Chris Travis - Crazier Lyrics

Bitch I'm a king and that's that
Give me my green, it's no check
Who come and [?] got next
I'll take you right off they chest
Come through and cut up ya set
Leave it [?]
Fuck it - I have no regrets
What happen, what happens next?

These niggas fools and I know how they move
Make them [?] like they bitch got the groove
Run in my place with that shit then you lose
Put that cash in her face and I bet she gon' move
I don't need lyrics when I got the spirit
To end any nigga with meat-headed lyrics
Smoked like I fucked up my [?]
Sometimes I just get so damn dizzy but fuck your assistance!

This is world is crazy but I'm crazier
Nigga don't test me I will take it there
Fuck what you started I'll end it from here
I've been the artist but you've been my juror
Shout out my niggas, cause this was the year
All embassy ain't no [?]
Pull up or shut up that's just how I feel
I am immortal ain't shit you can kill
Come through my portal and see how I live
You ain't important so sit back and chill
I am so gorgeous, I don't need your deal
I can brainwash the whole world if I can
If I [?] keep girls on my lap
You ain't prepared, then you left in a jam
Don't come in [?]
It ain't that hard to see who I am...

Bitch I'm a king and that's that
Give me my green, it's no check
Who come and [?] got next
I'll take you right off they chest
Come through and cut up ya set
Leave it [?]
Fuck it - I have no regrets
What happen, what happens next?

All of these niggas be buyin' from Memphis
But ain't no where near, just stay in yo' distance
Don't really care about your damn existence
But bitch you be talkin' and I don't be listenin'
Fuck nigga trappin' he gon need his issue
Fuck all that nice shit my hard [?]
You call my ride then I can prolly can't fit you
I call up and hit you like "Step up your mental! "

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Chris Travis Crazier Comments

    thank you for your music bro

  2. Shane Lambert

    This shit is nothin but a banger fuck you mean

  3. Jackson Line

    I see those tns 🤤

  4. what a strange username


  5. Too poo

    The beats are wack trippy but he flows with them flawlessly some real talent right here.

  6. vvΔκΔ vvΔκΔ

    htf this track have just 1 mln views, its fire af

  7. Josh ________

    hes not crazy he thinks he is I saw him at church yesterday

  8. Scar

    The devil keeps plotting but I'm plotting bigger

  9. HERRES 076

    1.2m wth bruh?!

  10. Meme Lord

    0:45 catches Holy Ghost

  11. Arturo García

    Ur music is crazy Chris, blessings

  12. Koran B

    Mafia boss lvl 100

  13. Revelation 2016

    song goes hard but video kinda lame

  14. Little marvin


  15. Samuel Silva

    Wooooowww BR ?

  16. gregor ognaisyan

    Infinity legend

  17. Jalen Davinci

    Damn time flies on god

  18. Sea Mist Earth Angel

    My fave part 1:24

  19. Sea Mist Earth Angel

    Love u Kenshin

  20. Mafioso 18


  21. arturo rodriguez

    Gang shit 💯‼️

  22. SATAN

    Lots of duplicated comments only need to post it once

  23. Darian Mendoza

    Chris travis x kamiyada

  24. Trap Tarzan

    still bumpin

  25. Ril

    What kind of pants does he have?

  26. Damien Lopez

    Lit af🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. DatsiKxModz

    Smoked the same.blunt as him in Chicago💯

  28. GarbageCanGabe

    Who here in 2018?

  29. • spicy

    he should collab with Night Lovell

  30. Ethan Gilbert

    This song go crazy live no pun

  31. Antonio Torres


  32. Jewel Wisdom

    yes completion 704 flip 40

  33. Tide Flow

    fuckin flame.

  34. Eric Francisco

    I water that bitch then I take that bitch swimmin . This shit still bangs tough

  35. Alejandro Gaona

    Made some good memories to this song

  36. Africa L


  37. Ha Te


  38. Cindy Lopez

    i was hear lol since day one

  39. ShimmyKortez

    Make a song with trippie redd he's the hook damn that shit would be good

  40. Resdyne

    *w a t e r b o y s*

  41. Valerian Salad

    Whenever i'm riding through town I blast this song

  42. QWentCrazy

    "Dat bitch tappin out u can call Kurt angle" 🔥🔥🔥

  43. Darian MendoA

    That fuckin drop tho in da beggining🔥🔥🔥

  44. Alex Valdez

    I like the orchard plant man.

  45. Kaas Kiis

    I fux with this 60fps quality

  46. Kolb

    That 60fps tho!!

  47. Tæ Ïš Bæ

    A song bout Eddie

  48. Kolb

    Anyone know where to find an instrumental

  49. Prime The beast

    Chris Travis is the homie

  50. chrissipher

    god damn this goes hard

  51. Brian Mcollough

    Dab out to this song 🔥

  52. Apphead Apple

    Tn's represent

  53. Stephen Keyes


  54. Hooded

    That bass drop with the more aggressive flow is godly

  55. Burt Randolph

    Who still comes back to reminisce in 2017?

  56. Chris SVRT

    Cheef keef 👌👌👌👌😎

  57. Chris SVRT


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    Я русский, но это пиздец как круто

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    freaking zmarths lubs

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    still playing in 3000

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    OMG OMG OMG I WAS THE 1.000.000 VIEW 😱😱😱

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    seizure warning...

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    нихуя как качает

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    idk how people can handle looking at 60fps shots

  65. versace plug

    i fw you'r vision
    let's link up and build

  66. Rheder

    like for real

    i'd freak the fuck out to this

  67. Rheder

    this drops so fucking hard i can't believe it
    music video should be more lit imo

  68. Fantom Beliskil

    Боже может кто скинуть минус этой песни а ?

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    so vim por causa do caracol raivoso

  70. Almighty Quay


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  72. Lefer Lefer


    oh yea yea

    Lefer Lefer Yep

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    bitch i get money so fuck what they say

  74. Lamar.


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    seeing this hair have a seizure in 60fps is glorious

  77. vessels

    Chris fucking Travis is the shittt.

  78. Smoking

    Flow Like SuicideboyS

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    great Beat guter flow ;)

    Nice greetings from Austria !!!

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    This guy needs more views

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    The Skinny Waka Flaka that can actually Spit


    DailyVibes247 Paul Pierce*

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    In 1.25 this song is perfect

  83. Ryan Berry

    Swear, Everytime I slap this I instantly grow dreads lol

  84. Patricia Martinez

    you mumbling nigga fuxk you

    Andy Garcia

    Patricia Martinez You can obviously understand him so he's really not mumbling crackhead


    His hair are my red vines... He took them so i wont eat them

  86. King Crook

    kenshin looking like a modern-day bob marley

  87. 404 RUS

    Tn plus :333333

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    this had to be shot on an iphone or a gopro wtf is the 60fps 😂 but im just playing kenshin fye

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    Shhhit bangs on my system