Chris Rea - Do It For Your Love Lyrics

Each single day I get up and make my way
And it all comes into view
It's like a part in a play
You can turn it around in so many different ways
But it's still the part you play
And so to you I dedicate
This role they have handed me

And I will do it for your love

Down in the street you can win or lose
To that crazy beat
But you'll never change the tune
'Cos the tune is the song
And song is the game of life, we just come and go
But we can laugh and we can bend
Together though, me and you

So I will do it for your love

Look around, see that you see
There's no sense in being so blue
Now I've got to have a reason for seeing this out
Other than seeing it through

So I will do it for your love

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Chris Rea Do It For Your Love Comments
  1. Вера Брежнева

    Thanks , ATHENAMATS !


    You're very welcome, Вера 💙

  2. Soheila zibakalaam

    So beautiful song,I wish I could do it for my love,Thank you for sharing 👌❤️


    Always welcome, Soheila ❤️

  3. ruben toledo

    Times plenty of hope and joyful........

  4. ruben toledo

    Very nice Video...............


    Thank you 💙

  5. lsunav

    I think this song came back as one of the Josephine variations. Love it!

  6. Myriam Lanslots

    very nice i will do it for your love,i like this

    Myriam Lanslots

    thank you :) XXX

  7. clocktower7

    What a Brilliant Album "Chris Rea" was. I am shocked that it did not receive so much more publicity when it was released in 1982. I Love this track, it is simply excellent! It has an air of his Hit "Josephine" (The French Version). Thanks for posting.

  8. Jorge Perez Perri

    Athenamats, such a nice trip to the old swinging London . Thanks a lot

  9. Kelemen Judit

    Thank you! ♥

  10. finelame44

    Merci ATHENAMATS,je suis heureux de vous retrouver,et nous avons la même passion,la musique de Chris Réa.


    @finelame44 Merci mon ami !

  11. Matvey

    Wonderful work, thank you!))

  12. Noémia

    Unique !!! Thanks Athenamats.


    @sariadri Thank you too, my friend !!!

  13. Anneke Holman

    Thanks Athenamats.


    @Anneke Holman Pleasure dear Anneke <3

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