Chris Rea - Do You Still Dream? Lyrics

Do you still dream of summer nights
The endless roads between the distant lights
Do you still find yourself
On strange and long highways
Drifting into unknown phase

Do you still dream of summer days
The sunlight dancing on white rolling waves
The everlasting taste of innocent desire
The atom splitting of its fire

Do you still dream?

Do you see that tunnel showing any sign of light
Does fear still wake you in the night

Do you still dream?

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Chris Rea Do You Still Dream? Comments
  1. ivana 35

    Summer sounds even better when Chris sings. Love your songs so very much


    Istina 👍👍👍❤

    ivana 35

    @FOREVERHAJDUK još sam se par puta vraćala na jedan dio jer mi se učinilo da sam ugledala Split, sad znam da jesam 😊


    Hah može bez Splita ništa



  2. kike valdez

    Me encantó el vídeo, felicitaciones al canal!!!!👍

  3. nader anbari fuac hou Facebook

    We are was in onze tijd in 1970 tot bijna 1980 we are zee de moiesde tijd in the tijm fut helpe tijm voor chefs de burgh wassou soest in heel word en al zo thate we. Zee de baad tijd knouw Bush alweis time is de zeim is mensen is hou Chang nader anbari

  4. Valérie. B

    Je ne rêve plus pendant mes nuits d'insomnie, je rêve éveillée c'est le moyen le plus sûr d'éviter les cauchemars et tant pis si les rêveurs sont considérés comme des aliénés. Autant rester du bon côté de la barrière !


    Thank you.. dont understand french 😀but like it

    Valérie. B

    @FOREVERHAJDUK so, I'll try to translate with the good words. Thanks for your comment. Have a nice day !

  5. Ирина Мандрон

    Потрясающая Музыка, потрясающий голос, потрясающий Мужчина!

  6. Audrey G Rojas

    Omg ! This man has the words that no other man can’t even think ! Love Him ❤️❤️

    Dolly Teylor

    You are totally right!

  7. Kevin Fitzmaurice-Brown

    as always great sounds from Chris Rea and the obvious misinterpretations of visuals by little boys.

  8. Colin Taylor

    Great musician...glad I saw him at RAH :)

  9. Tatyana Peeva

    Yes! I do! ♥️

  10. Zeledo Music

    yes i do

  11. Karen Gehrlein

    Beautiful song!!!! I still Dream <3

  12. Tatha S

    yes yes my baby =)

  13. Margaret Gaskell

    Still dreaming....yes..🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💜❤💜❤💜❤💜❤

  14. Joby Manuel

    I dreamt till now but now I pray......

  15. Philip Print

    I dream of doing it all over AGAIN! Only this time even better.

  16. Caroline Scheeren

    Beautiful 🎼🌹💕

  17. Ela Iwona W


  18. Rickey Engle

    yeah i have crazy fucking,,Dreams

  19. Ágnes Gyebnár

    Köszi, valamelyik nap hallottam!

  20. Dr Bob

    I still dream

  21. Victoria Highfill

    Yes of YOU❤💋💋💋

  22. sudsonee

    one of my favourites

  23. Stefan Dragojević

    Podgorička Budućnost!



  24. Colleen Mcleod

    Never quit dreaming big. My motto

    John Lamb

    we all need to have a dream

  25. Marilyne Taylor

    What a wonderful song, so relaxing and timeless.

  26. Adrienne Viney

    Yeah I still dream x

  27. Monds 52

    Yes I still dream that MyCarol will be reborn and we can continue our wonderful journey we travelled since 3rd December 1971 :)). "Be Mine?" - "Forever" xx

  28. Dave Roberts

    Do you Still Dream and she was just great 👍 and she came and she just wished it were not real or just a little Dream in his eyes 👀 and gloom again in his voice he said that he had been great to hear the voice of the man who was not very special about his voice he said he wished for a great man to listen to music and sing to his songs

  29. Reija Lahtinen

    ...kan inte låta bli...

  30. tuto jp

    Quelles classe no coment

  31. irina lubimzeva

    The best!!!Chris, live long!

  32. Ahmed Al Farsi

    Unique 🤙🏼

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  38. Rachid Gtaya

    Great songs that never die 👍

  39. David Youtsey

    That's a great job! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Margaret Gaskell


    Margaret Gaskell

    .❤️.❤️ .❤️🌹❤️.❤️
    ...................❤️🌹❤️.❤️ .❤️🌹

  41. william hervy

    top relax

  42. Jorge Portillo

    I still dreaming but nothing happened yet

  43. malicja100

    Tak, nadal marzę....
    Mimo wszystko, czasem wbrew logice.... Ale po to są marzenia. Logika , sens są w realnym świecie....Marzenia - to inny świat, tylko mój własny.....
    I tylko czasem, na krótko oba światy łączą się w jeden...
    Świetny klip*****

  44. Emil Mihail

    i still dream .. you

  45. Светлана Шевцова

    Великолепное исполнение.

