Chris Travis - Kaiju Lyrics

This that super sonic shit
That haunting shit
Pull up with no company, impress your clique
Tell 'em who the fuck can ever fuck with this
Tell me who the fuck can ever go like Chris
Come through in abnormal fits, yeah that's Chris
Smoking on the finest shit, yeah that's Chris
Fucked her and threw all my shit, yeah that's Chris
Spent a car on a fit, ay fuck that shit

She choose and chose on me, you lose
I need a broom to start my move
Light a wish that got her groove
I'm at your door bitch peek-a-boo
Merk his friend from me to you
Scent off the rose and past the truth
Your head is missing beetle juice
Fuck your bitch and laugh at you

Bitch I need six for the show
Off you and your gross
Ain't no nigga untouchable that's why I stand bold
I don't need no mothafuckin clones, I can hold my own
I don't need a fucking hit song just to say I'm on
I can sing like I'm Anita, I can flow like I'm a creature
Deep in the water I'm ready to eat you
You better not come near me like I cannot see you
Fucking that bitch I'm a demon
Making that hoe slurp the semen
My money come back like the seasons
You rappers can't fuck with me either

Step in the room make a scene
Fuck with me I'll let you learn
Always some fuckery seen when fuck niggas join the same team
I am the ring of the rings higher than Jupiter rings

This that super sonic shit
That haunting shit
Pull up with no company and press your clique
Tell 'em who the fuck can ever fuck with this
Tell me who the fuck can ever go like Chris
Come through in abnormal fits, yeah that's Chris
Smoking on the finest shit, yeah that's Chris
Fucked her and threw all my shit, yeah that's Chris
Spent a car on a fit, ay fuck that shit

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Chris Travis Kaiju Comments
  1. JLSIR 1003

    0:41 "beat the car, Honda Fit, and fuck that shit"

  2. bartolskejcik

    Who still rockin' in 2019?

  3. Underground Rasta


  4. Too poo

    Damn I slept on this guy, honestly knew about him since I found Bones but only heard 1 or two songs didn't realize he had shit like this. HYPE

  5. Banane Piller

    I Have Guy name chris in my classe i told him the lyrics:)


  6. alex alex


  7. Gabricole

    fuck 12

  8. neurotic.cciv.x

    Watching Godzilla rn and listening to this while smokin up on some fine ass herb, that’s the fuckin life I’m livin 💯🔥🥶

  9. Mr. Rubberbandman

    Chris should make a song with Gnar

  10. Jamie_orr134

    Chris Travis bitch

  11. SwankMank

    almost 2 mil for dis hit

  12. Mikołaj Król

    Kto od Bartka tabora

  13. Pussy Killer

    Hello to Chris from Russia in 2k19 =))

  14. Oh BoiPrdse

    I was on my solo shi in school wen this came out 🤙🏼🔥🤤

  15. jackTHEretardSLAYER1

    Moshpit lil bitch

  16. AlexTL

    This is STINK!

  17. Lie Lie

    Haven't heard this innnaa minnnn

  18. M Marjola


  19. Kiyandra Griffin

    2019 any one ? imma play this when i get into school lmao

  20. Вадим Бондарь


  21. Maddie Rackley

    sorry i didnt want the bell.

  22. Maddie Rackley

    get exposed

  23. Tarix Hərgünanlı-Kozılbaşev

    какой ещё"ВАРЕ"?У него девушку что ль Варя зовут?

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  25. Damager Dark

    #Бургер #Face

  26. Jay Swift

    This hoe still go hard

  27. SATAN


  28. Jonathan Sarinana

    Anyone feel a $uicideboy$ vibe off him? No? Just me? Okay... : |

  29. Paul Iverson


  30. JL Tube


  31. Wojtek

    kto od Tabora ?

  32. japa koniu

    1:30 sounds like lil tracy

  33. Bedoes 2115

    Kto z editu Igora ?

