Chris Travis - The Encore Lyrics

Been a motherfuckin' top notch
Signed on my forehead tell me don't stop
You ain't gotta ask know my shit gon' pop
Like pop rockets in your mouth straight drop
Ain't no limits bitch I do what I want
Tell her run wild go and do what she want
Man I'll put you down if you ever gon' jump
Better jump high and you better make funds, I know
Plenty bitches prolly want some
I can't smoke a blunt 'less I just rolled one
Boy that make two for the 9 and the 5
Got my wardrobe growin' bigger than a hive
Boy I afford clothes all you niggas get by
Never switch sides bitch I just change minds
And I really can't mind at the same damn time
Cause I got two bitches and they each ain't mine pussy

I can tell niggas actin' still
Fuck 'em I make bills and I keep it real
Love me hate me here I'm gon' still appeal
Love me hate me there I'm gon' still appeal bitch nigga

She just wanna fuck cause she know I'm hot
I can't stop
Bitch I know a lot I don't show a lot
I just caught
On some more not carvin' off the rocks?
Slightly drop off your fuckin' bitch and then I'm pullin' off
Fuck a cost
Bitch I pay the cost just to be a boss
Hit her raw
Never I'm no silly dog I'm taking off
Banking sharp and my licks on point?
It's gon' shoot it off
Boy I'm prolly smoking what you're making every day its off

Got my name on
I can change homes
Making million dollar songs
But it's free and it's strong
Got my name on
I can change homes
Making million dollar songs
But they free and they strong

I got some bitches in texas
And they as real as you let em
They get no better
I dropped the ladder
No I don't climb cause these niggas in battle
Tryna reach up here
No you can't come here
Cause I'm just up here
Feel like I'm already stuck here
Boy this shit unfair
I'm closing down on you niggas like I'm here
Nigga what's up there

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