Chris Rea - All Summer Long Lyrics

All summer long we were happy we were one
We didn't think of an ending to our play
All summer long nights of wine, days of song
It couldn't last, our ageing sun had to go
I will always remember you

Watching the waves in the wind
The beach dogs hiding from the rain
Suddenly my colours have turned to grey
Will I ever see your face again

And all winter long I will walk my lonely road
Waiting for you and your return
I will always remember you

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Chris Rea All Summer Long Comments
  1. vera igoe

    omg beautifull

  2. Melanie Willard

    That voice like crushed velvet.
    A harbinger of seasons both cold and warm.

  3. Εφη Ποψη

    Is mikonos theare?🙄🤔😊
    Wow.! sure it is... Paradise
    And the voice.!!!👍👏🙄❤️
    Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!👏 👌 ❤️ 🇬🇷i
    Ax τι φωνη.!!my God..!! 🙏
    Thanks Chris Rea.!!♥️😊👏

  4. angelina scott

    mi musica explendida no cabe duda ...

    Manuel Rodriguez

    Soy chileno mí disculpa mí valor él amor la verdad él respetó con los sentimientos mí cariño en la distancia

    Manuel Rodriguez

    Chile antofagasta

    angelina scott

    ola manuel oye una pregunta , que es antofagasta ?

    angelina scott

    amor a distancia no entiendo me lo podrias describir x fa ???

    Manuel Rodriguez

    Antofagasta es la 2 región dé chile es la capital minera

  5. Dominique Eschenbrenner

    I love Chris Rea since 1978... Think I was one of his first fan... This song is a part of heaven.. Hope that Chris will allways stay with us.

  6. Michel Ris

    Purely Beautiful.
    Very good/Vrlo lepo

    Thank you/Merci/Hvala.🙏👍:)

  7. Maria Ljungström

    BEST summer song ever made!

    Вера Брежнева

    Chris ,Mon Cheri

  8. luka Razza

    I'm here

  9. Liliane Deleneuville

    j'adore tous chris rea

  10. mike young

    The sound of summer, brilliant.

  11. alex fardoulis

    Beautiful Greek islands

  12. Evelina Guarino

    Canzone splendida... grazie Chris

  13. Solmaz Ramazanova

    Музыка дарящая хорошее настроение и позитив .море эмоций и яркие краски.

  14. anna walewska


  15. masterchat1951


  16. masterchat1951

    EXCELENT.......BRAVO CHRIS....!!!

  17. Sergey Pavlov

    у меня такая ностальгия по этой песне, обожаю эту песню!!!

  18. alejandro fernandez

    Bonita canción, y preciosa geografía, OK por Chis Rea

  19. John Ruhland

    The Best Of The Best, Chris Is A king 🍻👍

  20. Myriam Blanchy


  21. Елена Валовская

    Почти каждое утро наслаждаюсь музыкой Chris Rea..... и потом прекрасное настроение на весь день! Моё Спасибо миллион раз!!!


    THANK YOU A 1000 FOLD.

  23. Di Bn



    Музыка шикарная. И для души и для работы. Сижу на работе,
    балдею, монетки сортирую и так хорошо!!! Спасибо!!!

  25. Anne-marie D

    👏👏👏Chris Rea 👉🤩
    😍 cette chanson 👌sur une 🙌 vidéo de la
    🌟 GRÈCE 🌟 !!!
    Que de souvenirs de jeunesses 🌈💖

  26. sfenodonte

    Tutto ciò è non è credibile io amo Santorini e la Grecia e un artista che ha musica che mi piace…...con un video con quel che amo……. E' UNA COINCIDENZA……...NON CREDO….


    All this is not credible I love Santorini and Greece and an artist who has music that I like ... ... with a video with what I love ... .... IT IS A COINCIDENCE ........ I DO NOT BELIEVE .

  27. Fosfor Ina

    Mikonos)))) Ckychajy))) LYBLY!!!!!

  28. Maria Garcia

    Buen día amigos, un concepto nuevo para mí, música, naturaleza , muy padre, saludos desde Guadalajara, MEXICO. paz y amor hermanos.

  29. Мария Хаматова

    СУПЕР...👍 обажаю😊

    Вера Брежнева

    ОбОжаю ,ОбОжаю с О

  30. Hippokrates

    Velvety sexy voice, awesome lyrics and music, magic images-simply heaven Thank you Chris I love you!

