Chris Travis - For The Summer Lyrics

Boy I'm on it, I never settle for slowing
We parking lot pimpin' till six up in the morning
You come up on me wrong, I promise I ain't going
It's gonna end wrong, I promise you ain't knowing
Bitches all on a G, know I'm blowing for '16
Making a big team, lil' nigga got big dreams
Don't get your dreams crushed by lying to exceed
I used be up but now I'm calmer and at ease
I think it's cause I got used to them Cali trees
But bitch I'm still Memphis so, don't try embarrass me
I was causing a scene, them niggas ain't really mean
My outfit be the reason you niggas look up to me
Publicly a beast, approach me and don't speak
Sophisticated ass freaks, my bitches do not speak
You niggas ain't on my level I think you've reached the peak
Bitch I can do numbers, [?] a lead

I kill it for the summer
Shawty you know what's up
These other niggas runners, but really can't keep up
Don't gotta do numbers
I keep my head up
Man fuck the next nigga, gotta keep my bread up

I'm living my life established, you unestablished
Bitch I been a rock star, these niggas just make the band
I done made my hits now I'm tryna' take off the brand
Waterboyz bitch and we coming up on your land
And more classics be coming, you know it and understand
That I don't give a damn, you boys is in a jam
Fall back

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Chris Travis For The Summer Comments
  1. N Rod

    Damn He should be more famous 🔥🔥💯

    Gianni Moran

    N Rod nooo

  2. N Rod

    Underrated 🔥🔥🐐

    Gianni Moran

    N Rod yup good fuck the posers

  3. Elderunlimited9

    I go back and listen to Chris' older EPs and albums after not hearing them for a long time and remember that he has so many hidden gems, it's beautfiul.