Chris LeDoux - True Western Movie Lyrics

She saw him for the first time in that open all night diner
When she served him up some chili and a beer
And the feeling that she got when he grinned across the counter
Was across between excitement and the fear
He looked as hard and dry as the back roads that he traveled
Chasin' rodeos through half a hundred towns
He said hang up your apron honey and brush down your hair
And well go ya hooin around
He's a true western movie without any star ge's something like she's never known
But she's seen enough movies to know how they'll end
He'll ride into the sunset alone

He makes her feel like a kid cuttin' school
But by now she should be old enough to know
That today ain't forever and there's only so long
You can't take all your pleasures to go
But as long as it lasts she'll just keep hangin' on cause she's just along for the ride
And Lord if they fly to high and even if she falls all she can hurt is her pride
He's a true western movie...

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Chris LeDoux True Western Movie Comments
  1. graham bull

    In the early seventies here in the UK, I was setting my alarm for 05.30,to listen to Charlie Williams Country Corner,broadcast from AFN Germany. However,it’s only recently I’ve found he wrote some good songs too!

    the winner

    very interesting. and I picked this one cuz Fred Koller helped write it. he also helped Shel Silverstein write a bunch of songs

  2. Primrose Haran

    Great singer and song thanks for this great post

  3. Ruth Boykin

    Good one Brent! Thank you!

  4. gina404

    Hello Brent!
    Oh what a fantastic song, I like it a lot. Thanks for posting and a nice Weekend.greetings Regina

  5. Gramma Dee

    Good morning hope your feeling better.i like a catchy tune to get gramma goingin the morning like i told my dr. Wed. I use to be a rabbit snd now i hate bieng the turtle BUT im still standing.

    the winner

    good morning Gramma. glad you enjoyed this upbeat song. I myself am still going a mile a minute for days sometimes, I gotta slow down soon. probably should just rest all winter, hope its not getting too cold up your way.