  31. Γιάννης Κα


  32. Jenny Krause

    Chris Rea best song

  33. Helena Estevao


  34. Giorno'sMusic

    Tenha um lindo amanhecer!💛

  35. George Paraskeuopoulos


  36. Monika W

    Chris ❤

  37. Juicy71630

    Greece Rea
    What a musician! He's amazing. Live long Chris.
    From Russia with love

    Εφη Ποψη

    Wow..!! Goodd..! 😊

  38. stasway

    Skin is burning, hearts on fire

  39. Maria Sibylla

    Bella la Grecia, ma anche la mia Italia!! Questo brano fa venire voglia di estate!!!

  40. guidance19

    Chris one of the best guitarist as far as I am concerned.

  41. Βασιλης Χατζηαθανασιαδης

    CHRIS AND GREECE......ALL YOU NEED.............

  42. Rose Jacobsmeyer

    Dreaming and waiting for Summer listening to Chris on this beautiful video. Spring 2019!

    Gloria Jackson

    Rose Jacobsmeyer ..I pray no one will mind its December 19th hello
    I 💙v it xo xo xo 💙🎶🎵💜 🎸🥁🎤 turn it UP 💙


    Bellísima canción

  44. István Ökrös

    Prémium kategóriás zene!

  45. Elizabeth Oyarzo Zapata

    Sólo una Ilusión, Un sueño..Bello el tema una Maravilla Grecia. ..

  46. joe sprinter

    I toured the Greek Islands in the early 1980s with great friends, no debts, beer, superb music and not a care in the world.... How I wish...

  47. Balance Point 71

    Almost perfect. Summer never looked so good. Chris is a Master.

  48. Ammar Taha

    Greece and Chris Rea,am i in heaven

    Ian Mcgrath

    Yes very much.

  49. Isabella Lopez

    Absolutely beautiful video...breathless...🎵

  50. Elizabeth Oyarzo Zapata

    Resultados Genial .Chris . Maravilla de melodía y voz

  51. Pas Mits

    Heaven is a place on earth called Greece, nice people, foundation of western civilization,safe place for holidays, amazing food, wait for you in summer of 2019

  52. Fotini Letsiou

    Χαλάρωση, όμορφες αναμνήσεις, χαρά, εκτόνωση σε συνδυασμό με πολλά αλλα, είναι αυτά που μας προσφέρει η μουσική! Όλοι λίγο πολύ την έχουμε στη ζωή μας, στην καθημερινότητα μας κάποιοι περισσότερο, κάποιοι λιγότερο!
     Είναι γεγονός, ότι η μουσική έχει την ικανότητα να τα κάνει όλα καλύτερα αφού πολλές φορές λειτουργεί και σαν φάρμακο, αφού είτε μας απαλύνει τον πόνο, είτε μας ξεσηκώνει, και μας ανεβάζει την διάθεση, όπως και πολλές φορές μας ταξιδεύει σε γλυκές αναμνήσεις.
    Το άκουσμα αγαπημένων τραγουδιών, ταξιδεύει την ψυχή και το μυαλό μας και πιστεύω ότι η μουσική είναι ένα απαραίτητο στοιχείο που, πρέπει να υπάρχει στη ζωή μας, γιατί σύμφωνα και με έρευνες έχει εξαιρετικά θετικές επιδράσεις στον οργανισμό τόσο στην υγεία μας όσο και ευρύτερα.
    ΦΑΝΤΑΣΤΙΚΗ ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ !!!!!!!! CRRIS REA,,,,:)))))

    Parris Stardust

    Ο συγκεκριμένος καλλιτέχνης έχει τόση έντονη την αίσθηση δημιουργίας της μελωδίας


    Fantastique ! Merci 🌹🌹🌹

  54. JAY EM

    Fuck Google YouTube commercials.... you destroyed it!

  55. María Rodriguez

    Miusic Miusic Miusc

  56. Aris K

    Beautiful song, beautiful Greece!

  57. Joelle Mercier

    MAGNIFIQUE Chanson et Musique Bravo pour les Musiciens et la Vidéo

  58. Ingo Nowack

    Thank you very very much 🤗🤓!
    What a great song and heartwarming Video!
    Haven't been to Greece since '85,
    too much time wasted 😐😒!
    Now I'm craving even more to visit Greece again and over again 😣!
    Thinking of sitting outside a Taverne next to the blue Waters of the Mediterranian Sea, watching Gulls, Boats and people and suddenly Chris Rea walks by and we meet, sit 'n talk, eat a little, sip some greek red wine and, perhaps, some Ouzo or Tsipouro and enjoy this lucky incident.
    Nice, dream like immagination 😘🤓!
    Yes, Chris definitely belongs to those people I'd love to meet while I live 🤗!

