Chris Travis - We Up Lyrics

[Chris Travis:]
We need to talk, lining them up
And I'm taking them out
Give me a second to jump out my cloud
I turn em' out like a bitch with no spouse
All of my niggas that came with' me are wild
Out of the jungle we come through and prowl
Bitch I'm Chris Travis but look at me now
I look ahead and you seem to be down
I'm on the west but the south is my bound
Come through I'm smoking it up with my rounds
I like to get it through meeting around
I see you niggas but no where right now
I need to tell ya them band and free rolls
Bitches they give it up like free soap
No I do not have no time for free loads
I give it up to the one-o-zero, bitch

They wanna be us it's okay, it's okay
We pave the road and we made a new way
Can't hear a thing now bitch what did you say?
Say that you fucked with us back in the day
That's funny cause I don't remember ya
Spreading the words like we friends with ya
I'll end that rumour and bury you
We be nefarious when in the area
If I was you I would speak much more carefully
Know you ain't us so how could I be scared of ya?
You are the damage and we are the damagers, just no comparing us

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Chris Travis We Up Comments
  1. J T


  2. TheCommentGuy


  3. Luis Lopez

    X did it better

  4. Salti_ Peper

    keep thinking that kylie Jenner is gonna start singing

  5. Nicholas cantu

    Xxxtentaction - gnarly bastard
    LLJ 💯😈💯😈💯

  6. Kameron Knodel

    X destroyed this beat


    Gnarly bastard 🔥🔥

  7. J D


  8. Dakota Luff

    This beat is addicting

  9. Yung Cobalt

    produced by bones

    A F 7

    By The Virus And The Antidote

    Yung Cobalt

    @A F 7 he is bones. greaf is bones too

  10. V A S T O 死

    I’m bones fan but foreal X do it better ^^


    You weird as hell

    V A S T O 死

    I know.

  11. Rachida 13

    Gnarly & bastard, search it guys


    Or you can do research and find out that this is bones and Travis beat not x’s goofball

    A F 7

    @Joh66y This only The Virus and The Antidote beat.
    The Virus And The Antidote - The Virus (8/11/2015)
    XXXTENTACION - Gnarly Bastard (16/12/2015)
    Chris Travis - We Up (20/1/2016)
    I am sure Chris Travis got the permission, I don't know about X tho. Especially cause he used a lot of beats without asking for permission so I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of them.

  12. MrSean5123

    If is see another “XXX killed this shit “, im gonna flip. I come back n see these weak ass comments. You cant even understand what that woman beater said half the time.

  13. It’s fo Five

    You’d be an idiot to think that sesh didn’t influence the early days of X

  14. cmnd.

    Gnarly Bastards

  15. jokujoku

    This is very bad video and music and song an mikä tää nyt onkaan

  16. LiL Spider

    You Bro SWAG Rap

  17. Kill yourself

    How how have I not heard this shit yet?

  18. Odd Piore

    gnarly bastard.


    Yeah don’t come here with that bs😂 this song came out way before x did his song on this beat

  19. Colton Franko

    🛴⛽️🔥 edit here I come


    They wanna be like us it's ok ok
    we pave the road we make the way-bones
    Damn that hits really hard and is true because they started a new wave for underground and soundcloud rap


    Imposter 😱😱😱

  21. Mr Jambiwana

    -whats this genre?

  22. Vankruze

    This is the Chris Travis I used to brag about, where you at homie? Bring it back!!

  23. Diego

    love trek

  24. sadjester •

    X beats, no?


    X used the beat too but Chris and bones song came out before x’s song


    sadjester • who said it was his?


    Sunny do you not see the comment that you had commented on 😂 he literally said “x beat no?”


    @Joh66y youre fucking stupid

    B D

    beats women

  25. Ben B0i

    Dumbasses gunna act like the beat was stolen from fuckin x when this was made song was made before his read the fuckin dates

  26. Tyler Van Buren

    same beat as a gnarly bastard?


    No, this the beat x took from Travis and bones.

  27. MxttZ

    Late asfk but did X make the beat first or did X use the beat?

    Izzy coile

    The virus made this he passed it to shwb before x

  28. bless ings

    Imagine x spit in this beast instead of shouting..OMG...

  29. imjillin fureal

    kinda trash
    X did it better

    imjillin fureal

    Chris and Bones dooo dooo


    Toxic x fans are back at it again

    imjillin fureal

    Jyah !


    imjillin fureal weird ass virgin white people always be on some other shit


    imjillin fureal the fact of how clueless you are about x is funny asf he took sippinteainyohood from original god and kamiyadas song stupid x is literally a piece of shit for doing that

  30. Targos

    watersesh BRASIL

  31. KeepItMALAYSIAN krew

    This makes me wanna rob my own house

  32. Fabian Maurer

    Sooo good

  33. Happy Harris

    R.I.P the editor

  34. SimCvrd a.k.a BowzMC

    Where's x's name?

    Izzy Coile

    He has nothing to do with this song besides virus passing both artists the beat


    stfu x literally stole sippintea from kami and OG look up ochakai on yt, no respect for him he literally shit on his own origin in the underground

  35. Colton Kelvin

    Gnarly bastard is better tbh


    Colton Kelvin ok “colton kevin” you soft ass white bitch

    Izzy Coile

    This shit harder


    Toxic x fans are back at it

  36. - drip Drop drup drup

    2019 2K19 - 19

  37. Samuel Silva

    Hei Bones monstro do krai heheh e noia porra BR?

  38. LeBronJames23

    This 30 Seconds of Bones are better than every Lil Pump Song!

