Chris Travis - Instinct Lyrics

Call me a monster don't call me a human
You see me twice as I dissect your pupils
Stand for my pride it ain't no day I'm losin'
You get some money, your life need improvement
Ride for my niggas, shit deeper than music
Stay true to you I'ma keep on saluting
Food on the pedal, your ride is rebooting
Bands in my mouth and you still smoking Lucy's
Bitch I've been done it, you can't get away
All of these niggas just be fuckin' lame
Want all my swag and they want all the fame
Fuck all that shit, it's no way, they need change
That bitch you fucking she do know my name
Write in your raps if your still gonna clang
Watch how I bang, changing the game
Watch how they music still sound the same

I clean it up, I fuck it up
You ain't 'bout nothing, we know where you from

Come through, might shake and attack
You need a feature you whack
I get that money then stand on that money
No [?], where you at?
I keep a gat in my sack, cause niggas get ignorant facts
You wanna match
Bitch I know you, and there's nothing that you do till you tell that shit that you had said and I proved

Up till I fall, fuck all of y'all
Bitch you ain't with me, don't need your calls
I need a Bentley, I need withdraws
I am the leaves that drop in the fall

Moshing like [?]
My money no limit
My power no limit
You don't want no business
You don't need no interest
A thousand my britches
I'm flying past bridges
I'm smoking on incense
I watch all my instincts
Got bitch bitches like N-Sync
Pop off got your [?]
You niggas can't see me, you bastards can't beat me
Look up in the sky and you see me, no 3-D

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