  34. Blitz McCarthy

    why he do this to the game MonkaS

  35. Blitz McCarthy

    titanium pimp

  36. Blitz McCarthy

    put the bass in the 6 seater turn up the heater

  37. BoogieBravo1

    2018 where yall at

  38. wolf

    black bones

  39. theMEGAMT2


  40. Justin Balog

    Sick asf

  41. Spooky Goon 731

    619 people thought this was Rey Mysterio

  42. mert Te

    Amk senin

  43. johnny noche

    sounds like his nose is stuffy af = wackaf

  44. madar x

    try it in 1.25

  45. Aaron Krucher

    damn underrated

  46. Mr. Staff

    I don't think he understands what *Kaiju* means. For in Japanese translation it is *Monster* and for one he isn't and neither is his lyrical rap. Eminem can smoke any of these wannabe big times any day.


    MetBot Iyasu lol fuck outta here you stan boy

    Scuba Steve

    MetBot Iyasu L

    matt raeng

    MetBot Iyasu: You can't compare Chris Travis to Eminem. It dosen't work that way. Different generations of rap. And Eminem has a shit tone of experience compared to Chris Travis.

    Nova Sentinel

    im an eminem fan and he is trash in 2018


    FAUX SHOW luuuuuuulz fucking Stan boy

  47. Heather Blevins

    Bro sounds like bones

  48. Andre Erdna

    Chris Travis goes hard as fuck !

  49. William McLaughlin

    Yooo I remember when this first dropped. Water boyzzz

  50. Kumane Cherry

    Your recent debit card transaction was declined, please return the items purchased within the next 24 hours or we will have to give you an overdraft fee and suspend your bank account until further notice. Thanks!


    Kumane Cherry yeah thats chris!

  51. Adrian Rzasa


  52. John Hemmit Watson

    goddamn good

  53. Alfonso s

    Chris looks like he's on the Jay train

  54. Mergo's Very Wet Nurse

    He really likes Adidas apparel right? lol

  55. Brengard

    Bape and hu race : hypebeast

  56. Kevin Wulf

    Smoking on the finest shit

  57. Jaki Stewart







  58. Aaron Burgin

    lets go im back, cleaning up

  59. Aaron Burgin


  60. stoenchu122

    Lean colors

  61. stelios


  62. Jose Lopez

    this song goes hard live

  63. Yung Ring

    congrats on being the third member of $uicideBoy$

  64. jan frolik TV.

    Matěj to miluje

  65. rayygodd

    Why is there always a fart in chris travis songs? 1:06 and the one thats on his verse on "water $uicide"

  66. lucas Lawan

    song of gods

  67. hehealright


  68. Perez y0

    This fool live is brazy I wish he would play the old codeine and pizza shyt live too I would fuckin tweak

  69. paul berric

    He played this in Orlando last night. Fucking flooded the city. Shit was live af

  70. Walker Flocker, Caprice Cinema

    please do a music video with cole bennett

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    Chris fo XXL 2018

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    młynar kurwa robi benger

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    Brih I have been waiting for years for you to jump on the track make a lit song like your old ones. You should go for songs like this instead of slow songs._----- " It's that supersonic shit, that haunting shit. " Best line ever

  78. Iron Clan

    Hot diggity this genre of music is delightful.

  79. Bruno M. B.

    what does a "fit" means?

  80. Jesse Perez


  81. Corey Steez

    Twitter @iamsteez47

  82. The House

    Loved Chris Travis since crunch time. Love this guy no homo

  83. Morgan Thornburg


  84. Jr C.

    We need a bill saber x chris travis collab

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  86. Ibrahim Draghme

    chris travis feat traviss scott -butterfly effect

  87. Ibrahim Draghme

    woww so fast

  88. Juan Muratalla

    Im always here right when chris videos reach 200,000.


    This video has 1.4 million views lol. Looks like you were late.

  89. basar Ercevik

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    Du lourd

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    Fuckig hard