  39. TrisBestWaifu


  40. Sunny

    midnight the gang

  41. Niko Nasirov

    3 years

  42. safiy選


  43. Kyrie Irving

    Gnarly bastard is better

    Izzy Coile

    No it's not Chris Travis and bones kill.this

    Kyrie Irving

    Gnarly bastard is wayy better
    Fuck outta here X hater


    @Kyrie Irving fuck outta here hypebeast. Bones and Travis killed this beat, x is nothing compared to them

    Izzy Coile

    @Kyrie Irving I'm not a x hater boy this shit better dog Chris Travis and bones killed this better then x


    Kyrie Irving you are as toxic as the rest of the toxic x fans😂💀 fuck out here with that bullshit


    Shoutout Frozen Beats

  45. yung sneakerhead

    Hmm... where have I heard this instrumental before???


    i sure do wonder

  46. Ahmet Kaan Mert

    IMO Gnarly Bastard is better but too short.


    Whoever made this beat I got cash for an instrumental. Frozengang? Or any1 from sesh I got cash today......js

    Izzy coile

    Virus and the antidote made this go find his Instagram

  48. Avoyde

    might commit murder for profit.

  49. яχddяχgσи18

    I am out of options, stop it.

  50. Nate Donias

    2 years later and this song still slaps both Chris and Bones snapped on this but Bones verse is still legendary, WaterSesh🙏

  51. Mircae

    What is that shirt Chris is wearing?

  52. Meat Man

    never steal a deadmans beat... i hope yal paid for it

    2X 2X

    I wanna tripp this old

    Meat Man

    @2X 2X and..?

    Izzy Coile

    Virus and the antidote recycled a beat you can tell by the comments of top comments he said it was great producing for em and not like x didn't steal from bones before this

  53. Rahul Bhandari

    & *Thats* *How* *U* *Drop* *A* *Beat*

  54. Devil San

    Ur song like 😍😍

  55. Δημητρης Καραγεωργος

    Chris travis in gnarly bastard by xxxtentacion beat. This dropped harder than my grade🔥

  56. Кирилл Волин

    Never stop hearing
    "That's funny, kizaru, I don't remember ya
    Spreading the words like we friends with ya"

    Denchik Calm

    когда захотел зайти за своего ниггу, но ник русский)

  57. The Real Dirty Dan

    RIP XXX😕😕😕

  58. Сергей Васнецов

    lol da fuck


    No le robaron el sonido a xxxtentacion ?

  60. Izzy coile

    Better than gnarly bastard

  61. Quad Masters

    I’m gayy

  62. Homeboyfromdanorth 51469

    Gnarly Bastard

  63. BadAtMagic

    You should just officially add narly bastards by x into the middle of it, if you listen to the remix someone made with it inserted there's no going back

  64. sxtxn u E'du


  65. I commented this video

    Gnarly Bastard

  66. coda soda

    LOL X stole the beat

    Jose Delapaz

    lmao virus and the antidote made this beat, and hes a fan of bones.. X was a bones fan too

  67. Goalieplayer 36

    Why are people arguing about the beat they both probably got permission to use it and the songs are completely different anyway and also if your arguing about which song is better it’s pointless because people have there own preferences

  68. Yung Christ

    Awe xxxtentacion ole lame ass ripped dis off>: (

  69. x Thenotorius

    Dat bass

  70. Dxtroy VFX

    Gnarly bastard

  71. GMT Drift

    R.I.P. XXXTentacion

  72. Marine 1234

    I went because of gnarly bastard by X and actually the original song is fye too !

    Kevin Garcia

    Marine 1234 i think gnarly bastard is the original

    Marine 1234

    Kevin Garcia no x sampled the beat of this song to create gnarly bastard

  73. InkieTheArchitect

    *TVAA (The Virus and Antidote) Beats is lit!!*
    Like <3


  74. Nux x

    Lol at the beginning I was waitin for "turn it up, give me a lil bit" but then I realized it is not X song


    Домой нахуй просто

  76. Shareef Omar

    Best song ever

  77. Andrew Rodriguez

    Gnarly bastard

  78. Peruna Epa

    That drop fucking kills everyone

  79. Blind Kid

    Gnarly bastard

  80. CriticalGamer

    Is this the beat where the song X made came from?

  81. Harder Daddy

    I'm used to "I'M OUTTA OPTIONS"

  82. m y n a m e i s 9 9 九 十 九

    This song is: xxxtentacion - gnarly bastard


    you should comment this on X video

    Yung Christ

    Fälcon fuck zzztrashion

    Izzy Coile

    beat by virus and the antidote actually and xxxtentacion most likely stole it

  83. Bobby Shmurda

    That’s “Gnarly bastard” of XXX

  84. DEAD CreeRob25

    why u using xs beat

  85. sebi_k 16

    Nigga that's X's beat

    Izzy Coile

    No viruses beat he can recycle it if he wants plus x sampled it anyway

  86. MattGotBandz

    gnarly bastard

  87. Kennly Da Great

    X made this better

    Yung Christ

    Kennly Da Great fuck off

  88. WoHoe

    1000 Comment

  89. clement Aurelle

    x better

  90. Diamond Murphy

    gnarly bastard <3

  91. 11energize

    I'm not even a huge fan of Bones or anything, but man he fucking owns this beat

  92. Ryan Bradford

    Bufflex! rnb

  93. Taylor Mcfadden

    X used this beat first narly bastard

  94. by H A Y S

    1:49 best part

  95. Samuel Nelson

    Search up lil Wayne 6 foot 7 foot the background music sound a little bit the same