  59. Daniel Gabriele

    Ô merveille.. Ô Beauté.. sur une ballade de Chris Rea.. Le rêve.. J'adore !

  60. Ken Ji Ogyvara

    I tau I heard Carlos Santana guitar.

  61. Logical Network

    I love Chris Rea's music. This man should be knighted.

    I'LL BE BACK !

    Write a case and I could fix this .

  62. Lisa D.

    I l<3ve it great video and song...

  63. SaTiN's LuCky BaG

    I love both - Chris and Greece - great work - thanks...🇬🇷

  64. NitroDamus

    Between this guy's voice and videos-and Bourdain's shows-I'll never have to go on vacation again! They paint QUITE a picture!

  65. João Antônio Duque Martins

    Chris Rea, the blues man from england to world! Great sound.

  66. Jaar

    Música y vídeo insuperables. 🇪🇸👌

  67. Rose Jacobsmeyer

    beautiful summer day. enjoying in September, 2018.

    Joby Manuel

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    Parish....St George forane church edapally ernakulam

  68. Любовь Малихова

    Обожаю ...

  69. Dave Roberts

    The Best Of Blues All Summer Long don't you just love ❤️ it and Thanks 🙏 Athenamats for being you gREAt 👍 REAlly Bye 👋

  70. Marie Richard

    Wow!!!***** ⚘😉😎💕

  71. Pedro Jose Soriano

    Seamos voz es insoportable...pero componiendo y tocando instrumentos..un genio

  72. Madeleine Ancelle

    Merci pour cette video magnifique .Je l'adore !!...

  73. Светлана Остапчук

    Так прекрасна наша планета. Это самое лучшее творение Бога! Спасибо за прекрасный клип и море!♡♡♡♡♡♡

    Вера Брежнева

    И есть Chris !

  74. Irish Field

    Beautiful MIkonos ever thank you

  75. Irish Field

    Amazing ever gorgeous so much thank you my friend

  76. Guerri Mario

    buon video Chris Rea top, paesaggi da sogno.

  77. Veronica R

    Soo beautiful and peacful

  78. Elena Tereshchuk


  79. Πασχάλης Μιτσιβελης

    Summer is Greece. Everybody is welcome

  80. Rolf Jedemark

    Pictures are taken In Greece Island of Santorini and the beaches of Rhodes I love Greece !!

  81. D. Alex Hutchinson

    Where do I start???

  82. Sergeu Zuzenkov

    Рагуза =бдя!!

    Sergeu Zuzenkov

    Кто в теи Ф, Морошкин

  83. Ольга Чугунова

    Удивительные песни

  84. Robert Atdinov

    Класс музыка! 👍

  85. Tony Shalom

    Excellent song beautiful video

  86. Rhenilde Boonen

    So nice….Greece  <3

  87. John Tokarz

    Chris if you see this message, please get in touch with me. You are the only person on this planet I want to meet. I love you Chris. I’m not queer.

  88. Наталья Молчанова

    Восхитительная, вечная музыка любви..................

  89. Kimberly

    I used to work at a designer shoe store and this track was part of the near-closing-time wind-down music they played after all the daytime pop music. After long hours of being abused by entitled customers, this song was like a message saying "don't worry, take a breath, it's almost over". It carried a special gentleness and serenity. I'm glad I was able to find this track again.

  90. Cibele Almeida

    Ahhhh Grecia que eu amo tanto e aonde volto todo ano. Belo som!

  91. 1948marathon

    Sensationnel, amitiés Raymond

  92. michail k.

    this song reminds me of childhood memories, a mother caress an infant at the sound of soft music, a father playing rackets on the beach with his 5 year old son, a couple in love walking hand in hand at santorini's cobbled streets, thank you chris rea!!

  93. Alan Warwick

    Such a great song yet again. Without doubt my favourite artist.

  94. Ferenc Libel

    Molto bella musica

  95. 107892

    la grece
    son histoire
    sa douceur de vivre
    et sa musique comme une long voyage au travers ses iles
    merci pour ces images et cette musique

  96. Kostas Trianta

    Ελλάδα με τα ωραία σου. Καλοκαίρι μόνο Ελλάδα με τραγούδια σαν αυτά.

  97. giannis zervoulis