Chris Travis - Take You There Lyrics

If you wanna go
Please just let me know
Imma take you there
You will disappear
You can't fuckin win
Caught the snitcherist
I am the misfit
I will not pretend bitch
I see these hoes
They already know
Pull up with my friend
Tell yo hoe get in
I know what you don't
Don't tell me you what you knew
Don't fuck with nobody
I can't let her harm me
Say might hit yo face boy
Now you are erased boy
I don't know your friends boy
But they can get the fist too
I know we can't vouch for you
You ain't at my altitude
Pull up with a bomb (explode)
Any mother fucker

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Chris Travis Take You There Comments
  1. Pieter

    ruben incarnate

  2. Shitty

    Always thought it sounds like an old Yung Lean song Racks on Racks. This a gem for sure.

  3. Chris WEED

    I love this song

  4. josh eles

    this song is fucking garbage

  5. Dejuan Johnson

    really don't know what he saying but the beat is lit!

  6. Ярослав Шония

    плагиат фараона

  7. Marlon Aslan

    this song is trash i like his other ones but he sounds like those other goofy ass niccas

  8. Luan Thalles


  9. K R O K O D I L

    hidden gem tbh

  10. Aiden Mccoy

    Who remembers the Crunch time Chris Travis lol

  11. Aiden Mccoy

    Ahhh if he at least had a rapping verse

  12. Holli Herrera

    all he's song are bad ass

  13. Rich Rich ALi eN

    Fkg nicee mood, i like this soongg !!

  14. SassierTexas 427

    I dont kniw your friends :/\;=420

  15. Guadalupe Rodriguez


  16. HUMAN_error

    love this song

  17. Ian Bradshaw

    Did anyone notice the fat ass hit he blows out at 1:31

  18. Rollxn Kxng

    Shits dope

  19. everything burgundy

    Great video


    this shit ass

  21. Jeremy Dowling

    banger after banger

  22. Ezekiel Salazar

    my nigga sold out real quick

  23. Cultmvm

    shit goes hard

  24. Joel Navarrete

    wtf is this? I know Chris Travis can go harder than this shit. 👎

  25. Cole Cerminaro

    the qualitys almost too good

  26. Koner Espinoza

    Aye who agrees here that we should get a video for The Only Option Ft Xavier Wulf

  27. Jude Burke

    do a show in Az!

  28. Dugoo1

    this beat slaps 🔥😰

  29. Local Kev

    kenshin mode

  30. owlahs

    what the fuck is this its not og travis

  31. YeYo SoundZ

    keep grindin Brodie... fuq wit us if yu wanna take a new step In ya career

  32. RouxContorsionniste

    I need a instrumental version of this

  33. J Love

    Chris travis fell off

  34. nathan kendall

    Kenshin fucked my girlfriend.

  35. Макс Ковалёв

    Почему у Трэвиса так мало просмотров? Why is Travis so little views?


    Why the auto tune why...😓

    Jack McCallum

    You'll love it soon

    fuck uzitearz

    +SENPAIZILLA bc u a bitch


    @UZITEARZ fuck u bitch nigga

    fuck uzitearz


  37. Zedekiah Governor

    Black Yung Lean ?

  38. King J

    fuck yea y'all this shit hot asf reply what ya think

  39. M V

    Fascinating composition from Sir Travis,

    t'was crafted with the pure waters of Lake Minnetonka.




    😈 I Feel sorry for mfs who dont know bout Chris, dis shyyt 💦💦💦

  41. Yuūki

    heat af💯

  42. Jorgexcastro1

    y'all already know Chris Travis says whatever he fucken wants

  43. Arekkusu

    Beat is so hard

  44. de forest

    blade gravity boys

  45. Joshua Bell

    Chris Travis just became my new favorite rapper

  46. Rage King

    Just what I needed

  47. Quincy Cashaw

    Make a video for r rated

  48. Bruno De La Cruz

    One song = One bomb

  49. Jose Ramirez

    This shit slaps.

  50. Abi Baskoro

    genree boneess ...

  51. cornman.



    This dudes dreads got me wanting to grow some out rns

  53. Kevin Jimenez

    Tpain lookin..

  54. GlitchesModsHacks

    This shit hella HD god damn.

  55. TitoHasBigPito

    Filmed this in dena ayee

  56. I Lost My iPhone

    this song gives me like a yung lean vibe. idk its probably only me .

  57. Pizza Lord

    This nigga went to suicide bridge i knew I recognized that area

  58. wav.yliving 波打つ

    This is the first autotune song I've liked in years

  59. Maverick Stout

    Where is that metal snare sample hiding? So soothing... I fiend.

  60. Young Bix-0

    Idk what the fuck y'all listening too we must have different songs playing cause this shit is fucking horrible. I've been a fan of Chris since Codeine and Pizza and compared to his other shit this is uhhhhh


    nothing better than this video being in 60 fps

  62. Ryan Underdown

    Not about the autotune but i love the production of this, keep it up ken shin

  63. Avenue Jia

    I will not pretend bitch

  64. Derek Galloway

    the 60fps though

  65. Lord Fox

    that shot at 1:22 is fuckin beautiful

  66. Youngg Marcos

    God damn this song makes me wanna just slap a hoe! The beat is so wet!😫💦🌧🌊 #waterboyz keep this shit up bruhh

  67. joey

    are you and Denzel and Wulf and them still cool?

    Junior Perez

    Wulf and Denzel dont like eachother bruh, lowkey sucks all 3 of them could drop some deadly shit

  68. Adonai Fernandez


  69. Shvnobi


  70. Antoine Brussieux

    that drums bruh

  71. Moskalus

    so good

  72. Leonix

    jador tes chanson

  73. Plixion

    Awww no please, don't use autotune

  74. DON

    This trash dwag, can't understand shit what you saying bo.

  75. kyle roan

    fuckin wow kenshin took this shit took the next level

  76. Savageminate Mode

    это в магадане снимали?

  77. broo scaredYa

    Keep em coming Chris Travis

  78. Simp Almighty

    im drowning!

  79. TUNDRA

    Chris Travis' visuals are always crazy good

  80. /╲/\╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮/\╱\

    that 60fps is so nice

  81. Akeem Vasciannie

    dope production

  82. Capa Ty

    This shit dope asf like the vid tho looks badass

  83. Vinster

    w a t e r b o y z

  84. SamJohnsonAZ

    The quality of this vid is better then my own vision

    God Man

    SamJohnsonAZ fr

  85. Rodrigo Deleon

    the shittest song on his mixtape lol , everything else was fucking fire tho!

  86. Roy Ridgewater

    Chris Travis and Blake Shelton NEEDS to happen

  87. UsableClips

    anyone else just not feeling the song? video is dope

  88. Alando Oudit

    Yeah man. Chris travis come to Trinidad

  89. Depression Overtake

    Your my fucking inspiration

  90. samantha4823

    1st comment

  91. SH1N

    i want these hairs

  92. Kinds Mckenzie

    I fucks with the vibe of this.