  46. Lara O'neal

    I love you Chris. I’ve been away for awhile and now I’m back full force. I missed your heartfelt music so much. You have a quality no one else has. Ur in a class by yourself for sure. So glad u quit smoking. U look handsomely with ur hair slicked back. 🙏🏻💕💕💕❤️🎶🎶👏👏

    Lara O'neal

    @doomben That was a twitter hoax that Chris had died. I found it later to be s fraud.


    Thank god for that. Chris still has more music to write.

    Lara O'neal

    @doomben I love him. He is a genius music and lyrically and his voice and the messages in his sounds are melancholy and profound. Pray for his health though he has serious medical issues. He is precious. God bless him.

    Mercedyz Marie Guion

    Lara O'neal
    Lara, he looks good period, hair slicked, in a ponytail, long, etc.
    But I get what you're saying, lol.
    Chris, is just toooo much for me. Besides the exceptional guitar playing and haunting lyrics his voice embraces and holds onto each song in ways most singers can only dream. He should be studied for emotion and power in classes that teach singing technique. Should be required study!!! He's too much for me!!!

  47. Eli Fernandez

    Absolument Parfait 😐💖🌍

  48. Colleen Keithley

    Wow 💞💞 I have listened to Chris Rea for along time, beautiful music comes with age like fine wine/

  49. Cindy Jones

    You are in my dreams every night


    Ты все еще видишь сны?

    Do you see that tunnel showing any sign of light
    Ты видишь тот туннель хоть с какими-то признаками света?

  51. Dirk Resoort

    nee, maar wat zou ik het willen

  52. liorשיר מקסים.פיטר יוצר ומנגן מדהים silm

    שיר שלא בא להפסיק לשמוע

  53. Jed Nemo

    Absolutely Superb. Visuals Breathtaking. Yes, as a 68year old working Marine Engineer, I still Dream and enjoy the wonders of exotic destinations. Thanks for sharing.

  54. Christiane Moor

    Beautiful song + Pictures ! 🌟 Thanks for sharting, greetings ☺

  55. Starry Nyx

    Yeah :)

  56. Jos Collin

    Good Song from the album Chris Rea (1982)

  57. Kate Chi-Aamir

    No. I no longer dream. why dream anyway


    Dreams get crushed by the cold cruelty of reality

  58. Andrea Vynckier

    Prachtige music.

  59. luapyblad

    Love ALL of his music. Most underrated singer and song writer I know.

    R Felger


    Wolfgang Gottschald

    Super Song, vom Chris Rea.

  60. Karin Holm Myhre

    Yes, I do.Sitting here all the night and enjoy the listening of good music by Chris Rea.

    che williams

    Me too...Also love ''Duffy'' Distant Dreamer :)

  61. Mario Rolando Pérez Aparício

    dreamer forever

  62. 박기양

    chrls rea -----do you still dgeam ==== 꽃이피고 새 가우는 아름다운 봄 이 왔네 ----

  63. Den Dan

    Yea chris we stil dream, dream of going to a new rea show. Please hit the road again

    Mercedyz Marie Guion

    Den Dan
    Tell him, man!!!
    I live in the states and I would LOVE to see him.
    Oh well, I can dream... lol

  64. Evelyn Marie

    Going t enjoy listening to his songs tonight♥

  65. Afa Same

    Endless summer nights...........memories.

  66. yoyo1poe

    the bimbos are ruining the mood of the video though


    Hahaha.. to be honest..agree with you 😂😂

  67. Eugenia Gonzalez

    beautiful song.. .

  68. Eugenia Gonzalez

    beautiful song.. .

  69. Cherie Wright

    Great song by one of my favourite artists - accompanied by beautiful video


    Thank you for sharing, wonderful

  70. elizabeth orr

    Really admire Chris Rea. He is a great singer and performer. Just love his music. Keep going Chris.

  71. B Éva


  72. Ferenc Szalai



    Me gusta mucho, y toca la guitarra como los ángeles..

  74. Mrs.Angela 3510

    Good Night sweet Dreams :))

  75. Mrs.Angela 3510

    Wish a magic good Night :)))

  76. JamaisMEC

    Oui, je reve souvent sans peur...

  77. bsides44

    Yes, I do ❤1:44 all I wanna do ;)

  78. BillyBoysing

    No. Good music, though.

  79. Eugenia Gonzalez

    beautiful memories...

  80. Leonidas Troizos


    єωᴀ * ɱᴀяιᴀ

    ...we all dream..

    Leonidas Troizos


  81. May Brith Harestad Hollos

    Chris Rea is my favorite British artist of all time

  82. h lender

    Beautiful song. Excellent editing. Keep up the good work.

  83. krokodil196

    svaka čast na videu :)


    Fala puno 👍


    thanks Angie


    thanks, Stephanie