurities
You show me I am beautiful

Love me or leave me
Just take it or leave it
It's not that I'm needy
Just need you to see me

Take me, free me, see through to the core of me
Take me, free me, there will be no more pretending


I am temperamental and
I have imperfections and
I am emotional
I am unpredictable
I am naked
I am vulnerable
I am a woman
I am opening up to you

Love me or leave me
Just take it or leave it
It's not that I'm needy
Just need you to see me

Take me, free me, see through to the core of me
Take me, free me, there will be no more pretending

Now I stand before you with my heart in my hands
I'm asking you to take me just the way that I am
Please lay down your arms, do you know me?
Make me feel safe from harm

Take me, free me, see through to the core of me
Take me, free me, there will be no more pretending

I am temperamental and
I have imperfections and
I am emotional
There'll be no more pretending


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Christina Aguilera I Am (Stripped) Comments
  1. Florian Muzaffer Baki

    Searching for the cover of Elieve

  2. Arthur Patombon

    One of my favourite track from this album.....2019 still listening..

  3. Hannah

    This was my walking-down-the-aisle song. Love it and it's so real :)

  4. Bombas Games

    Muito bom

  5. Ziyed Hamrouni

    She should make a whole album like this

  6. Chrisma

    😢 hermosa!!!

  7. bluetwinkiesaregood

    I bought this album, worth it!

  8. Maricela Menjivar

    this song describe me... I love it💜

  9. Fardan Pasquareli

    i love this song

  10. Desi James

    still not as stripped as Save Me from Myself. bec of the backup singers excessively chiming in

  11. Drew Vitale

    Would just like to clarify: the song is titled, "I Am (Stripped)". As in, this is a stripped version of the song "I Am", that contains less invasive instrumentation and the vocal line is brought out. The fact that the word "stripped" is in the title of the song has absolutely nothing to do with her album titled "Stripped". No connection whatsoever.

  12. Evan Kastrinakis


  13. CutestGalaxy

    sia wrote this... so beautiful 

    Lucky Obsiye

    +CutestGalaxy she's just listing words, not a songwriting masterpiece christina's voice is lovely though

    Desi James

    +Hannah Obsiye i know what ur saying, however this is a personal song. simple lyrics that speaks volumes abt the artist singing it

    alex caldas

    by sia hahaha siaaa


    And Christina

    just some dude online

    And Xtina ...

  14. christinaleighparker

    First off - the album IS sex obsessed to whomever says it "seems" sex obsessed and second - this is from the bionic. Album not stripped.

  15. GabrielDeLorenzo

    I used to listen to this song while reading "a stolen life" and its just an amazing song and the book is also amazing


    @***** Jaycee Dugard, its a really sad book of the account of her kidnap and abuse, be aware it is not for children.

  16. colleen raphahla

    Great song. I love it

  17. colleen raphahla

    Great song. I love it

  18. Umer Jilani


    Elizabeth Adams

    +Virus59 Actually it was co-written by Sia, Christina, and Samuel Dixon

    Mai Medeiros


    just some dude online

    You are forgetting the person who this song is about .... Xtina actually had a major imput in this song

  19. Belina Fruitman

    This songs moves me every time, thank you Aguilera.

  20. Robert Guillen

    This is one of those songs that you show an Xtina hater. They wouldnt even know its her. She has so many textures and tones to her voice! A REAL artist

  21. Wizard Oz

    Sia <3 


    And Christina

  22. David Rivera Caro

    that song is from Bionic

  23. houseval

    I love this song.. genius

  24. Rafikolors

    Such a gem.

  25. AllanteA4

    This is seriously one of the greatest albums... Tremendously underrated

  26. jceo272



    This is such an under rated and wonderful album...........

  28. Daniel

    i am over acting

  29. SariTheOneAndOnly

    Love this song..

  30. 100stacy

    nope, her label cancel her 2010 tour for the flop of Bionic.

