Chris Rea - Loving You Lyrics

The night was black with thunder
The streets were wet with rain
Another day goes under
A little bourbon will take the strain
And I'm waiting for my take-home French fries
She smiled and said 'take me away'
We always laughed but I think she means it
But I'm dreaming my life away
Loving you
Loving you the way that I do

The weekend cars are leaving
In a spray of wind and sound
The bar-talk, make believing
And the drinks go easy down
It's back to the all-night take-away
She says 'Here comes the man of my dreams'
We always laugh but I think she means it
And I'm spending my time
Just loving you
Loving you the way that I do

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Chris Rea Loving You Comments
  1. Евгений Алексеев

    no words... thx you

  2. Вера Брежнева

    Loving You ,Chris

  3. Md. Rajiqul islam

    Like it so much.

  4. spurs19571

    His best song AWESOME !!!

  5. Emma Brown

    CHRIS REA.....❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    LOVE [email protected]!!!!!!!!

  6. MrAssassinscreed47

    Love it thanks for posting.

  7. Vladimir Savić


  8. Jeanny Brokke

    Great beginning Chris Rea ... Well done...Wowwww. Thanks !! Feel it...❤️💖🙏

  9. John Pettitt

    What a great video....the whole album was massively underrated, some great tunes on it.

    Charles Doherty

    John Pettitt , I agree with you , this was around 1982 I think , when he had 5 or 6 years of struggling to make a name for himself and become established and ofcourse had recorded and released some fantastic albums prior to this one , , the resulting albums following this became even better like wired to the moon, shamrock diaries (my fav ) and on the beach, all highlighted his superb songwriting abilities, then he became more commercialised and took a slightly different direction in his music, but remained true to his blues routes , truly a musical legend for me , always 👍

  10. Erik Soer

    Too me his finest song. (Mostley due to the memories attached)

  11. Madalina Maria

    Beautiful Male Beloved

  12. Steerpike _84


  13. Jonathan Arteta Luces

    Very best Chris Rea.

  14. Ege Oral

    That bass line...


    and the drums, Dave Mattacks and Bruce Lynch, bass.

  15. Madalina Maria

    ce. bine. arătați. în acest. videoclip

  16. Frans Kerens

    I loved "Fool if you think it's over" so I went to the shop to listen to this very album and from this intro on I became a collector of all Chris' material. The first wow-song from him and it was not the last. Love almost every song he made.

  17. lellos780


  18. A r t u r o Fuentes

    Great! Chris Rea, i Liked the music of Chris, the great Guitar Man!!!....

  19. Sara Sen

    great! haven't heard this for 30 years plus.


    Yeah, nice song..btw, he borrowed the jacket from Mr Manilow

    Sara Sen

    ha ha! that's great...btw have you heard of what hes up to lately, if at all? Is Chris Rea still around?


    Yeh, he's still around, but personally I prefer the old Chris, euh..correction: young Chris..:-)

  20. Richard Painter

    The backing singers (especially towards the end) kind of look like they're dieing for a pee

    Caroline Lovett

    +Richard Painter lol. she does a bit don't she. I'm sure she's out of Bucks Fizz though!


    Richard Painter, urea