Chris Travis - Mad At Me Lyrics

Used to be local but now shit is global
These niggas get mad and we getting over
Box of Backwoods, bought 'em fresh out the store then I ran through that box, went and bought me some more
Fuck do you mean, we set the trends and we don't even mean to
All these fake niggas is see through
I am just me I can't be you
Stay out my lane and just you
Lil' nigga you is just seafood
I'm from the city [where] they'll eat you
I'll show no pity I'll leave you
Closed in their feelings, I see through
I cannot take all these people
Fuck out my way 'fore I speed through
Why do you think I'm so evil?

I can see the hate, don't bother me, but it's great to see me make them mad at me
Promise me a way, you gotta see what is great for me today, she proud of me

No I'm no fella, my bitches is richer and richer and richer than all of you niggas (Pause)
Tell that [?] get it out of they system
She like to play for the whistle
I like to uh, and dismiss her
Used to creep up off a [?]
Hit that little store with some nickels, didn't have a damn thing to give 'em
Fuck what you cannot remember
Now I do me, it get me and my date in December
No I'm getting bigger, no I'm getting smarter
Watch out for the snakes cause they head in my garden, whoa

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