Chris Rea - Stainsby Girls Lyrics

Some girls used to kiss and run
Never knew what they had done
Some girls always wasted time
Keep you hanging on the line
Some loved horses and always stayed at home
But the Stainsby girls loved the Rolling Stones

Now some had games that you had to play
Making rules along the way
Strange attractions newly found
Pride and passion kicked around
Some girls stole your heart
Like most girls do
But a Stainsby girls could break it in two

And I fell in love, I fell in love
I fell in love with a Stainsby girl

Deepest water Stainsby blue
Names and faces fade away
Memories here to stay

And I fell in love, I fell in love
I fell in love with a Stainsby girl

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Chris Rea Stainsby Girls Comments
  1. Alfred Dorner

    this version much better than from the second version

  2. Lucy Andrew

    Up the boro!!!!!!!!!

  3. daslibellchen

    Ich bekomme Gänsehaut, wenn ich diese unvergleichlich schöne, markante Stimme von chris Rea höre.
    Danke für die wunderbare Musik!

  4. Janice Parry

    Well I am a stainsby Girl :)

    David Fisher

    And how many hearts did you break in two

  5. Вера Брежнева

    Chris , лапочка !

  6. Pete Williams

    I was based in London when this was released... I could do anything then. At least some things don”t age. Chris Rea, what a lovely voice!


    Wow. Still sounds like audible nectar.

  8. Robin High


  9. Joelle Mercier


  10. Mike Lohman

    This song takes me back 30 years a classic

  11. Barry Williams

    Boro lad great.

  12. meeeee1968

    timeless perfection, still adore it all these years later !!!!

  13. h. radican

    Chris! You always made beautiful clips!

  14. Den Dan

    I hate when they upload music from the artists but never give the details in the description, such as what year was the song released, what album if any was it part of.

    David Bull

    Agreed. Released 1985. First single from Shamrock Diaries album.

  15. CratzenVideoLine

    Sorry, it's not a bad song but I think the version from the album "New light through old windows" sounds bedder.

  16. Quiet Storm

    I get to wonder... who came in here to downvote this song... trollism knows no limits....

  17. Anne-marie D

    Superbe vidéo avec 🙌 de souvenirs et d’émotions 👏👏👏✌️😍

  18. Moni Monica Mo


  19. 山田賢吾


  20. Richard Painter

    Still one of my all time favourite Chris Rea tracks