  31. 100stacy

    My TOP of Bionic:

    1. Lift Me Up
    2. My Heart (Intro) --
    3. I Am
    4. You Lost Me
    5. Stronger Than Ever
    6. I Am (Stripped)
    7. Little Dreamer
    8. All I Need
    9. Morning Dessert (Intro) --
    10. Sex For Breakfast
    11. Monday Morning
    12. Birds Of Prey
    13. Bionic
    14. WooHoo
    15. Not Myself Tonight
    16. Desnudate (Get Naked 4 Me)
    17. Vanity
    18. Elastic Love
    19. Glam
    20. Prima Donna
    21. Love & Glamour (Intro) --
    22. I Hate Boys
    23. My Girls (featuring Peaches)
    24. Bobblehead

  32. bebebebota11

    Bionic has many ballads like this one. And her vocals are not overused. Check out "Sex for breakfast", "All I need" and "Birds of pray".

  33. Fernando C.

    Why doesn't she do songs like this more often? If only she didn't oversing 95% of the time.

  34. jimdog33

    has she ever sang this song live?

  35. katie lynn

    I wish I had her gift, she's so amazing <3

  36. Another Logastellus

    Perhaps the verb "hear" is more appropriate here. Haha! Never mind me, the editor in me can't be tamed. :) No offense meant.

  37. Another Logastellus

    I like this version better. The other one is so emotional. Sounds so depressing. :)

  38. Aaron Watts

    She should sing like this more often.

  39. Rafikolors

    ‎...{Bi~ΟΠ~iC}: "strong, sexy, fun, playful"... Happy Birthday #2 ...{Bi~ΟΠ~iC}!

  40. Ece Clk

    Love me or leave me, just take it or leave it
    It's not that I'm needy, just need you to see me
    Take me, free me, see through to the core of me
    Take me, free me, there will be no more pretending

  41. Shelby Crabtree

    vocab: audible; better clarity in diction.

  42. deynner steinbeck


  43. Wallcott MR

    Sia Wrote this song ! <3


    Wallcott MR and Christina

  44. Brandon Lee

    @iamepuk It's so more personal and deep!!!! I prefer this version too!!!

  45. Chineesaapjuhhdb

    Props for the replay button!!

  46. Alyssa A. Saliou

    And this coming from the woman who sang "Dirty". I love this song.

  47. SuperHrco

    this song is simply.... perfect <3 <3

  48. yaakovha1948

    @sorryyoursupersonic Not dumb-deaf:)

  49. notlikeme58

    this is good but i prefer the other one

  50. travellife86

    i love this song..there were so many that are good on this album

  51. TheShikaidou

    @xxoxxemmaxoxx I completely agree. She's amazing with stuff like that. It may not sell as good, but it'd be for the fans. Maybe a big strong ballad could lead it and be successful. But it probably wont happen sadly. :(

  52. TheShikaidou

    This is one of my favourite tracks too. I understand that she needed an upbeat track to guide the album but a song like Prima Donna or I Hate Boys could have had more success. You Lost Me and Lift Me Up could have been great hit singles. But I think because of Not Myself Tonight not being a huge success, You Lost Me didn't do as good, especially since it was released in the summer.

  53. Carlos Garcia

    @feuervogel2011 nononono theres a gay songs but that they like you

  54. Carlos Garcia

    this the only one song in that albun bionic and birds are pray is good but
    the rest of the tracks are bad

  55. imsopimp13

    if she had realeased this song after not myself tonight was not praised it would be like beautiful a life saver and she couldeve swept the grammy and would have a better year

  56. Emmanuel Wayne

    Beautiful song, Beautiful voice, Beautiful woman, Beautiful lyrics. Amen

  57. Fede Pascual

    qe lindo tema!

  58. niveax moore

    i always listened to this song when i am on a train and then the wind feels so great!!! love this song so much!!!i prefer the acoustic version..very relaxing!!!

  59. niveax moore

    @sorryyoursupersonic AGREED!!! 100%!!!!

  60. sorryyoursupersonic

    Only dumbs can't see the difference in " I am" and "I am (Stripped)"!

    I prefer the 2nd one!

  61. TheLegend855

    beautiful song!!!! <3

  62. purplerosegoldheart

    how is this stripped version of " I Am" different than the other song called "I Am" on this album? they sound the same to me...